Sun Sept 20

Huge apologies

My ncaa guys had way too many noon plays & not enough afternoon and eve plays. I thinned it out (of course with help) and it went the wrong way.

I will NEVER do that again!

I'm so very sorry. I am kicking myself in the ass and I couldn't feel any lower than I do now.

Fuck me.

Good news is that the college football guys are on top of their game.

Fri Sept 18

* OK, time to put on my big boy pants and keep watching the game. When I went to bed, Bengals were sucking, we already won the over and looked like we had the side in the bag. This am I get a call from the capper ranting.

Thurs Sept 17

Just figured out why my website was slow- I still had consensus from January to present posted

Tues Sept 15

Nice 2-0 in the MNF for Philly Guy!


I am the least PC person I know, so I hope I do not offend when I say "Skins"

instead of "Football Team"

Fuck...... do you know how long it took me to get this background?

And speaking of background.... WTF is with the crowd noise- which is only piped in to the TV?