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Fri April 19

A nice 4-1 bounce back for club members in bases and the 76ers

Thurs April 18

Club members hit 2 tiny little speed bumps in the road last night- no big $ so no big deal,  while Philly Guy went 2-1 in bases (of course winning his play on the Phillies) and Augie is 1-1 in NHL.

Wed April 17

Another winning night for club members- including 2 dogs outright. Mr J Split the NHL and Charlie lost his future Under Nuggets in the No Betting Allowed league- who could see that the Nuggets would wake up in the last quarter to score almost 40 points? I'm not making up excuses, just pointing that out = Hence NBA

Tues April 16

Nice winners for the club members in MLB & NBA last night.

Sorry about the consensus yesterday- I did not realize Charlie had a future, Joey had an early game, and Augie had 2 NHL plays (of course they both won). Thank you for sending me the emails and keep them coming when you see a mistake so I can correct them, and you can continue to get our plays.

Oh yeah- thanks for telling me I had the stupid football helmets still up as a background...... and I cannot get the baseballs to align. Any suggestions? Anyone? Anyone?

Mon April 15

OK guys, we're here after a 5-1 weekend, which is exactly why I wanted every Club Member to get our baseball; regardless if you play or not....... I want you all to know what you're missing. This is the padding we make while waiting for August.

Sat Apr 13

Bases have been holding their own the last 2 days and I've been busy trying to keep my mom in her "Memory Care Facility"- They use their own doctors, their own 'wound care specialits (term I use lightly)' yet when they drop  the ball I have to pick up the pieces. Hate People.

OK, fuck them- onto a great day of sports and "The Masters"!

Special Heads Up- Club members have a PDS in Louisiana.

Thurs April 11

The Killer Sources both split their bases while the club members went 3-0. On Tuesday we had the D-Backs Winner, then yesterday our bases guy jumps on the Rangers and included the Under.... What does he know?

Now onto the Masters!

Wed April 10

Sorry no recap, club went 4-2 in bases and the KS is all posted. I was getting a procedure done- to my back.

Tues April 9

So we pulled one out of our ass with Virginia last night, along with the Cardinals and Under. Keep an eye on our bases this year, because like every year we start a nice extra padding to our football season. I will still be posting free Killer Sources consensus, and I have a comment from Champagne Charlie below:

2018-19 was a great year. We started strong, struggled in the middle and finished strong.
Interesting coaching changes.
Chris Mullins(who never coached before) is out at St. John's.
Kevin Willard stays at Seton Hall after turning down Vandy and Virginia Tech. If Myles Powell turns pro (I don't think he is ready) it could be a hard year at the Hall.
How does Danny Manning keep his job at Wake Forest? 5 losing seasons out if 6.
Byrce Drew is out at Vandy. He can coach.
Bobby Hurley to St John's?? Welcome home Jersey guy!
Tre Jones is staying at Duke. What joke. This kid will never play in the NBA. He has as much chance of a NBA career than Hitler does of becoming a Rabbi.
Can official James Breeding continue to make monstrous mistakes and still get Tournament assignments?
Why does the National Championship game start at 9:20?
Buzz Williams will be great at Texas A&M  Just think, A&M has a Buzz and a Jimbo. Only in Texas!!

As for the Club Members, we started strong and stayed that way straight up to the last couple of weeks, then we won with Virginia. Other than the falter (which almost killed me), it was still a huge winning year for hoops.

Sat April 6

For recap, read "Fri April 5"

For today- we have alot of excitement on the board so check out the free consensus!

And a note to Philly Guy- What happened between me and the Ho-Ho PD Stays between me and my BF(s).

Fri April 5

Well it is a few minutes before midnight so still technically Friday night, and a winning night which was badly needed. The club has been splitting hoops during the most watched college basketball games of the season..... We have had a stellar hoops season up until 2 weeks ago, then the bottom fell out (ok- I'm a woman and tend towards the hysteria/embellishment a little - breaking even or down by one is hardly "the bottom falling out"). We have won every single January since 2015- a feat that has never been done in this club for as long as I've been around (which is why Brian came up with his 50 unit February contest), but the same always holds true- which is:

"What have you done for me lately"?

4-0 Friday, which is a heck of a BBBB.

Thurs April 4

So the private capper had South Florida last night- I saw mostly 4.5 to 5 which would mean we won, and our bases won- again. Tonight we got Augie's football, which we are all rooting for along with a very slow, boring; low scoring game.

Wed April 3

Once again, the Club members split the hoops, but we won our Tigers +1.5 outright so it was a winning day. Killer Sources lost with Wichita, but Philly Guy went 2-0 in his bases so like I said before- our bases are bookie killers.

Tues April 2

And this is why I gave the whole year out for free- to get you all into our bases. Our only loss has been dogs and this capper ONLY PLAYS BASEBALL! Brian loved him, and so do I.

Speaking of Brian- I have to bring his cat to the vet at 5pm so unless I get the plays send early, I will post them when I get home so check back later.

Mon April 1

Killer Sources did well-  The club- sucked. Nothing else I can say to make it any better. No Excuses. At least the Over in the 1st game won......

Sun Mar 31

Well no one lit anything on fire yesterday as the KS go down with the exception of Philly Guy who broke even, along with the club members- we both had Gonzo & Virginia (I just posted the games on the consensus page); in fact, we have split all of our madness games since that shitty Saturday.... we had been on a tear since December, so I guess I shouldn't complain.... but man, that fucking blows.

OK we need a BBBB ASAP!

Sat Mar 30

Last night the KS tally winner was Champagne with his 2-0, Philly Guy, Augie and the Club went 1-1, and Joey Dimes 0-1. Club members won both their baseball games, of course all of our 1 unit baseball plays have won so far. .

Fri March 29

Hey guys, once again I will remind you that each of the Killer Sources are their own capper, so there are going to be disagreements. Stick with the guys you usually follow, or just cross those plays off.

Last night the Private Cappers were on the opposite sides of the killer Sources. We ended up 2-2.

Wednesday March 27

Well we all had a nice "Welcome Back from the Madness" weekend with Wichita winning for PG, Augie & the club, and Green Bay coming in easily for Champagne. The club members also had a play on Hampton. Of course those 3 plays were little squeekers, but a win is a win.

Joey Dimes should be kicking it on the east side by this eve or tomorrow, and we'll all be rearing and ready to go for sweet 16.
No PG, don't let your pervy mind wander. I sent you my naughty TLM advertisement which should keep you happy for a while longer- at least until I can find a real model to pose with my real logo.

And as per all your requests, hold your nose cuz it is really cheesy- don't forget that this was done at 2am Saturday night / Sunday morning for Philly Guy....

Tuesday March 26

I know what you're thinking.... but no one is swinging from the rafters after Saturday's Shit Show.

I fell asleep early Sunday eve, woke up at 6pm Monday to the sound of my handicapper's voice coming thru the fax machine, gave out the plays; had some left over chinese food from Saturday, then went back to sleep until noon today. Needless to say, I have no tally but you can see the full KS card on the consensus, and I believe the club kissed their sister on Sunday and Monday; but I will confirm everything tomorrow. No one missed anything on Monday as all the Killer Source cappers passed. Today we have a couple up there to keep the freeloaders happy

and until tomorrow I bid you adieu......

Sun Mar 24

Holy crap- in all my years doing this I have never seen such absolutely shitty turnout ACROSS THE BOARD!

Guys, I get many capper's plays but I always stick with the private cappers who Brian used that have proven themselves time and again- but yesterday was the biggest shit storm FOR EVERYONE.

OK, now that's over and out of our system, we move on to BBBB Sunday.

Sat Mar 23

Wow- what an exciting day we had on Friday.... everybody was winning, the birds were singing, and around 6pm ish I had my blinner; fell asleep, and the next thing I know it's the middle of the night, VCU and my night games all lose.

I'm on a crunch here so I will let Brother Joe fill you in...

        Here’s the recap for Friday according to my records. The club went 3-2. That VCU game was a killer for all whether the side or total was bet. The club, Dime Man and Philly Guy had the side and Champagne had the under  and we all lost. Augie J was 1-1, Dime Man was 1-3, Champagne was 1-3 but he did win his top play on Oregon as did the club and PG.

I know (I think I know) the night games we had went 0-2, but I will check.......

Fri Mar 22*

Now that all the handicappers are on the same page kicking serious ass & taking names, it's a great time to join. I'll still be giving out some free Killer Sources, but you'll be at my mercy for choosing the freebees on the Free Consensus page; and you all know my vast knowledge of Hoops!

It is after 2am and I'll finish this write up with the tallies in the morning, when I don't have to close 1 eye to see straight, but I believe the KS went 20-8 Wednesday & Thursday

*3/22/19 update (BTW I really was typing with one eye closed last night)
 OK, my bad in the Augie J Department, and I haven't even posted yesterday's tally.
 Augie  3-0,  he  got the favorable #s with St Mary's, yet for me I counted it as a win because when I gave out the play to the club members, S&O had +4 but DB showed mostly +4.5 across the board.
Guys- I'm from Jersey where gambling is now legal and there are a ton of online books competing for your business, so you can find very favorable #s on your plays.

This is what I have....... shit, where is my piece of paper with yesterday's plays and the tally? My desk looks like a paper factory blew up- 

I think Club Member "Brother Joe" sent me his tally on the KS via email, I may have better luck finding that.....


And I meant BRB as in I'll be right back in 14 hours cuz I fell asleep on my keyboard again, but here is Brother Joe's Thursday recap:

The club went 6 and 4 depending on the St Mary’s/Villanova line of +4 or +4.5, I counted it as a win for the club. The final of that game was Villanova 61 St. Mary’s 57. Joey Dimes went 5-2. Champagne Charlie went 2-1-1 depending on the Old Dom/Purdue line of +12.5 or +13. The final of that game was Purdue 61 Old Dom 48. Augie J was 3-0 or 2-1  and he also had St. Mary’s, and I counted it as a 3-0 win. Philly Guy was 4-3, but he had Villanova and he might have either bought the .5 point or bet it at -4, in which case he went 4-2-1.*

or PG may have played it right before tip off when it went down to -3.5

Thurs Mar 21

And as predicted, the private cappers kicked it into high gear last night and never looked back.

We have an early start today so I will be adding the Killer Source tallies to this write up - and Mr J comes in with the tally as I typing- Joey Dimes was the big winner going 2-0, Champagne 1-0, Augie 1-1  & Philly Guy 0-1.

Thank you C.M. Joe for pointing out Champagne's win with Arizona State last night- we were on them too!

Club Members- if you notice a mistake, please send me an email. Even with Augie and I editing each other, stuff still gets messed up.

And thanks to C.M. Ed for reminding me that our 2 AAF football games won (NFL channel weekends 8pm I believe)-

Sat 3.16.19 Hotshots

Sun 3.17.19 Over Fleet

Wed Mar 20

Well the Killer Sources had a serious 8-2 bounceback, while the yin yang came back to bite the club members in the ass.  Well- not that bad, we're down by 2 games*, which we'll make up easily. As the games move forward, so do the cappers, and this is when their knowledge really kicks into high gear.

*Just informed some members got favorable numbers on St. Francis and Loy Chi last night.

Tues Mar 19

Heads up club members- the cappers love the card starting at 6:40pm edt!

Mon Mar 18

As you can see below, the Club Members won the 1st day of March Madness.

The KS- not so much, with the exception of Philly Guy who robbed the rest of us who had Michigan- which by all rights should have won. Be patient, the KS will have the BBBB soon enough, and PG will get his painful shot of Penicillin, which I'm sure is well over due.

Sun Mar 17

Late start today-  I live right outside the best city in the world, but it takes 3 hours to be seen at a Emergency Vet.

Brian's cat is OK, my wallet- not so much. I woke up to my capper screaming into my fax machine "WAKE THE FUCK UP", with drool on my keyboard.  He knew I was up all night.

6pm update: The good news is the Club Members had Georgia State, Under Houston & Michigan-

but Philly Guy put the whammy on the Michigan game. Pay back is a bitch though. He'll be needing a shot of penicillin in his butt cheeks soon, but again- that's another story for another time.

Congratulations to Rory winning on St. Patty's Day. Kinda poetic.

Sat Mar 16

The Club got off to a great start with the noon plays, then went back and forth to the point I had to close all the sports websites because I couldn't understand how the heck we were winning (and losing) some outright winners and losers in the last seconds of the game.  I needed 3 websites open to find the elusive Prairie View and UT Rio Grande teams ( I swear I thought my cappers were screwing with me). Literally, we would be losing the whole game, then our team would pull something out of their ass in the last minute, or we'd be way up the whole game and lose in the last seconds. One big dog  that we were on was up 20 points outright, then my bat-phone rings and I hear the capper screaming something into my fax  / answering machine (circa 1999) about the other team scoring 30 points in 20 seconds- I really don't know what happened cuz I turned down the volume and turned up the valium & tums. All in all I think we may be down a couple of units, but who cares cuz today is a new day and our cappers bounce back like my boobies in my bra (pardon the cheesy joke but I have to keep Philly Guy and his entourage happy)!

I'll have the Killer Sources tally up soon - A huge thanks to Mr. J for providing, but again, everything is posted so you can see for yourselves on the consensus page. We keep everything wide open here for everyone to see the good, the bad, and the ugly...... Good Luck to everyone, and if you need more than luck, call me!


Fri Mar 15

Well club members got let off easy for terrible Thursday, depending on some lines and some really last minute shitty 1 unit plays you either broke even or had a small losing night.

According to Mr. J- Augie & Philly guy went 3-2 Joey Dimes 5-4 & Champagne 4-6 & again, good 4 terrible Thursday!

Thurs Mar 14

And another small winning night for the club members- I'll be back later with the KS tally, but you're welcome to look for yourself on the consensus page. One thing I have noticed with the plays.... when all my cappers agree, it's sure to go down in flames during this pre-madness madness: St Joes, Rutgers & Butler? WTF?

OK, got the tally- Joey Dimes wins with winning his Top Play and goes 4-1 overall.  Out of my deepest respect to Mr.J, we'll keep this recap short........ the end.

Wed Mar 13

OK- back to the real cappers and updates from the day before- no one cares about my ass getting fat.

Joey Dimes goes 2-1, Augie J 1-1, and Philly Guy had to swallow the big one going 0-2. As for the club members, we keep hanging on with a small winning day. Had I upped the unit value for the NBA from 1 unit to 3 units it would have been a bigger win, but I keep hearing Brian say- No Betting Allowed- at least until after Madness.

Tues Mar 12

And just like that.... my days of handicapping are over!

I know what you all are thinking- "You pay the handicappers for the plays because you know nothing about sports"- which is true, but this past weekend I 'helped' the private handicappers, and it was well worth it. I started Friday night and by noon I came up with Providence, Seton Hall, and Texas Tech- remember, this is just me kiling time while waiting for the real plays....

So Augie started to teach me what real handicappers do and  what ATS stands for........

So I wake up early today, and none of our handicappers like the early games so I decide to play around. I picked Wake for their + 8 spread. So now I'm watching the Wake game with an Entenmanns cheesecake danish in my lap, and the next thing I know it's half time and half of the danish is gone.

So now I have to make a choice. Either gain 400 pounds by the end of madness (which I'm capping just for fun), or leave handicapping to the pros. Of course the Killer Sources want me to go for it, because I found out they all have a secret side bet as to which part of my body will gain the most weight (Augie is a "T" man, where as Philly Guy is an equal "T" & "A" guy). In the interim, I'm going out for a 5 mile run because it looks like none of the professionals handicappers like the early games. So as of now, I'm already up 10 lbs and down  by 10 points, so if I survive the jog, I will post the Killer Sources when I get back from Basic Training (if I'm still breathing).

OH yeah.... forgot to mention my car was almost stolen this morning when I went for coffee fixings.

Gotta love coffee and danish!

So now that we've established that I have an eating disorder and I suck at gambling, I'm leaving it to the professional handicappers- let them gain the weight and sweat out the games. I wonder what's on TV tonight?

Mon Mar 11

Sorry for the delay guys, but Madness has already started here and the Club Members come 1st.

 As for the weekend, the Club won Saturday and Sunday- nothing spectacular, but it's a heck of a lot better than losing!!!!! I have all the Killer Sources posted so you are free to do your own recap of the day before (and you can also send the tally to me - it will make my life 1 step easier). Thank you for your patience- and again, if you want All the Killer Sources at a reasonable time so you can use them to help your own handicapping, just join the club. I have a great "Through Madness" Special and you may start the day you join!

Good Luck to all- and remember, we have day hoops starting tomorrow!

♥ Mich

Sun Mar 10

Club Members had a nice winning day on Saturday, Augie and Philly struggled and I do not have the final count on D&C, but if the club won that usually means that all the KS had a rough run- but I will check to prove me wrong!

I cannot even tell you the killer games yesterday because I have already turned the page......

Sat Mar 9

Just for the idiots.

Joey Dimes a.k.a. the Dime Man is the same guy. Do you want to know why he and the other KS are with me?

Because I'm honest, not like the BS artists stealing names and identities.

So Far the club today had Providence and Pittsburgh. We do our homework here.

For the afternoon plays the club had george Mason and St louis- which I had crossed off the list, but forgot to cross off the final list so 3-1 so far, which should have been 3-0- My Bad. We have a bunch of 1 unit plays in the late afternoon. Plays that didn't warrant a cross off but the numbers weren't that impressive. We'll see.

Fri Mar 8

So what did I end up doing on terrible Thursday you ask? Well, I took the private cappers plays and played the games which the KS agreed on at 3 units, then all the other plays I kept at 1 unit- which turned out to be a good thing because it was a terrible Thursday true to form. The good news is we only lost 6 units. Not what I had hoped for, but considering everything it could have been a heck of a lot worse.

The Killer Sources went Augie J 1-1; Philly Guy 2-2; Joey Dimes 0-3; Champagne Charlie TP 0-1 RP 2-3

Well now that's behind us- so on to today!

Thursday Mar 7

After a shitty start to the week, club members make it all back and then some winning everything but vandy last night. So of course the Killer Sources struggled- again with the yin yang.... which brings us back to terrible Thursday. Now I have a decision to make- Do I play it safe and rate the Club plays 1 unit, which means we'll win everything like the past 2 Thursdays, or do I go back to our regular 3 unit value? Hmmmmm.... What to do.

Wed Mar 6

Sorry for my absence yesterday- not sure what happened after I uploaded, but obviously it didn't do what it was supposed to do- which sums up the story of my life in 1 sentence. I will post the Killer Sources plays for Tuesday night so those who are following can keep track. BTW- if there is anyone out there that keeps track of Killer Sources, please send them to me either bi-monthly or monthly- I need all the help I can get. LOL

Champ- 3-1, Dime 0-2 for Tuesday

A Special shout out to all the guys in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia -I was praying for you during the tornado outbreak. I still remember the Tuscaloosa F-5, and one of my favorite guys missed that one by a quarter mile. Now is the time to get the radio, flashlight, new batteries; water, shoes and a first aid kit to keep in the basement! You can use me as an out of state (distant cousin) contact Michele Andre 201-818-3028

Mon Mar 4

Club members split Sat & Sun, but won overall for the week once again. KS split Sunday plays, and now we're ready to start a new week as we work our way towards Madness.

Sun Mar 3
Sorry I'm a little late- I had to reboot the whole system.  On to yesterday's tally- Dime Man won the KS bowl going 5-1. Seems Mr.J just needed a reboot too as he went 3-1 on his 1st day after he came back from retirement,  Philly guy had a respectable 2-1 and Champagne went 3-4, but won his top play so everyone had a winning day. I haven't done the club tally yet, but I'll be back up here to post it later (after I pick up the clumps of hair that I pulled out of my head with the system reboot). Check the free  consensus page as I will be posting all the KS due to lack of time.......

Sat March 2

Of course the Killer Sources took one on the chin (don't be gross Philly Guy- I already know your response), but that is because of the weird yin yang we got going on here- the club had a perfect night winning every game, so it just goes to show you that life does have its balance. On to Mr. J coming out of retirement today- and just in time for the weekend! I'm going to post all plays today as I have yet another fire to put out at my Mom's Care Facility!

Fri March 1

Quick recap- club members closed out February with another very nice winning night, Dime Man Split, and everyone else (except Mr.J who passed) fell victim to the Thursday night curse.

Thurs Feb 28

As February comes to a close Augie is still on his winning streak, with 2-0 last night making it 9 in a row, Joey Dimes goes a perfect 4-0, Philly Guy has a perfect 2-0 and Champagne has a perfect 3-0 on his top plays and splits the regular plays like the club did last night. All in all a good February.

Wed Feb 27

Well Augie has hit a roll going 2-0 last night and winning his last 7 games, and that's about all I can say cuz everyone else sucked including the club..... well, club members may have kissed their sister depending on if they played Seattle last night. That's the past, let's get on to tonight's action, and there is alot going on..... I will post everything in the free consensus as  I am pressed for time- per the norm lately.

Good Luck to wicked winning Wednesday!

Tues Feb 26

Sorry about no recap guys, I was literally arguing for 8 hours with T-Moblie Sunday Eve into Monday morning.

Sunday the Dime Man and Augie J went a perfect 3-0, Philly Guy 1-1 and Champagne 0-1. I threw in a Hail Mary with California and Rutgers, and despite a sad weekend, Club Members are still up huge for the week.

Monday The club bounced back as usual, and Killer Sources went 3-1- Same as the club.

Sun Feb 24

Quick Saturday wrap up-

The Good: Philly Guy went 3-0  & the free plays that I randomly picked out for Champagne went 2-1.

The Bad: Everybody else had a sucky Saturday.

The Ugly: Me giving out the plays to club members via my broken Flip Phone.

Sat Feb 23

Nice 4-0 night for the Killer Sources as Augie and Philly Guy go 2-0 each, and club members had another winning night depending on a couple of generous lines. I have to keep it short today, as my fingers are bleeding from texting the world about the Patriots owner getting busted for a boner (aww I made up a rhyme).

Fri Feb 22

I am smiling ear to ear right now..... is it because the club went 5-0 last night? No, because we played conservatively due to it being Thursday. Is it because we are 14-3 for the week? Nope...... I am smiling because the owner of the Patriots just got arrested for asking a masseuse for a happy ending- ROFL!!!!

Thurs Feb 21

Before I get into the recap, I want to remind everyone that today is THURSDAY, and that means Champagne and myself go into crisis mode. Due to this, I always play conservatively with the units.

Last night was fantastic once again for the club members, Philly Guy went 2-0, Champagne and Joey Dimes went 1-1 and Mr. J 1-2. Thank you to Augie for the tally- I know you all think I'm some handicapping Guru, due to the huge success of the club & winning year after year for club members, but truth be told I don't know shit and I rely totally on my cappers. I believe this is why the club has been more successful for me because I have no personal opinion about teams, so I have no subjectivity to get in the way.

Great, now my brain hurts from my introspection. Where'd I put the percocet.......

Wed Feb 20

Congratulations to Champagne with his Top Play win last night & going 6-4, Augie coming in 2nd with 2-1, and both Dime Man and Philly Guy splitting their plays. Club members enjoyed another winning night.

Tues Feb 19

Quick recap- The Club went 2-1, and I have not tallied the KS guys, but all their plays are posted; so you can see how they did. I again will be posting all their plays- my health misfortune is your gift, so enjoy!

Thank you so much Dr. H !!!!!!

Mon Feb 18

Hey guys- no idea how anyone did yesterday because I have a jaw bone infection and have to take metronidazole. Good thing one of our club members rebuilds jaws for a living -have you seen a pattern with our club members? ROFL! Hey if we're good enough for people you trust your health and lives with...yada yada yada.

Sun Feb 17

Well, at least the club members didn't have to wait long for the bounce back like going 8-3 Saturday.

Dime Man kissed his sister with his 4-4 plays and Champagne went 4-3. I will post all of their plays from yesterday for those people who follow, and I or Augie will return with the full tally.

Holy cow- Philly Guy goes 4-0 yesterday & Augie 2-1!!!!

Sat Feb 16

Killer Sources had a great Friday night going 3-1 (I misspoke on the free consensus line). Club- not so much. Nothing else I can say, but one of the new club members said it the best- "we get so used to winning that when we have a losing couple of days it feels like the end of the world".  I concur, but as always, these cappers are famous for bouncing back, like on Wednesday when they went 5-1. It's the waiting that sucks!

Congrats to Dime's 2-0 Friday Night!

Fri Feb 15

TGIF or better known around here as Thank You Thursday Is Over!

Champagne and Brian discovered this Thursday juju which starts after Super Bowl and goes straight through February, so we tell the club members to play it safe @ 1 unit and it pays off. I believe everyone went 1-1 yesterday, so we now move forward to tonight's games. It's $99 if you want to jump on board for the weekend, but everyone who takes advantage of the weekend has already joined because they know I'll give them Friday plays for free.

Good Luck to All-  Michele

Thurs Feb 14

Happy VD Day! TLM here with an announcement ......

Augie or I will be posting the Free Killer Sources on a Daily basis on our consensus line for those people who do not have a smart phone or a computer to look them up.

RECAP- Tues Feb 12 +Wed Feb 13

TLM here to talk about Tuesday & Wednesday- After the Tuesday snowstorm I had a plow knock a pole that was the main line for phone, electricity and cell tower, so I had to throw on my snowmobile suit and Sorels; run through the woods and over snow banks to set up my laptop in Hoolies so the club members could get their plays on time (funny story about that- I will fill you guys in when I have time).

I will put up Killer Source plays for Wednesday so everyone can keep track. Club went 5-2.

WOW- go Champagne with 3-0 top plays!

Mon Feb 11

Augie J here Monday afternoon with the HAPPY RECAP. Talk about a unique SPORTS SERVICE. I go 3-0 Saturday and  TLM nor I even mention. That in itself not out of the norm. The unique part is that I went 0-1 on Sunday and that I'm up here talking about it, fucking CINCY I believe is how TLM put it. I learned long ago it's all about credibility. Oh- by the way, I hope everyone had a nice weekend. That makes today the first day of the rest of your life. It's never too late to start gambling with a purpose. If you are finally ready to turn the page, the office will be open should you have any questions. Good luck tonight and GOD BLESS

Sun Feb 10

TLM's Summary of the day- Cincinnati Sucks. The End (at least Under Indy & ILL St came thru 4 club).

Sat Feb 9

TLM here off a great night for Club Members. I know it seems that Augie and I have been playing hooky but trust me, we are very hard at work....... we cater to our club members and they always come 1st. We both are catching up on work we put off during football season so you will not see as many write ups, plus we are only giving out limited number of freebees- call it a taste. If you would like everything- join the club!

Club members can email me anytime requesting the Killer Sources.

Thurs Feb 7

Hey Guys- TLM here with a very quick write up as I did not do any tallies. All the KS plays are still posted, so have at it!

LOL Sorry, I've been very busy.

Wed Feb 6

Augie J here Wednesday afternoon. Great night for the KILLER SOURCES no matter who you follow on a regular basis. Our man from PHILLY was a perfect 2-0. Joey Dimes went 5-1 stellar job, Champagne Charlie 3-2, myself 2-1; and Club Members went 6-1! It is a new day so of course everyone is back at the drawing board. Please check out TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE while the freebies are still available. Good luck tonight everyone and GOD BLESS

Tues Feb 5

Augie J here Tuesday afternoon. Fresh off my Louisville win - which the club was on too, it's always nice to start the week off on the right foot. Hopefully I can back it up with more strong winners tonight. If you are looking to jump on board TLM shall be in the office should you have any questions about our sports service. Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS

Mon Feb 4

TLM here on Monday eve- I want every hoop player (who is not a club member) to take a good look at the Killer Sources hoop plays, because this is the last week you will see them for free!

That privilege goes to the Club Members, so you have a few choices- Join the Club, join the weekend special for $ 99.95, or do without. Call or email me for the specials if you wish to continue winning with our cappers!

Augie J here Monday afternoon with the HAPPY RECAP. Pour our man Champagne Charlie a drink: 4-0 Sunday & 8-2 Saturday- Hell of a weekend my friend. As for THE GAME itself, watching paint dry would have been a better fate. A special congratulations to my long time friend LACE who is all about New England sports. For you my friend I couldn't be happier. Club Members did great on the props & won all the hoops, but were on my side with the Rams too...... With the Super Bowl now in the rear view mirror, college basketball moves front and center; and we've been hammering the hoops! Feel free to check out TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE and see if we can get some juicy freebies up there to jump-start your week . Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS

Sun Feb 3

Augie J here Super Sunday barely. My blood alcohol level might just be alcohol. Need something to wash down my 0-2 evening. Started the night having dinner overlooking Central Park. That is all I can remember so feel free to make up the rest I shall run with. Please check out TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE today if not any other. Plenty of good stuff up there to help you along. Enjoy the game fellow gamblers. Take a cab if you must. Good luck and GOD BLESS

Congrats to Champagne Charlie on his 8-2 Saturday!

Sat Feb 2

Augie J here Saturday morning. Great night for the KILLER SOURCES. Myself 2-0 our man from PHILLY hit his fourth in a row. Champagne Charlie continues his roll with a his eight point Underdog BOWLING GREEN that won outright and Joey Dimes was 1-1-1. Plenty of hoops as we get ready for SB Sunday. Please check out TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE. Enjoy the day everyone good luck and GOD BLESS

Fri Feb 1

Augie J here Friday afternoon. Light up a cigar for our man from PHILLY 3-0 last night and Joey Dimes with his 6-1 night. Well done gents there were some crazy endings last night. Personally my Xavier play went down in flames. See if I can snap two game slide tonight. Take that extra few minutes to get home tonight and from there the world is your oyster. Of course check TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE tonight it's always a nice look see.

Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS

Thurs Jan 31

Augie J here Thursday afternoon. Today is one of those days that separates TLM from other sports services and here's why. Tuesday I go 2-0 and I'm nowhere to be found Wednesday. Forgive me I took an extra day of  Club Member Appreciation Day. Last night I take Butler and they get blown out by 20 plus. Sure enough I'm here writing about it. Rest assured no other Sports Service talks about their loser's like I do. It's just the reality of gambling. On a positive note Champagne Charlie and Joey Dimes hit their TOP PLAYS and Charlie went 3-1 overall as he has been heating up in a big way lately. Anyway more college hoops tonight so please check out TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE for some bankroll padding selections dilly dilly. Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS

Wed Jan 30

TLM here while Mr. J is still recovering from Customer Appreciation Day, which lasted all last week- we don't bounce back like we did when we were young.

Last night, (Tuesday Jan 29th- sorry about the write up- or lack of one) was a winning day all around. Mr J, Philly Guy & Joey Dimes won all their games and Champagne Charlie hit his Top Play, while Club Members won all their games- whoops- almost all their plays with the exception of Georgia.

Guys- if you are reading this and you are not with the club, you more than likely will not be successful at gambling. Reaching for the stars just means you have further to fall. If you play the games we give you and stick to the unit value, you will win in the long run.  It also means that one crappy week can be made up for in one winning day- IF YOU STICK TO THE PLAN. Seriously- I know Augie J and I sound like a broken record, but we speak the truth.

Ok- I said my peace, now onto the shitty weather. Augie, Philly Guy and I will be in a deep freeze for the next few days (while JD and CC ran to Florida), which means the possibility of  power outages. If you do not see us update the website you will know why. The only thing that does work in a power outage is the Brian Mac phone 201-818-3028. Brian set it up so it goes through the fax machine first (which hasn't seen printer ink since 2005), and I do not know how to unblock it from caller ID, so a special note to Club Members:

If you see a number that comes up  restricted or unavailable around crunch time, it is me calling. Please send me directly into your voicemail so I can leave you the plays.

Mon Jan 28

Augie J here on Monday afternoon with the HAPPY RECAP. I rebounded nicely from my 1-2 Saturday with a nice 2-0 Sunday. Thank you Purdue and Minnesota. That rounded off a small winning week and so we press on.The other Killer Sources had a nice winning weekend, but the Club had their 1st losing week in I don't know how long- nothing terrible, just down a few units which will turn around with one good day. A very small college hoop schedule tonight nevertheless check out TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE.

Good luck all and GOD BLESS

Sun Jan 27

Augie J here on Family Sunday morning. Let's get to yesterday's winners and that didn't include me or our man from Philly. Champagne Charlie led the brigade as he posted a 3-1 day and hitting both his top plays. The DIME MAN went 3-2 which doesn't sound like much but all the pros look for that 60 percentile range. That's what you call a mindset of winning over time. Its a relatively quiet sports day but check TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE I am sure TLM will put a few plays up there. Enjoy the day all good luck and GOD BLESS

Sat Jan 26

The J MAN here after Club member appreciation week and what a fun week it was. I appreciate all the love everyone and I'm am paying a heavy price. I don't wanna see another scotch till Super Bowl Sunday. On to today's college hoop action and there is boat load. Please check out TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE for some freebies if your struggling. Plenty of winning here lately. Enjoy the day everyone good luck and GOD BLESS

Fri Jan 25

Augie J here Friday afternoon. First let me apologize for my few days of furlough:  The last 3 nights I have been partying with some of the local club members to celebrate the fantastic play off weekend and thus my literary absence, so let me surmise what continues to be a nice winning couple of days. Myself - I am 4-2 so far on the week. Champagne Charlie had a nice 2-0 Thursday and the beat goes on. Tonight shall be my last party night as I shall be attending the Brooklyn Nets game as they take on the New York Knicks. TLM nation knows I despise the NBA but one of the club members twisted my arm and begged me to attend, so I shall- There is literally nothing I won't do for the happiness and benefit of our club members! Get home safe everyone........... and then enjoy some cocktails.

Good luck and GOD BLESS

Thurs Jan 24

Hey guys- TLM again. Everyone is busy here so you can look at the previous day's plays on the consensus page and figure it out- LOL Sorry, but things are crazy here! Be back for Friday.

Tues Jan 22

Just heard from Mr. J- everyone won.

TLM here filling in for Mr. J (who may be busy helping me with Philly Guy's advertising idea - see front page). I'd give you the happy recap, only I have no idea how anybody did yesterday, not even the club members play. So now that we've established I'm useless, let me see if I can at least find the Killer Source guys to get you some plays for tonight.

Mon Jan 21

Augie J here Monday afternoon with the HAPPY RECAP. A great weekend for Club members, as they cashed in on both football games. Fortunately they didn't have to sweat out the Rams and the Under,  but TLM stopped watching the Open Ender on the OVER PATRIOTS game a little too soon and ended up back-end up until I told her she can put away the Vaseline and  doesn't have to walk around pigeon toed. Adding to the day were some winning college hoops (Marquette and the Over). Moving to today and with it being MLK day, there are hoops throughout the day. There is no better time to jump on board than a Monday as you can start the week fresh with our members who have been collecting I believe it's 7 weeks in a row- and they won every hoop game since Friday. Please check out TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE and all that comes with it. TLM and I would love to show you the gambling light. Before I high tail it out of here a quick reminder: the weather is dangerously cold so please check on the elders and pets around you. With that everyone have great day. Good luck and GOD BLESS

Sun Jan 20

Things I am grateful for- Tom Brady being hung like a baby gherkin

Club plays today: Marquette & Over (winner, winner); Rams & Under (winner, winner). Over Brady (loser).

Wait..... what just happened while I was bending over, grabbing my ankles & assuming the position???

I think the club members just won every game this weekend

Augie J here on Family Sunday off another huge winning day for the club members- last I counted they were up +18 units and hadn't lost a game, which is funny because last Saturday I went 0-4, & yesterday I won every game going 3-0. We are all professional handicappers and we always bounce back- I say this to exemplify how important it is to stay even keeled and wager with uniformity. Even during the week I reeled off 3 in a row then lost 2 in a row going into yesterday. If you want to make money betting on sports it's the only way.  Turning from the philosophy page to today's Conference championship games, which on paper look to be very competitive, I am not sure at this point how our private handicappers are going but the PATRIOTS are playing so I will have the Vaseline ready. I say that because some how some way Mr. Brady likes to give it to TLM in the ass. Under most circumstances she would enjoy but not with our Club members money on the line. Please check TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE- there is a hoop game up there, and due to the copious amount of KY in her butt crack, she's feeling very loose and giving away the Killer Sources NFL playoff games FOR FREE.  Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS

Sat Jan 19

Augie J here Saturday morning after a winning night for the Killer Sources, while the club kissed their sister. There is a lot to get to today so enjoy the free TLM consensus & the day everyone and may the points be with you.

Good luck and GOD BLESS

Fri Jan 18

Augie J here Friday afternoon. After hitting 3 in row NEBRASKA brought my winning streak to a halt. That just means I will have to start a new one. Club members have been on nice winning streak as well. Alright it's Friday night almost get home safe everyone and then let the cocktails flow. Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS

Thurs Jan 17

Augie J here Thursday afternoon. I shall be brief today as I memorialize the fourth year of my dad's passing. Every day I am reminded of the lessons you taught me and a more grateful son doesn't walk this earth. Hugs and kisses Pops love you dearly. As for the gambling aspect of today, please check TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE.  

Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS

Wed Jan 16

RIP Emil-

Life should not be a journey to the finish line with the intent of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming......

"Wow! What a ride!"

something close to Hunter S. Thompson

Augie J here on Prince Macaroni Day. For you young-bloods out there, look it up. More college hoops tonight and that's fine with me. Let's keep the good MOJO going. Good luck tonight and GOD BLESS

Tues Jan 15

Augie J here Tuesday afternoon. College hoops shall now dominate the landscape for awhile other than Sunday and Super Bowl Sunday. I have always found it easier to handicap when it's one sport at a time. Don't forget get to check out TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE, as TLM always tries to provide our followers with a few free winners.

Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS

TLM here- club members swept the NCAA hoops last night, but bit the big one in the NBA on Jazz (but not by much), which is why Brian always said NBA stands for No Betting Allowed.

If you are looking for action- especially in NCAA hoops, give us a call. 201-818-3028.

Mon Jan 14

Augie J here Monday afternoon. I can't believe there are only 3 football games left. The time continues to fly by. I make sure every morning when I wake up the words " THANK YOU FOR TODAY " come out of my mouth. On to the sports page which consists of some college hoops tonight. Please check out TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE for a freebie or 2. Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS

The club had the Chargers and the OVER, and a small play on the Eagles so we had a small winning day. Not sure if I've ever mentioned this before to you all, but I HATE BRADY. Well, at least he scored alot of points for us.

Sun Jan 13

Augie J here on Family Sunday off another HUGE winning day for the club members. Could my college hoops been any worse yesterday? When the Augie UNDERDAWGIES as like to call them have a bad day especially in the games I play, usually I have a bad day which I did yesterday. More importantly I talk freely about it because if you have gambled any length of time you come to know it's gonna happen. Nice and steady I play today no chasing no trying to win it back in one game. That's for suckers. I shall play my designated wagering amount watch the game amounted spend quality time with the FAM. Check out TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE if your looking for a free hoop game.

Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS

Sat Jan 12

Augie J here bright and early Saturday morning after a big winning Friday night for the club members, and now onto a big day of sports- the only thing that could be better would be if the wife was working all day... oh well. The office will be open if you you would like to join our winning FAMILY. Have great day everyone & make sure you check out the TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE for some juicy freebies. Good luck fellow gamblers and GOD BLESS

Fri Jan 11

Augie J here Friday afternoon from frigid NYC...... I might add that I have dropped my last two games, so I am chilly as well. Fear not though- TLM and I preach long term and that never changes. I am a pass tonight as I dig into tomorrow's action but the other Killer Sources will be posted. Get home safe everyone good luck and GOD BLESS

Thurs Jan 10

The J MAN here Thursday afternoon off another winning night for the clubmembers.  We have a nice windy winter's day with some flurries, which should make it a nice evening for some college basketball. Check out TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE for some choice selections as we try to pad the bankroll going into the weekend.

Best of luck everyone and GOD BLESS

Wed Jan 9

TLM here with a quick wrap up - Dime man has another sweep and club members win again. This bowl season has been one of the best winning records for club members since...... I cannot remember when!

Tues Jan 8

Augie J here on Clemson Tuesday. Congratulations to them and I as I cash my wager on Clemson. Along with myself so did Philly Guy & Joey Dimes cashed in on them as well as his play on the total going over. I would also mention that it was a great college football season for TLM FAMILY. Probably the best on record and for that TLM could not be happier. College hoops has gotten off to a great start and hopefully that shall continue. If anyone needs the office shall be open all week. I shall leave it here fellow gamblers I have more CLEMSON celebrating to do.

Good luck tonight and GOD BLESS

Mon Jan 7

Augie J here on Monday afternoon with the HAPPY RECAP. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Champagne Charlie had himself a very nice 4-0 Sunday. My Sunday results were 1-2 dropping my two hoop games and cashing in on my EAGLES wager, while the club members had another winning day. Today marks the end of the college football season. I'm already looking forward to next year. Anyway my only play tonight will be in football. Anybody looking to jump on board, our private NCAA hoops guy has been zeroing in on dogs that have all won outright, and our NFL guys have been agreeing on the playoff games.  The office will be open all day and happy to answer any questions.

Enjoy the game, good luck and GOD BLESS

Sun Jan 6

Augie J here on Family Sunday. Let's take a look at Wildcard Saturday's results. My comrade from PHILLY had himself a nice 3-0 day. Quickly erasing that Toledo game from Friday night. Nice work yesterday. As for myself a 3-1 day hitting both of my football plays and splitting my hoop plays and club members won again. Getting off on the right foot to start the year as I am putting together a nice little week. Again treating every day as its own entity. On to today which features two more NFL playoff games and a bunch of college hoops. Please check TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE if you need a little help. That's what we're here for. Also get some quality family time in. Take not a day for granted everyone. Enjoy Family Sunday good luck and GOD BLESS

Sat Jan 5

Augie J here on WILDCARD SATURDAY and plenty of college hoops. All and all a very good sports day, which is even better if your old lady has to work. The TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE will have hoop freebies on it so please check in, otherwise the office shall be open if anyone is looking for an education in how to gamble.

Enjoy the games, good luck and GOD BLESS

Fri Jan 4

Augie J again Friday afternoon. Just forgot to mention CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE and his 5-2 Thursday night. One of his plays was an 11 point dog that won outright. Well done as always. Again everyone get home safe and then crack the bottle open

Augie J here Friday afternoon. Last night's results not so kind. I lost two close ones and pushed the other, but still up nice for the week. That's the benefit of uniformed wagering. It's easy to think I'm on fire after 3-0 Wednesday (which is what the club members did last night). That's the mentality of an idiot gambler. Yesterday today tomorrow all separate days and treated as such. Anyway it's a small card tonight and I'm a pass as I get ready for an action packed weekend. Get home safe everyone. Good luck and GOD BLESS.

Thurs Jan 3

Augie J here Thursday afternoon. Let's get to last night's recap. Can you imagine a sports service that's honest and gives out FREE WINNERS day after day. Okay almost every day. Last night our man from PHILLY and yours truly give out a 4-0 night. Sometimes I think we're to nice but that's TLM. Let's turn the toot my own horn page and focus on today's college hoop feast. The office will be open for the three people left in the world who haven't jumped on board. Good luck everyone tonight and GOD BLESS

Wed Jan 2

Augie J here Wednesday afternoon. Looking at yesterday's results, our man from PHILLY was a perfect 3-0 on his selections. As usual well done my brother. After a rough start with the Mississippi State plays, the club members went on another winning streak which included an Open Ender. For tonight- as far as I'm concerned there is only college hoops on the menu, so be sure to check out TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE. Hopefully she's is in a good mood  and she puts up some freebies for you guys (and stops sending me pictures of her broken toes). If not call the office and jump on board. Good luck tonight everyone and GOD BLESS

Tues Jan 1

Hey guys- What a way to bring in the New Year ! We had 2 big plays on VA Tech and Pittsburgh and a small play on Utah- hey they all can't be winners...... I on the other hand got into a fight with my bathtub, and the bathtub won- but not for my lack of trying. Had my toes not broken as I was kicking it's ass, the bathtub would have gone down in flames kinda like Utah did against Northwestern.  Well, it's a new year, and a new lesson learned-

don't mess with bathtubs.

Happy New Year to TLM NATION. Augie J here on what used to be the biggest day in college football. I am still not sure if I like the saturation of games or not even as a gambler. I truly believe more often than not LESS IS MORE. Now moving on to todays games. I have to mention CENTRAL FLORIDA. In no other sport can a team go two years without losing and not even get a shot at the title. Last year they put a whooping on an SEC team. I forget if it was GA or AUBURN but nonetheless they kicked some SEC ass. I know their superstar QB Milton Mckenzie is out but still two years without a loss isn't good enough for the NCAA CARTEL. I just have to remember focus on the gambling part or I will wind up in a strait jacket. With all the babbling I do I forgot that CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE hit his TOP PLAY on Northwestern. Joey Dimes and our man from PHILLY both went 2-1 and yours truly went 3-1 after a 4-1 weekend. Plenty of winning at TLM well done Gentlemen. Alright I will have a hoop game on TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE and I might add I'm 7-1 in my last college basketball games. Certainly that will be the kiss of death now that I spoke about it but I will take my chances. Enjoy the games everyone. Good luck and GOD BLESS

Mon Dec 31

Augie J here New Years eve day. A wicked recap of yesterday's NFL day. I cash my only play on the COLTS yesterday capping off a nice 4-1 weekend. Now on to todays BOWL filled menu. Please check the TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE for some free hoops and if you wanna jump on our FAMILY wagon the office will be open all day.

Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS

TLM here with a quick Club update- great week for the bowls & today we've won everything so far,  the NFL.... well... not so much. It's the bowl season, we're winning, so there's no crying in football.

I know- despite my gruffness, I'm still a girl at heart.

Sun Dec 30

Augie J here on Family Sunday. A very good Saturday for the KILLER SOURCES as they compiled an 11-5 day collectively. Nice job all around. Now to the last night's Alabama - Oklahoma game. First off Kirk Herbstreit couldn't be any more of an ALABAMA BLOWHARD. I don't know how anyone could have missed the TARGETING penalty when the OKL QB had his helmet knocked off in the 4 th quarter. That includes the ass holes in the booth. Mind you I didn't have a wager on the game. It certainly looked like the agenda of ALABAMA- CLEMSON was predertimined. More importantly TLM and I have provided our FAMILY/ CLIENTS with our most productive BOWL SEASON to this point and for that her and I couldn't be happier. Gambling with a purpose. Should you wanna jump on board it's never to late and the office will be open today. Enjoy week 17 of the NFL MINEFIELD everyone. Good luck and GOD BLESS

Sat Dec 29

Augie J here on beautiful Saturday morning. Another good day all around for THE FAMILY. Depending on your line with IOWA ST it might have been a very good day. Slowly but surely as TLM and I preach it has been a tremendous bowl season thus far for CLUB MEMBERS and the KILLER SOURCES. Fortunately there is still quite a few games left if you would like to join and start gambling with some sort of purpose. It's very humbling when you have people call you day after day and tell you thank you for showing them the gambling light. The office will be open today if you need. TLM and I are here to assist. Enjoy the games today. Good luck and GOD BLESS

Seriously guys- we're off another great winning night so now is the time!

Fri Dec 28

Augie J here Friday afternoon from rain soaked Nyc. A quick look at the KILLER SOURCES results from yesterday. Joey Dimes cashed his only play on DUKE. Our man from PHILLY cashed his only play on BAYLOR and CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE and myself split our two plays and the club members won everything. On to today's action and 1 game is over for all intent. AUBURN is putting a whooping on Purdue. Fortunately Joey Dimes and I played the OVER. That was my only wager on the day. Anyway the office is open, TLM will be the sweet voice on the other end of the phone. I'm heading out for a cocktail and then more handicapping. Get home safe fellow gamblers. Good luck and GOD BLESS

TLM here again after another all win / no loss night. Guys- if you're reading this and you're not signed up, please jump on board and let's ride the winning wave together for the best bowl season ever.

Late Thurs Dec 27

Welcome back another cheese head from years ago (Which is why I'm not married- BTW), and speaking of cheese heads, I have a classic Brian Christmas story which popped into my head regarding cheese; my favorite cheese head, and a Christmas present for me.

So back in the late 90s one of our Club/Family members from Wisconsin sent me what i can only imagine was a beautiful box of Wisconsin grown cheese. I kept asking Brian "Did you get my present from Mr. L yet?" - Nope, nothing yet is what I heard for a week. Finally I decided to go to Brian's new house and look for myself. There were a lot of cars in the driveway so I pulled up on the side street, which was also filled with cars so now I know Brian is having a Christmas party and I wasn't invited (the year before I drank a bottle of Rumplemintz and woke up naked with a bathmat over me in his laundry room). Well, Brian had a lovely cocktail party which included local Wisconsin cheese, which he swore he ordered and had delivered overnight. I went behind the bar, took the bottle of 100 proof peppermint schnapps, and on my way out I saw a box- with MY name on it that smelled like cheese. If he was still here he'd still swear he never got it.

Wed Dec 26

Augie J here late Wednesday morning. Hoping everyone enjoyed and embraced Christmas day. It's the day after but please enjoy and embrace today as well. Always remember when you wake up its always the first day of the rest of your life. I shall change my philosophical hat now and put on my gambling hat. There is some afternoon bowl action today. I'm already licking my chops. For the few left in the world who haven't jumped on board yet the TLM will be in the office today and happy to assist. For those who took the leap I know your enjoying let's keep it going. Best of luck fellow gamblers and GOD BLESS

Tues Dec 25



Mon Dec 24

Merry Christmas Eve everyone- hope you all had a great weekend!

Other than Brady once again giving it to me in the end zone- (which I knew was going to happen so we held back to a 1 unit play on the over) Club Members had another great week followed by a fantastic weekend, and I think we only lost 1 NCAA FB game all week- W. Mich.

Augie has been saying it all year, so I'm here to back him up- if you need help with the bowl games, or any games;

call us! 201-818-3028

Augie J here Monday late Monday afternoon on CHRISTMAS EVE day with your HAPPY RECAP. At TLM it was a great weekend for all. Of course I had to push the EAGLES game those bastards. Anyway I shall take my 5-1 weekend and collect a few pennies from my BOOK. I am gonna take the next two days off and enjoy and embrace the presents GOD has already bestowed upon me and that's without even looking under the tree. TLM and I suggest everyone do the same. With that everyone get to your destination safely if your traveling and enjoy and revel in the birth of CHRIST and the sacrifices he made for us. MERRY CHRISTMAS to TLM NATION

and I'll still be here 201-818-3028

Sun Dec 23

Augie J here on Family Sunday. Quickly taking a peak at yesterday's results- and the Club had a winning day. The Killer Source basketball was solid and had to carry the football. That's why I stress equal wagers. The one game I couldn't lose yesterday that would be OVER MEMPHIS I lost. Still shaking my head. At the half of that game there were 52 points scored. All I need is 21 points. The cherry on top was Memphis missing the field goal as time expired. So my perfect day turns into 4-1. Oh well of course it's a new day and that new day is the dreaded NFL day. My plan today is plenty of family as I tiptoe thru the NFL minefield. Enjoy the day everyone good luck and GOD BLESS

Club members had the Over Wake game too, but when I gave it out I wrote down the number 71, so depending on where and when, you either pushed or took it on the chin (coincidentally where Mr. J likes to take it too- so I've heard).  Regardless, still a great day in football and hoop(s) for Club Members.

Sat Dec 22

Augie J here Saturday morning. I am somewhat coherent after a very enjoyable Christmas party last night. You never know when some unexpected garland is gonna be wrapped around your tree and I will leave it at that. Before I forget I am not counting OVER TOLEDO in my record this week. It took me 3 hours how to figure out the computer as TLM was assisting her elderly parents. You have to understand I am a pencil and paper guy, just who I am. So I split my two hoop games. The big winners last night were CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE 3-0 and THE DIME MAN 2-0. Well done gentleman. Today there are numerous BOWL games and a plethora of college basketball. The office will be open all day if you are ready to start gambling with a sense of purpose. TLM and I are here to assist. If you are looking for some Christmas goodies please check TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE. That tree always has presents under it. Enjoy the games everyone, good luck and GOD BLESS

Fri Dec 21

Augie J here Friday afternoon. I have a little Christmas party to attend to so I shall be oh so brief. Please get home safe and take your time. I will have some plays on TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE. Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS

I pretended there were no games to watch last night because the club members went against everyone and took Marshall.  Why torture myself ? A win is a win.

Thurs Dec 20

Augie J here Thursday afternoon. So I split my card Tuesday and now add my Wednesday to that. I cash my NC ST wager but was done in by my SAN DIEGO ST play, leaving me at 3-3 on the week heading into tonight's action. There is a little bit into everything going tonight so I'm sure there will be some FREE goodies on TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE. For the dedicated gambler you are welcome to jump on board and enjoy OUR WINNING FAMILY. In terms of gambling it will be the wisest money you ever spent. With that good luck tonight everyone and GOD BLESS

With all the scoring Ohio did last night, I was waiting for SD St to catch up and see my Under play go up in flames- so I watched survivor. Luckily it stayed under, and we split out hoops with Boise and Duquesne.

P.S. Since I'm not neurotic enough watching these games live, the hoops capper sends me the replay of how Duquesne gets it in the end (take that as you want to), so maybe some pushed.

Wed Dec 19

Augie J here Wednesday afternoon. Let's get to last night's results. I personally went 2-2 which is the best start to a week in the last 3. So feeling good from that perspective. Also loving the fact there is a football game of some sort every night for a while. Tonight it's another low budget bowl game, that said you never know where the good value lies, so regardless of game status the handicapping must be done. I shall keep it brief today and give TLM a little help in the office today. She told me she is changing her blond wig for another blond wig. That should be interesting. Enjoy your evening fellow gamblers. Good luck and GOD BLESS

Hats, Mr J, changing HATS.

So I started watching the football game last night, as we all were on Northern Illinois, UAB scored; and that was it for me. I went in search of the Ark  (golden box- not boat). The club did win their hoop play on N. Texas at least.

Tues Dec 18

Augie J here late Tuesday afternoon. Congratulations to our Club Members who had a nice evening. Now to TLM NATION you have to understand my better half (TLM) isn't really the sports junkie the rest of us are. Furthermore I wager, she doesn't. You would think she had a million dollars on the Club play which was the CAROLINA PANTHERS. All I can say is don't watch a game with her. She wears it on her sleeve, she lives and dies with our Club members  (FAMILY). Thank God most of the time it's LIVE. Enough babble from the J MAN please check out TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE I am sure TLM will have some free goodies for you. The office is open if you want to jump on board. Intelligent sports gambling and a little fun for those who are tired of gambling like a fool. Enjoy the BOWL GAME everyone. Good luck and GOD BLESS

Woo hoo interception with a runback and a touchdown- Fucking Awesome extra..... wait... what???? Where's the 6 points??? Why does the scoreboard only say 2?

 A 2 point touchdown?!? You're just fucking with me now- right?

Alright, a 2015 new rule. I get it. Well, we had the Panthers and the Under(and the Spurs), so I can stop bitching; 

at least until the next game. Guys- this is what I'm like watching a game that we are winning - you can only imagine what I'm like when the play we're on is losing. Those Doctors I mentioned below- they really weren't kidding.

At least the Club Members are happy.

Mon Dec 17

Augie J here Monday afternoon with the HAPPY RECAP. Hope everyone had a nice weekend gambling and otherwise. For myself a 3-1 Saturday and an 0-3 Sunday- oh well. Let's get to the big winner. Our man from PHILLY was 1-0 Saturday with his Villanova play (and btw pushed with the JETS). Then goes 6-0* Sunday in the dreaded NFL. The cherry on top of his SUNDAE was the Eagles in the late game. They were a 13.5 point dog who won outright. My friend this BUDS for you  NICE JOB. Moving on to today's menu, because that is  what we do as gamblers, we move on. It's the MNF with a wee bit of college hoops. I'm gonna pass on tonight's card but please check TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE  - there will be some goodies. Good luck tonight and GOD BLESS

*TLM here with an added bonus- One of the NFL Club cappers had the Over on the SNF game, so we had it as a regular play. Since it involved the Eagles, I called Philly Guy to let him know & get his opinion. He said he loved the play and jumped on it too (which brings him to 7-0 Sunday). That bumped it up to an Open Ender for the Club Members, so even though we had another "kiss your sister day", our 2 winning Open Enders (the other being the Titans) made Sunday another winning day (including my downgrade of Bills to 1 unit); because a similar situation took place on Saturday for the club members too (though I cannot point out the particulars on Saturday due to Brian's cat once again barfing on the play book).

And a special shout out to the club members / medical doctors for making recommendations regarding my mental status and some new medications on the market which would be beneficial to my psychiatric well-being.

Had it been just 1 MD suggestion, I would have considered it a helpful opinion, but since you all came to the same conclusion (and none of you guys know each other) I will notify my PCP immediately  and have her prescribe the appropriate psychotropic drugs  to me ASAP. And for the new guys- this is in jest. My Brady  obsession (curse) has been around since the 1990s (as well as my Klonopin).

BTW- Philly Guy, I know the play won, but your 'special' phone call will have to wait.

Sun Dec 16

Augie J here on FAMILY SUNDAY. I came real close to 4-0 Saturday but will happily settle for 3-1. I cash both my college hoop plays and split my football. Enough rejoicing it's family day and that special time of year, let's make sure we keep our priorities straight. On to the sports pages where it is dreaded NFL day.

Look for my plays on TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE. Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS-

TLM again with yesterday's wrap up- Augie seems to be having technical issues with his computer, electric razor and trimming the hedges.

 Yesterday Mr. J was the big winner, followed by Philly Guy, while both Dime Man, Champagne & the Club all kissed their sisters. Hey- it's better than losing!

Sat Dec 15

Augie J here Saturday morning. The DIME MAN continues his roll with his free ARKANSAS ST winner. Finally we get to the tidal wave of BOWL GAMES today. Last year was a good bowl season and TLM and I hope to duplicate it. Anybody who jumps on board with us of course gets the college hoops as well. The office will be open all day for those who are ready start playing intelligent and systematic and I can promise once you join our family you will say '' WHY DIDNT I DO THIS SOONER''. Enjoy the games everyone good luck and GOD BLESS

Fri Dec 14

Augie J here early Friday afternoon. A big salute to the JOEY DIMES as he had big chunk of change on last night's CHIEFS CHARGERS game. Well done my friend- TLM NATION also has your mom in our prayers daily. Club members got a little of that Over action, which is why it pays to be with us. Now it is Friday and the J MAN is officially a pass. My plan is to handicap Saturday's card and then get fucked up as I celebrate my one game winning streak courtesy of David Rivers and the Chargers. Also I would like to commend Troy Aikman on calling out the referees on their inconsistencies. His football IQ is very high and it seemed for awhile as if the game's outcome would be decided by the ZEBRAS and not the players. By the way does anybody want to play that CHARGERS team. Anyway get home safe everyone and enjoy Friday night. Good luck and GOD BLESS

Thurs Dec 13

Augie J here Thursday Eve- an ice cold Augie J I might add. Despite being ice cold, when you play smart it gives you the ability to survive these bad stretches. For two months I could do no wrong. I said then I couldn't sustain that incredible winning percentage, because no capper on earth can do it (ask the Club cappers), and although I've cooled off the past 10 days or so, this losing percentage will come to an end as well- it always does. As in handicapping and in life, you control what you can- what you can't control you leave to the gambling gods. So I continue to wager the same amount per game and put the work into handicapping. Let the preaching end there as we look forward to tonight's CHIEFS-CHARGERS game. I'm on the CHARGERS tonight. Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS

I hear you Augie- even the memories of that crazy weekend can't erase... well maybe it can. But on the good side, our Buddy Dime Man did well last night and keeping it warm up here!

Wed Dec 12

Augie J here Wednesday afternoon. I apologize to TLM nation as I got tied up with some family issues yesterday. I should have been tied up Monday as the VIKINGS who are poorly coached (to say the least) lost 21-7. Congrats to the club members winning both of their hoops last night, as we have another nice menu of college hoops tonight. Stepping away from sports for a second- for those who called the office today, if I find the pictures of TLM with the scarlet hair, I promise to post them (the PG rated ones). That weekend TLM speaks of was quite memorable (at least for her - that's for sure). Enough from the history books for now, I promise more details in the future.

Good luck tonight and GOD BLESS

Tues Dec 11


Dime Man & Champagne for passing

Augie had the over, while Philly Guy and my guys went against the Seahawks- in their own house, during MNF;

and we paid the price dearly. Fuck me. and fuck anybody who doesn't like my 'lady like' talk. Tommy (my late husband/BF) bought me 2 t-shirts, one is appropriate for now- "FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING FUCK". The other is "I FUCK ON THE 1ST DATE". I wore the latter after losing a bet to Tommy. I had to wear it to the biggest car show on the East Coast, I had to enter my POS DILLIGAF Harley/VW trike, and I had to dye my hair a color between scarlet and purple. I really didn't care because it was the day before I moved down to the Keys, and after the carshow I was going to stay with Mr. J and his friend (I still don't know his name). I had a blast that weekend- Augie may still have some pictures. Every guy at that car show got a picture - it was of me, my scarlet hair, my trike; and the "I fuck on the 1st date" T-Shirt. But I digress- or maybe I'm telling you guys this because I have no excuse for having the Vikings on MNF, and I cannot find Mr. Augie ??!??!

P.S. Augie is found- alive. Let's hope his significant other doesn't read (this).

Mon Dec 10

Augie J here Monday afternoon with the HAPPY RECAP. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Joey Dimes had a beautiful football Sunday as he posted a 5-1 NFL day despite some chaotic games to say the least. I was a tipped ball away in the EAGLES game from a 3-0 Sunday, so I had to settle for 2-1 day and club members go 5-2. As always though it's new week and the beat goes on. In tonight's MNF action I am going OVER the total.

Best of luck and GOD BLESS

Sun Dec 9

Augie J here on FAMILY SUNDAY. Let's get right to yesterday's abortion as I had a hideous day adding to my bad week. Fortunately quite a few of TLM NATION reached out to me early this morning to tell me I am 64-47 in my last 111 selections. it is nice of them but still bothers me. Especially for the people who have jumped on board in the last week. One thing I can promise you is no other handicapper will tell that they went 0-5 yesterday or are in the midst of a 2-11 week. That in essence what separates TLM from any other sports service. Before I move on I just want to stress that because I wager equally on all my games its just a bad week, I don't have to think of putting my daughter on the street. As our Club Members know well, every week cannot be a winner, and some may be hideous, but we ALWAYS bounce back! On to today's action, oh the NFL- that should be fun. I will post my selections on TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE. Nobody should have to pay for the results I gave them this week. All we look to today is damage control. Same equal wagers, no parlays or any of that nonsense. Enjoy the day all and always embrace the moment.

Good luck and GOD BLESS

Sat Dec 8

Augie J here Saturday morning. Dropped both my games yesterday. I am not sure how Providence lost but I do know they were up 18 at halftime. More importantly you never wanna make a losing week a disaster. So I continue to exercise good money management and not chase the money. On the plus side, the Club members have turned the corner after the hideous NFL Sunday. For the most part, today is strictly a college hoops day and that's where my focus shall stay. Enjoy the ARMY-NAVY game everyone its a great watch if you are around the house today.

Good luck and GOD BLESS

Fri Dec 7

Augie J here Friday afternoon. First off it's PEARL HARBOR DAY and our VETS are always remembered at TLM. My PURDUE play went up in smoke (along with Philly and the club members) but I forge on- it's a new day. Speaking of the Club- Finally the NFL guy pulled his head out of the sand (where it deserved to be) and won with Titans & Iowa, so we turn the page. I shall have a play or 2 on the FREE CONSENSUS PAGE for my beloved following.

To everyone: safe travels home, then it's cocktail time, in that order. Good luck and GOD BLESS

Thurs Dec 6

Augie J here Thursday afternoon. Took the collar last night going 0-2, seems like the the whole gang here has caught the same bug- but we change nothing and "Stay The Course". It happens and we ride it out. So I'm sitting at 2-3 on the week as we head into tonight. My only play shall be the PURDUE BOILERMAKERS.

Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS 

Wed Dec 5

Augie J here Wednesday afternoon. The gambling GODS were kind to me last night as I cash both my MEMPHIS AND NORTHWESTERN plays. For that I say thank you and quickly we move on to today's college hoops. As I handicapped today's card, it looked as though there were a lot of instate teams playing each other. Just thought I would mention for those handicapping on their own. For those who rely on me I will have a few plays going tonight.

Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS 

Tues Dec 4

Augie J here on Hamburger Tuesday. For you young bloods out there that's a Popeye cartoon reference. Now on to last night: I can handicap a game a zillion different ways, but the one thing I can't handicap is injuries, so when Colt MCcoy fractured his leg last night and Mark Sanchez entered the game for the Redskins; I knew that I would be ripping up my wagering ticket, along with the club members who had the Over. The good news: those who follow our man from PHILLY you wound up on the right side, congrats to you. A quick salute to G H W BUSH- you served your country well, at TLM you are honored and revered RIP. On to the alive section- there is some college hoops to be had, and I shall have a few plays on TLM FREE CONSENSUS PAGE tonight. Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS 

Mon Dec 3

Augie J here Monday with your HAPPY RECAP. Champagne Charlie led the KILLER SOURCES as he posted a 3-0 NFL day. That is quite a day in the crazy NFL. I was a pathetic 1-3 losing the BILLS game by a half point. So I finished the week 5-7 and after starting 0-4 I won't complain, as the club members turn their winning week into break even after the most hideous NFL Sunday in history. In any case, I had a blast at the GIANTS game yesterday and I must say being on the field certainly gives you a different perspective. Moving forward it's a small menu of games, but of course there is MNF. I am laying down my cash on the REDSKINS. Hope everyone had a great weekend in spite of the NFL.

Good luck tonight and GOD BLESS

Sun Dec 2

Augie J here early Sunday morning as I am heading out to GIANTS STADIUM to do some live pregame scouting. That means I have to leave TLM in the office by herself today. Quickly checking yesterday's results and for those who jumped on board for the weekend you had some profitable results. Overall the KILLER SOURCES went 17-9. Gratefully I was able to lead the charge as I had myself a nice 3-0 day. At TLM we don't win all the time but we sure do alot of winning- as club members had a big winning day too. Today we face the dreaded NFL MINEFIELD as we close at the week. After my 0-4 start to the week a winning day today would result in a winning week for myself and my faithful faithful following. Enjoy family day fellow gamblers good luck and GOD BLESS

Sat Dec 1

Augie J here on Championship Saturday. Finally got into the WIN column with my OVER BUFFALO wager last night, (which the club was on too). Still plenty of work to do in salvaging the week and certainly there is no shortage of games.  TLM and I shall be in the office early for those looking to jump on board.

Enjoy the day everyone good luck and GOD BLESS