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Tues Nov 21

Remember what Brian said- this week is just another week.

We had the Falcons last night and went 6-1 with the college hoops so if you want to get on for this special with the club, call me or email me. if you just want the SharpPlays for the week including the weekend, send $79.95 via paypal to my email address below, and and either your email or cell phone # in the "send a note" and you will be on for the next round of plays. All I can say is that the cappers are on, so it's a good time to jump on board.

Mon Nov 20

TLM here- We are running a SP Special through the bowls package which will save you over 50% of the regular weekend package. SharpPlays - every day - through the bowl games. You start the day you join. I listened to everyone and I will keep the weekend package available at your request. Had a fantastic Saturday in college football, Sunday- well, Brian's cat barfed all over yesterday's playbook;

thankfully we didn't have that many plays.

Email me if you have any questions:

Augie J here Monday with your "Happy Recap". Hope all had a good weekend. Nice and steady we drive forward as Thanksgiving approaches. If your looking to try something different in terms of how you gamble SHARP PLAYS might be for you. TLM sends you the plays via text or email and over time you make a little money. No different than the stock market both strategies require time and patience. For those who joined this week aren't you glad you finally tried SHARP PLAYS. Alright there is some college hoops going and NFL game tonight but the J Man is gonna pass tonight and catch is breath. Talk to my fellow gamblers tomorrow good luck and GOD BLESS.

Sat Nov 18

Augie J here pre Thanksgiving Saturday. Middle Tennessee goes down in triple overtime last night to slow up the streaking J Man (at least the SPers and Club had the Over). As long as I have a shot in the fourth quarter I'm ok. It's those games you handicap and lose by 20 that kind of eat at me. So we go into Saturday up for the week and look to add to our winnings today If your looking to join our clients and enjoy some of  the winning and fun TLM will be available. People looking to join or just inquire the ESTROGEN monster shall be in the office all weekend. Just a reminder fellow gamblers: there is football and plenty of college hoops going on. Pick your spots & stay even keeled, Rome wasn't built or burned in one day. Let's reach into the SCARY PLAY BAG. Out I pull OVER Louisville. I might have a night report fellow gamblers so be sure to take a peak after 6 PM. With that good luck everyone and GOD BLESS.

Fri Nov 17

Augie J here Friday afternoon in wintry NYC. I never brag here but I did cash another SCARY PLAY last night as the Buffalo-Ball St game went OVER the total. Another solid start to the week for TLM club members and SHARP PLAYS clients. That's always a good thing it - kind of makes you feel like your playing with house money Saturday and Sunday. If you wanna change the way you gamble and make it a productive hobby give TLM a call the ESTROGEN monster will be in the office thru the weekend. Now let's get to the SCARY PLAY which I have pulled in advance is MIDDLE TENNESEE ST (BTW- it is Philly Guy's pick too). It's almost cocktail time everyone, enjoy with good judgement. You always want to live to fight another day. Good luck fellow gamblers and GOD BLESS.

Almost forgot - SharpPlays own Tease Wiz reared his ugly head last night winning the Steelers & Over and Blade won with Ball St, so SharpPlays goes 2-0 & Club 4-0 in Football.

Club members went 3-1 in football. WHOOPS- 4-0 Ball St won!

Thurs Nov 16

Augie J here Thursday afternoon. Eastern Michigan wins outright as a small underdog in last night's Mid American main event. That means the J Man is cashing his SCARY PLAY again. TLM and her club members go 4-1 & the SHARP PLAYS  go 2-1.  Clients were all over that Eastern Michigan game too - all quality information with money management built right in. If your looking for information on either TLM will be in the office (201-818-3028 )

Thursday - Sunday if you want to join us- We've got the early bird specials starting now.  If you like a lot of action, join the club. If you want to keep the playing down to a minimum, join up with SharpPlays-

same price either way & you get the games every day either by email or text.

We do have an NFL play going tonight but I personally am staying in the

MAC as I have already pulled OVER Buffalo out of the SCARY PLAY BAG.

Nice and steady we sail - good luck fellow gamblers and GOD BLESS.

Wed Nov 15

Augie J here Wednesday afternoon. With graciousness we cash our SCARY PLAY yesterday on OVER in the Akron game. Things are rolling smoothly at TLM club member wise (4-1) and SHARP PLAYS wise (2-0). Back to the Mid American conference we go as I have already pulled out EASTERN MICHIGAN.

Good luck tonight everyone and GOD BLESS.

Tues Nov 14

Augie J here Tuesday afternoon. Before I get to today's sports action, I just would like to say great job with all the tributes that really turned out to be VETERANS DAY weekend. As a people we got it right for a change. Now to tonight's action we have a little Mid American on the football menu. The feature game is OHIO vs AKRON. They are 1-2 in their division so it looks to be a competitive contest. So into the SCARY PLAY BAG and out I pull OVER AKRON. Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS.

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From the mind of Champagne Charlie.....

On the eve of College Football here is my personal top 25 mainly based on my power ratings. Note some surprises.
1. Clemson
2. Alabama
3. Washington
4. Southern Cal
5. Penn St
6. Oklahoma
7. LSU
8. Miami-Fla
9. Oklahoma St
10. Florida St
11. Wisconsin
12. Auburn
13. NC St
14. Kansas State
15. Western Kentucky
16. Ohio St
17. Virginia Tech
18. Northwestern
19. Stanford
20. South Florida
21. Michigan
22. Notre Dame
23. Florida
24. Tulsa
25. Louisville
First 2 out: Washington St; San Diego St
Some thoughts:
I may have overrated Penn St & LSU but based on talent and my ratings I will just be cautious with them. 
Auburn could be much better with Stidham.
I think that Northwestern has a chance to be much better and they draw Penn St at home!
Western Kentucky and South Florida will surprise. 
Tulsa gets the good rating because of it's explosive offense.
Two that are just out of my top 30 are Mississippi and Missouri. Ole Miss will score a lot of points but I question their Defense. Missouri will be sneaky good with some very good Jucos and a new Defensive Coordinator.
When looking at totals this year, Mississippi, Tulsa and Syracuse will be over plays. Florida will be UNDER plays.