Sun Aug 9

Well..... that royally sucked.

I finally got power back and I personally have to thank the line workers from Texas and their 20+ cherry pickers.

If it were left in the hands of my regular electric company and their 1 man supervisor I'd still be in the dark. When I saw all the bucket trucks lined up, yet all the workers sitting in their trucks for 25 minutes, I went outside (in my PJs sans undies) and asked them "What is going on?"

They were waiting for the 'local supervisor' to direct them towards the next neighborhood. I turned around and pointed towards our main street's downed lines, which was between 3 telephone poles, and asked how long would it take them to splice together and rehang those wires; the reply was "in the time we have been waiting for the local supervisor, we could have restored power to this main line".

I'm not sure if it was the tears in my eyes, or my very short night shirt, when I explained that I had to admit my father to a nursing home until our power was restored; but they took pity on me and went on to fix our electricity.

By the time the local supervisor showed up the guys from Texas were done. Our outage map still says

ETR AUG 11, 11:00pm

Thurs July 30

OK guys, we're rolling with the Killer Sources!

Tues June 16

Nothing new to add.... but at least we have PGA golf and NASCAR to watch.

Wed June 3

OK, my Dad is home and I can finally breathe so here are the cappers updates:

Joey Dimes is betting on something somewhere (duh LOLOL)

Champagne is back up north from his hiatus in Florida where he was hoping to ride out the worst of the pandemic. He is currently loading the clubs into his car, and he's anxiously awaiting a full round of golf tomorrow.

Philly Guy is waiting for the apocalypse, dodging the riots and looters, and is currently hiding in his basement riding out a tornado warned storm.

I haven't heard back from Augie, but he's checked in with me thru out my Mom & Dad's Covid scare. Right now he's most likely playing with Joey - an adorable black & white rescued pitbull who is a total couch potato.....

  His favorite outdoor past time is running and eating rocks (that's Joey, not Augie eating rocks).

Mon May 11

From an article is SI:

Ray Marino is laughing on the phone from Costa Rica. He’s the head trader for live U.S. wagering at the sports betting website Official BookMaker, and, as he details the turn his industry has taken, he’s watching actual human beings wager on a simulation of a football game that’s not being played. “It’s insane,” he says from his home office, his setup for the last 45 days. The blinking screens in front of him are proof that while sports betting may have stalled, it has never—and perhaps will never—truly stop.
Most days, in most years, Marino would set up in his tropical office around 7:30 a.m. and stay for as long as the heavy action lasts. His crew would deal live U.S. sports, the typical stuff, baseball and football and basketball, depending on the season. In recent days, he’s considered placing odds on bitcoin, while pivoting to others areas—esports, computerized simulations done by third parties and stock market exchanges—he never expected to grow like they have in 2020. “We’re not trying to make any profit now,” Marino says. “But the action that’s going on is mind-blowing.” The average total bets on a simulated football game in April rose near or surpassed the average typical take for an early-season Major League Baseball contest, which Marino estimates at $150,000.

Now guys, I know we are all going stir crazy, but just think about who is writing the program for these "football games"? I'll bet you it is the bookmakers!

Tues May 5

Today is Cinco de Mayo, Taco Tuesday & we're all under quarantine for Corona,

so we have a trifecta....... & I still cannot drink.

Both my parents have Covid 19, which is why you haven't seen me updating.

My mom got it from her "Memory Care" facility, & Dad got it from the Hospital 1 week after I dropped him off at the ER because he was having difficulty breathing (due to fluid buildup in his lungs from heart failure and end-stage renal failure).

BTW- both of my parents (old and physically compromised) have had no symptoms of Covid, so I beg all of you who are reading this to take precautions against this virus.

Please stay home, and if you MUST go out, wear a mask and bring hand sanitizer AND USE THE HAND SANITIZER LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!

Just because you now know 2 elderly, asymptomatic, Covid 19 positive people; it is still a deadly disease and it can kill you- no matter your age or health status.

Check back here in a few days and I will give you updates on all the handicappers, who are bored out of their minds!

TL Michele

Wed March 25

Well, I'm here, I'm bored; so if you are too you can email me- my phone is iffy.

Mon March 2

Holy Cow, this XFL is money in the bank!

Mon Feb 24

If you are into betting on the XFL, you should be with us- Our private football handicappers are fantastic!

Mon Feb 17

Get well soon NJ spleef, aka Weed Man, aka NJ Herb Man!

Sun Feb 16

Nice 10-1 Saturday from our own Killer Source guy Champagne Charlie- great job!

The Club was right behind him until we lost the final 4 games of the evening. The capper and I are discussing it right now- I wanted to quit while we were something like 8-3, but there is no way to know.

Thurs Feb 6

Nice shooting PG!

Tues Feb 4

Another awesome night for Club Members- anyone looking to jump on board will receive the super secret 

"Thru Madness" special. Join for 1 month of service and get 1 month for free.

OK, I guess it's not that much of a secret now.

I've got a bunch of guys due for renewal and this special goes thru Feb 7th, so call me ASAP.

Mon Feb 3

Awesome Super Bowl for Club members winning everything* with the exception of 1 long shot prop that Williams would be the 1st TD.... and I still think he had it- talk about a game of inches!

Champagne Charlie won the side and both of his hoops

Philly Guy had the Chiefs.

* I wrote the props on the consensus page because I got my tally from Brian's private NFL capper. He gets his #s from Curacao which may be different from other books, so you can tally them yourselves. I would not know where to look for #s on props, nor know WTF they mean, let alone figure out the tally. I just know we did good. Also, I don't know the player's names so please excuse my spelling.


Today is the 1st universal palindrome day since 11.11.1111 (but no one was using those numbers back then)

It is universal because most everyone outside of the US writes their date Day/Month/Year, and we write it

Month/Day/Year. It is unusual to see when I get letters from my relatives in Italy and the Nederlands

Thurs Jan 30

Congrats to Champagne Charlie's 5-0, Joey Dimes 6-2 & Philly Guy's 2-1. Awesome hump day!

Tues Jan 28

Not sure if Philly Guy has a play on Oklahoma today. His email was:

Villanova, Florida St, Rutgers, Ok firm tits

Did he mean "OK, firm tits" or Ok, (as in affirmative) firm tits.....

I am currently waiting to hear back from him for clarification. It could go either way.

UPDATE- I do not see Oklahoma on the schedule, so I believe my latter thought is correct.