Sun Nov 22

Remember, you have to have a bad day to remind you that it is gambling.

It ALWAYS turns around

Sun Nov 15

Fantastic Saturday.... until 2 late phone calls go down in flames. C'mon Sunday

Sat Nov 14

Glad to see our Sharp Players are on the mend

Thurs Nov 12

Nice sweep last night, and Happy Birthday Dad!

Mon Nov 9

Just one of those crazy weekends. Should of stopped after the NFL 1 o'clock Plays.

Shoulda woulda coulda....


Fri Nov 6

Fantastic night again-

Guys, if you received duplicate email notices, I'm terribly sorry. My secretary is horrible and she is about to be fired.

Thurs & Fri Nov 5 & 6

Off another two fantastic nights.....

Nice to see you 2 guys from the 1990's come back and play with us.
Club has been great and I am extending our 50% off sale
*Perfect time to rejoin, come back, or just try us out
This will be our only sale for Turkey 2 Bowls

Prices will remain the same so join now

*some of the club members are due to renew.

Whether you rejoin now, before Thanksgiving, or just for the bowls; the prices will be the same.

Please do not wait until the last minute for me to turn you off. It's the SAME PRICE but with me doing more work

Mon Nov 2

Back of ballot..... vote "yes" to the 1st question if you live in NJ.

Do it for Augie J!

Augie J won his amendment

Oh happy days!

Sun Nov 1

Another fantastic Sunday

Sat Oct 31

Club did fantastic Thursday night, then kissed our sister Friday & Saturday.

Fri Oct 30

Club doing great-

Guys- listen to me. Please wear mask, get hand sanitizer for car, and only go out when necessary.

Mon Oct 26

Another fantastic weekend from our private club handicappers!

I know everyone is hurting from this economy, which is why I am currently running specials which are half price.

Please call 201-818-3028 or email me-

Welcome back Tony... you were due to rejoin in October- of 1996 !

Fri Oct 23

Guys- if you hear me talking funny it's because I had mouth surgery. Sucks.
Don't ask- LOL

Mon Oct 12

Nice way to end the weekend by winning every game from 4 o'clock on! That along with our 2-0 Thursday night NFL plays shows just how hard our cappers are working for our club members. Thank you NFL guys!!!!!

Mon Oct 5

I'm done. From now on-


Sun Oct 4

The club got one of their famous "Late Phone Call" plays last night,

which was also our 1st Open Ender on Virginia.

Sun Sept 27

Club won every early play

then ..... with "0" seconds left .... ???!!! 

ended up 5-4-2 for Sat NCAA FB

Wed Sept 23

Another nice card tonight!

Tues Sept 22

MLB guy LOVES the card today!

Sun Sept 20

Huge apologies

My ncaa guys had way too many noon plays & not enough afternoon and eve plays. I thinned it out (of course with help) and it went the wrong way.

I will NEVER do that again!

I'm so very sorry. I am kicking myself in the ass and I couldn't feel any lower than I do now.

Fuck me.

Good news is that the college football guys are on top of their game.

Fri Sept 18

* OK, time to put on my big boy pants and keep watching the game. When I went to bed, Bengals were sucking, we already won the over and looked like we had the side in the bag. This am I get a call from the capper ranting.

Thurs Sept 17

Just figured out why my website was slow- I still had consensus from January to present posted

Tues Sept 15

Nice 2-0 in the MNF for Philly Guy!


I am the least PC person I know, so I hope I do not offend when I say "Skins"

instead of "Football Team"

Fuck...... do you know how long it took me to get this background?

And speaking of background.... WTF is with the crowd noise- which is only piped in to the TV?