Wed March 25

Well, I'm here, I'm bored; so if you are too you can email me- my phone is iffy.

Mon March 2

Holy Cow, this XFL is money in the bank!

Mon Feb 24

If you are into betting on the XFL, you should be with us- Our private football handicappers are fantastic!

Mon Feb 17

Get well soon NJ spleef, aka Weed Man, aka NJ Herb Man!

Sun Feb 16

Nice 10-1 Saturday from our own Killer Source guy Champagne Charlie- great job!

The Club was right behind him until we lost the final 4 games of the evening. The capper and I are discussing it right now- I wanted to quit while we were something like 8-3, but there is no way to know.

Thurs Feb 6

Nice shooting PG!

Tues Feb 4

Another awesome night for Club Members- anyone looking to jump on board will receive the super secret 

"Thru Madness" special. Join for 1 month of service and get 1 month for free.

OK, I guess it's not that much of a secret now.

I've got a bunch of guys due for renewal and this special goes thru Feb 7th, so call me ASAP.

Mon Feb 3

Awesome Super Bowl for Club members winning everything* with the exception of 1 long shot prop that Williams would be the 1st TD.... and I still think he had it- talk about a game of inches!

Champagne Charlie won the side and both of his hoops

Philly Guy had the Chiefs.

* I wrote the props on the consensus page because I got my tally from Brian's private NFL capper. He gets his #s from Curacao which may be different from other books, so you can tally them yourselves. I would not know where to look for #s on props, nor know WTF they mean, let alone figure out the tally. I just know we did good. Also, I don't know the player's names so please excuse my spelling.


Today is the 1st universal palindrome day since 11.11.1111 (but no one was using those numbers back then)

It is universal because most everyone outside of the US writes their date Day/Month/Year, and we write it

Month/Day/Year. It is unusual to see when I get letters from my relatives in Italy and the Nederlands

Thurs Jan 30

Congrats to Champagne Charlie's 5-0, Joey Dimes 6-2 & Philly Guy's 2-1. Awesome hump day!

Tues Jan 28

Not sure if Philly Guy has a play on Oklahoma today. His email was:

Villanova, Florida St, Rutgers, Ok firm tits

Did he mean "OK, firm tits" or Ok, (as in affirmative) firm tits.....

I am currently waiting to hear back from him for clarification. It could go either way.

UPDATE- I do not see Oklahoma on the schedule, so I believe my latter thought is correct.