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Sun Feb 18

Augie J here Sunday morning. Like every Saturday there were some notable upsets yesterday. South Carolina and Baylor just to name a few. Another fine day for the GODFATHER from PHILLY(2-0) and CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE who hit all 3 of his TOP PLAYS. You would be hard pressed to find such quality information for Free from any other sports service. TLM and I enjoy helping all the gamblers out there it's just our nature. There is something to be said for walking around with a clear conscience. On to today's Sunday slate of course it's FAMILY DAY make sure that's part of your itinerary. As for today's selection I am going BIG 10 diving an grabbing MICHIGAN.

Best of luck everyone enjoy your day and GOD BLESS. 

Saturday February 17

Augie J here Saturday morning bright and early. A nice quiet Friday night as we gear up for full day of college hoops. Our man from PHILLY held his scotch up high last as he cashes PENN to pad his bankroll just a little. He is a solid handicapper by any standards and TLM is privileged to have access to him. But I implore you to keep a close eye on his selection especially when he is on a school relatively close to PHILLY. He is lethal and PENN  was another example of it last night. On to todays action and there is plenty of it. The J MAN is gonna stick with the PHILLY theme and grab VILLANOVA against XAVIER in a match up of Top 10 teams. Best of luck everyone enjoy your Saturday and GOD BLESS.    

Fri Feb 16

Augie J here Friday afternoon. I think I said yesterday the Dime Man looked like he was heating up and I think last night's 5-0 would back that up. The J was 2-1 so things looking ok heading into the weekend.  Not a huge card tonight but I am grabbing  ST BONNIE  at home tonight as they play host to the ATLANTIC 10 juggernaut known as

Rhode Island. Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS

Thursday Feb 15

Augie J here Thursday afternoon. Another night of close games as far as spreads go. At least I was able to cash BRADLEY as the little J slump continues. Club members go 6-3, & Champagne continued his winning ways as he goes 5-3 on the evening to continue his nice little run. I will keep doing as I'm doing and I'm confident the close games will fall my way. If you have been gambling long enough you come to realize things even out along the way. That's why we never panic and we don't chase. Just continue to handicap and manage the bankroll efficiently.  Tonight I am going out west and taking the AZ WILDCATS against my Alma Mater ASU. Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS

Happy Valentine's Day

Augie J here Wednesday afternoon, after getting stung late in all 3 of my selections last night. As my grandmother would tell me "rub a little WITCH HAZEL on it and suck it up". You must have a short memory= one night doesn't make  a week.  So I dust myself and look to today's full card of college hoops. Oh, I might wanna add our man from PHILLY went 2-0 last night, and Champagne Charlie's 4-2, Nice job fellas.

Tonight I'm back in the SEC and will grab VANDERBILT at home.

Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS.

Tues Feb 13

Augie J here Tuesday afternoon. Nice job by the dime man last night with his winner on NC GREENSBORO. That game was never in doubt hope everyone cashed in on that game. A full slate of college hoops tonight as we look to find a few diamonds in the rough as they say. I too am jumping back in the mix and looking for OKLAHOMA to keep it close on the road at Texas Tech. Good luck tonight everyone and GOD BLESS. 

Monday February 12

Augie J here Monday afternoon with the HAPPY RECAP. All things considered not a bad week. We didn't break the bank nor did we have to mortgage the house. Sometimes it's alot of work for nothing, but that's the game of gambling. Win lose win lose and just wait for the hot streak. TLM club members and SHARP PLAYS clients are all in the positive territory  over the last three and a half months. Our members get it " Winning Over Time ". If your tired of paying every week maybe it's time you jumped on board. Within a few days you will realize you're in good hands. Taking a look at today's small card the J MAN is gonna pass. As much as I love the action I just didn't see anything I liked so the prudent thing for me to do is wait till tomorrow. That said TLM and I will be in the office all week if any one is looking to jump on board. If your playing today- good luck and no matter what GOD BLESS 

Sun Feb 11

The J MAN here Sunday morning from rainy NYC and I say that joyfully as it could be snow. Taking a peak at yesterday's results finds us giving the accolades to CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE, who went 9-3 yesterday. The gambling faithful salute you. Our man from PHILLY went 1-0 with 2 pushes so we shall give him honorable mention. Today's card is not like Saturday, but enough to be winding down our week as it is FAMILY SUNDAY (now that football is over) as we like to call it at TLM. The J MAN is jumping into the PAC 12 with STANFORD  as his selection. On a side note AUGIE J's favorite baseball player as kid was BUD HARELSON who has made it public he is battling Alzheimers. The TLM NATION as one is praying for you. You wore number 3 with class and were a key member in that 69 WORLD SERIES victory over BALTIMORE GOD BLESS you always. With that everyone love those loved ones,

enjoy your day good luck and GOD BLESS   

Sat Feb 10

The J MAN here SATURDAY a little after high noon. A full day of action upon us so I shall keep it brief.

Let's jump into the BIG EAST today as I look for the CREIGHTON BLUE JAYS to upend XAVIER.

Have a great day everyone good luck and GOD BLESS 

TLM here early Saturday afternoon- After Thursday's 4-0 we had another winning night Friday going 2-1. Club members come into the weekend  a little ahead after a 3-4 Tuesday , 2-3 Wednesday and break even Monday. That is how it goes in this business, and if anyone tells you different- they're lying through their teeth!

(Correction-  the club members informed me that Wednesday was actually 2-3

with one of the wins an OE, not 1-4 like I originally posted)

Fri Feb 9

Augie J here Friday afternoon. Sometimes you lose the close ones. Last night we win a close one as NORTH CAROLINA edged Duke on tobacco road. Club members were also on N.C. & 3 other winners for a 4-0-1 night. To that I will smoke... A little J MAN humor as the cold continues to kick ass on the east coast. I am a pass tonight as I look ahead to Saturday's card. Just gonna bury my head in some Johnny Walker an lock myself in the HANDICAPSULE in preparation for tomorrow. Enjoy your Friday night all and if your wagering

Good luck and GOD BLESS

Thurs Feb 8

Augie J here Thursday afternoon. I split my games last night as VANDY was a coast to coast winner and Florida State was a heartbreaking loss, as they were getting 3 from that juggernaut VIRGINIA and lost by 4. As Sonny and Cher sang THE BEAT GOES ON. Tonight I am gonna go with a little JAMES TAYLOR with CAROLINA ON MY MIND . That's North Carolina as they host Duke in the battle of TOBACCO ROAD. Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS

Wednesday February 7

Augie J here on rainy hump day in NYC. The only word I can use for last night is ouch. I loved the card and the games I played. Let that be a great example of why it's so important to bet in uniformed amounts. As I like to say play with consistency in the event you go 0-3 like I did last night. The private cappers and SP guys loved last night too, but since Lebron refused to put the ball in the hoop in the 4th quarter, we lose the over and club members had a losing night. Zeus is still ragging on Lebron & what should have been a 4-3 night. So we move on and change nothing. Long term results and that's the mindset you must have. Tonight I shall venture to the SEC and grab VANDERBILT.

Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS.    

Tuesday February 6

Augie J here Tuesday afternoon. Nice to start week off on the  right foot as WEST VIRGINIA pulls out a tough road win. Especially after a sub-par week. Tonight's hoops card is much bigger, and for some reason l like the menu very much. I am swinging out to Indiana and selecting the BUTLER BULLDOGS. Just a reminder fellow gamblers- that game goes at 6:30 PM. Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS. 

Monday February 5

Augie J here Monday afternoon with the HAPPY RECAP. Congratulations to the EAGLES and there fans well deserved. The Eagles are the arch enemy in the mind of NY GIANTS fans like myself but I do find solace in different teams winning and especially for the EAGLE fans who are a bit salty but they do support their team in a big way. So hooray for them. As is always the case it's Monday and it's a new week, so the grind continues and we stay in the structured mode. Club members had another kiss your sister week going 21-19, but it's better than losing. Tonight's a light card in basketball an the J MAN is gonna roll with WEST VIRGINIA. Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS. 

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