Our weekend specials will be back in August

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Wed June 26

Making a birthday cake for one of my handicappers. Be back soon......

Tues June 25

Another perfect night in baseball for the club members- join now for football season and you can get in on the action!

Mon June 24

Guys- I'm sorry I've been neglecting the write ups here, but baseball is my time to get everything I blew off during football season completed.

Club members enjoyed another winning week, and I just wish everyone would stay on board to see how much money and winning you guys are missing out.

I know the money line freaks guys out, which is why our capper gives us dogs for the most part-

For instance: This weekend we won yesterday with Pirates & Indians, and Saturday Rockies +1.5.  Friday we won with Reds, Cards & Under Marlins. This is just as an example of how how we stay away from the big odds and laying out big numbers, and when we lose it does not hurt out wallet nor ruin another winning day.

You guys who aren't with us during baseball........ fuck it- don't watch the games. Let me worry and rip my hair out for you (I do it anyway- whether we win or lose). Just place the bet and go hang in the pool, or go fishing. When you come back in August you will see the extra money you have to play with for football....

So please- ask me how you can get baseball for free.

Fri June 14

Club members enjoyed the Raptors win last night and go into the weekend with a nice bankroll.

Wed June 12

Another big undefeated night for the club members with Phillies, A's, Astros & Giants- the last 2 being dogs of 140ish

Mon June 10

Great undefeated weekend for club members!

Thurs June 6

Update from Champagne Charlie-

There will be 16 states with Sports wagering when football starts. Lots of square money out there to cash.
I am starting my power number research but will be working in earnest next week when my Phil Steele college yearbook arrives..
I came across an interesting stat regarding Notre Dame. During their 12-0 record in 2018 they did not face any team that was coming off a bye. This year they face 7 teams coming off a bye week.
August 24 the is coming fast. It is only 79 days away!!!
P.S. Dime Man will be back in time for Saratoga in July

Sun June 23

See- this is why we play baseball- our bankroll keeps building for the football season!

Wed June 5

Now all the club members whose arms I twisted to play baseball know why- low risk games and high win ratio!

Fri May 31

Another winning night of bases!

Thurs May 30

WOW! Club members have been on a roll as the private capper ends May with a huge bang! This is one of those weeks that cappers and gamblers pray for......

Sat May 25

Well that was an awesome way for Club Members to start this Memorial Day weekend last night!

The Club has a side play on the Blue Jays, but they're the Tom Brady of baseball to me so I'm not giving it out. I told our capper I'd rather just buy a cucumber and get it over with quick than to sit in agony for 9 innings.

Tues May 21

Off the eve of our 15-4 bounce back, I've decided to take up knitting, which is exactly what Brian would tell me to do (along with doing laundry & dishes). I'm taking orders now- free ball powder with every order!

Champagne went 2-0 and Philly Guy 2-1. I'll knit some special ones for them!

Mon May 20

Wow- what a bounce back for the Club. Thank you Brian for your good advice!


Sat May 18

Club Members- if you do not receive the plays by 6:50 edt, please call me. AOL has been experiencing problems with email, along with many other email programs. The club had a much needed 5-1 last night.

Wednesday May 15

When it rains.........

I am caught up between wanting to shoot our baseball guy and wanting to cry.

I know we can't win every day, but on top of Puss Puss dying -in my fucking arms no less, and the bases sucking cock; I have all the contest winners that just started and are probably looking at me like I'm a douche-bag. 

I'm seething with anger.

I'm not going to do anything hasty- just stick with what Brian taught me and stay with the plan. I know that our bases guy has been giving us his best, and he's averaged a winning year- every single year since Brian found him, but when our own Killer Sources have been tearing up the field while he's behind me slapping my ass and telling me to squeal like a piggy; it's a bit too much for one person to take.

Sun May 12

Wow what a shitty day yesterday turned out to be- and my Dad's cat died. Let's put it behind us and move onto today.

Sat May 11

It's Saturday 2pm edt and our baseball guy has passed on the early games so far....

Quick club recap: Thursday we kissed our sister- the losers were dogs so no harm. Friday we saw a small profit.

Fri May 10

Sorry for my tardiness..... I had to contact the winners of the "Where is Joey Dimes" contest

Congratulations to the winners and I thank you all for playing- it was great hearing from, well, 99.9% of you!

Thurs May 9

The Club members enjoyed a perfect winning night to follow one up on Philly Guy.

Wed May 8

Did Philly Guy go 4-0 yesterday? Sorry guys, I get so caught up in my daily minutia that I forget to see what is going on around me- but you guys should know.... just go to the free consensus page and see for yourselves!

Tues May 7

The email problem, which was wide spread across the USA seems to be resolved, but depending on which plays the club members received & the #s, the outcome may be different for some, so I will show you all of our plays for yesterday. MLB- Under Nats; D-Backs (uuuugly); Cardinals. NBA- Bucks; Under Warriors.

Early in the afternoon my dad gave me the heads up about problems with emails, so I contacted the private cappers and got the plays out early. I confirmed that they were sent to the members, but that was on my end. If the club member's emails were down, well, it is what it is; and hopefully over.

At the time I sent the plays, this is my tally: 2-1-2 or 3-1-1 or 2-2-1, so let's call it another kiss your sister day and move on to today........

Mon May 6

Everyone within 90 miles of NYC has no AOL and the internet is touch and go. If you need to contact me, call 201-818-3028 or try my gmail. Same address @gmail.com

Motherless whore!

So last Friday I went to the gas station to fill my tank up- (BTW I think NJ is the only state where a gas station attendant fills up your tank)- The guy takes my debit card, puts it in the machine, but before returning it to me he must have had one of those illegal swipes in his pocket, because I just checked my balance and there was an Expedia charge for 3k on it. So today I go back to the gas station and handed them the receipt and asked if they could tell which attendant filled up my tank. The manager said "yes, but he is on holiday in the mid-east (I won't say the name of the country)" I explained what happened and the manager said- "maybe that is why he was being vague about the date when he'd be coming back to work".

So on top of getting a special pillow for my Mom's foot, then going to my Dad to clean up cat shit because Dad didn't realize that when a cat gets the shits you should stop giving them Mira- LAX; then giving the cat sub-Q fluids, plus medicine to stop the shits, along with 3 other injections and 2 pills, I had to go to the bank and stop charges and get a new debit card. Fuck me......... and after 2 hours I still have that awful smell stuck in my nose.

Sun May 5

Club members kissed their sister yesterday, and I have to say that in the 25 years that I've been doing this, this Kentucky Derby totally Fucked Up (my whole day) Beyond All Repair. 1st of all, Joey Dimes is still out and about, and he's the go to horse guy in our line up of handicappers. 2nd - I called / emailed every single horse person Brian had used or knew of, and sat around all day waiting to hear back from any of them- including Rob Crowne. I figured that since Rob did a face-plant into my boobs, which included noises that I can only describe as raspberry sounds while shaking his head back and forth in order to get deeper down into my breasts, at Brian's last Christmas Party; which was witnessed by everyone at the party, I'd at least hear back from him. Nope- nada, zip, zilch.

So while waiting endlessly for no one to call me back, all the private & Killer Source handicappers went nuts looking for our old horse guys, to no avail, which made them focus on horses as opposed to giving me the plays on time so I had 7 hours of waiting /sleeping, then 2 minutes of pulling my hair out. All that for breaking even.

BTW, a horse will never change leads on their own while in a turn. It is un-natural and very dangerous for them.  #7 was on the left lead into the turn, then switches to his right lead while still bending to the left. Because of this lead change, he is forced to counter balance, which brings him into the path of the other horses.  A jockey, or any rider knows you do not change leads until your horse straightens & balances out into the final stretch.

I may not know sports, but I know horses. Especially thoroughbreds.

Sat May 4

No Baseball for Club Members last night, just 1 agonizing win with the Nuggets in the NBA. I will do my best to find some horses in case MIA Joey Dimes doen not make it back in time- BTW I have over 100 emails to go through still so I will be announcing the winners within the next 2 days!

Thurs May 2

Club had another fantastic day- no Augie.... wrong Joey

Wed May 1st

He is not hiding on your couch barking at the squirrels- good guess though.

Wed May 1

Club Members hit a home run x 4 yesterday, and WOW- I did not expect that many responses to the "Where's Waldo aka Joey Dimes" Contest. Just a reminder- I will only look at answers given between 7pm & 8pm eastern time. The dirtiest, filthiest response was actually the closest answer, but I beg you..... as naked as you all have seen me, please refrain and keep your answers clean. I am just looking for "City, State, and Country" in your answer.