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Sun Sept 24

Augie J here Sunday morning. Another crazy day in college football. My free Louisiana Tech play was a winner from start to finish. Now the task of giving out a second free winner today. Delicately I  reach in the SCARY PLAY bag and out I pull the TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS. Enjoy your Sunday everyone, good luck and GOD BLESS.

Sat Sept 23rd

It's 10 am Saturday morning and I already have a bunch of cappers on the same side of 3 games- looks like we'll have 3 Open Enders today!

If you plan on jumping on board- Join early so you don't miss out

Fri Sept 22nd

Augie J here Friday afternoon. A small slate of college games to get the weekend started and for those looking to purchase SHARP PLAYS we do have an Open Ended play on the agenda. The J man is gonna keep it real short tonight. Michelle and I have answered enough phone calls and emails its time for a little Johnny Walker. Talk to everyone tomorrow good luck tonight and GOD BLESS.

Thurs Sept 21st

Philly Guy- 49ers

Augie J here Thursday afternoon. First order of business is SHARP PLAYS. Two Open Ended plays(5-1ytd) will be the main course in this weeks college football feast. I'm telling everyone in advance that one play is Friday night. The reason I put that out there is for the people who were thinking about jumping on board SHARP PLAYS this weekend. TLM and I have privy to some pretty good information but the Open Ended plays have always been the crème de la crème going back all the way to Brian Mac in his earliest years. So regardless of the reasonable 79.95 price that gets you Thursday thru Sundays SHARP PLAYS. We always want to make sure you get our best and Fri nights game will be part of it. That with some great college totals from Zeus(3-1ytd). A little BLADE magic, a little gambling structure and you have a winning formula more often than not. Our clients get spoiled, there constant phone calls and emails saying I should have done this long is ago to say the least is quite humbling. A quick salute to the " Raging Bull" Jake Lamotta. The former middleweight champ was 95. That's a hell of run my friend RIP. Some good pennant races going on. You can keep tabs on them during the commercials of the football games its filler at its best. Before I get out of here and start to sip a little Johnny Walker for the people who have inquired as to the monthly club membership their record stands at 29-12 usually everything is listed on the SHARP PLAYS page. With that enjoy your evening, happy holy days to the Hebrew faction of TLM nation good luck and GOD BLESS

Wednesday Sept 20th

Got another 2 Open Enders- 1st one goes Friday so buy early!

$79.95 paypay to: thelovelymichele @

Tues Sept 19th

Augie J, Dime Man & Champagne are passing again tonight.

I'll be back up if Philly Guy sends some bases.

Mon Sept 18th

Augie J, Dime Man & Champagne are passing,

and my true love - Philly Guy has Big Blue tonight.

Sun Sept 17th

Augie J: Over Skins

SP Saturday wrap up from Mr. J-

Augie J here Sunday morning. Two weeks into the college season and two winning Saturdays for SHARP PLAYS. I'm not saying we are gonna win every Saturday, but two out of two is a nice way to start!  Hats off to Zeus who had a monster play on Over V Tech. Open Enders went 2-1 due to a "late phone call" on Utah- TLM was in bed when she got the play (no- I wasn't with her, she told me). Zeus won, Shark won, and the SP clients go 4-2!

For those clients who bought the SharpPlays weekend- we have another Open Ender going today.....

Remember, TLM & I are only selling SP as a weekend package, so get on board early next week so you don't miss out!

Sat Sept 16th

Augie J freebie- Western Michigan

Fri Sept 15th

Update- Not just 2 Open Enders for Saturday- Both are huge GOY status

Thurs Sept 14th

Augie J here Thursday afternoon. A couple of football games on the schedule today and tomorrow, so Michele and I took the liberty of extending the SHARP PLAYS package this weekend. 4 days for $79.95 and all the work is done for you. We will definitely be having at least 1 Open Ender  (2-0 for SP guys).

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We went 8-4 last weekend.
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No Football but we have some free bases on our free consensus

BTW- thank you my cheesy friend for that tasty little 2 team teaser winner Monday night!

We will definitely be having at least 1 Open Ender this coming weekend. Join up early and get Thursday night and Friday night for free!

$79.95 gets you all the SharpPlays and Killer Sources for the weekend

We went 8-4 last weekend.

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Mon Sept 11

Dime Man:  Saints; Chargers

Philly Guy: Vikings Under

Augie J: Saints

Cheesy Tease Wiz: Chargers +8.5 / Under Vikings 54


Augie J here Monday afternoon with your HAPPY RECAP.

For those who paid the discounted price of $69 for the whole weekend- the SharpPlay handicappers gave you a total of 12 plays which went 8-4,

and I added  my 2 winning Open Enders.

Club Members came into this past weekend at an astounding 19-8,

then went on to go 10-4  Saturday & Sunday combined.

Michele and I would like to thank all the SP customers who turned up this weekend, and we are grateful everyone stayed with us and were patient for the past 2 years after Brian died.  I'm glad we made it worth the wait. What Michele lacks in sports knowledge, she makes up for in honesty, and the huge SHARP PLAYS turnout last weekend speaks for itself. We talk to a lot people on a daily basis and some of the horror stories you hear make you want to cringe.

We always have and always will preach the long term results.

From the Augie J files: I will start with my 2 weekend freebies. South Carolina was a nice easy winner. The Seahawks yesterday? Not so much. If you would have told me the Seahawks would hold Aaron Rodgers to 17 points and I'm getting 3, I would have bet the Seahawks after the game was final. Sometimes you're on the right side & "Shit Happens" :)

Enjoy the games tonight, good luck and GOD BLESS. 

*reminder for club members- stick with the plays I send you. There may be free games here which contradict our plays. If I'm on the other side, there is a reason.

Sun Sept 10th

Augie J here Sunday morning with the BEATLES echoing in the background. A quick recap of yesterday's SHARP PLAYS. Led by two winning OPEN ENDED plays (FLA ATL & UNLV), the SHARP PLAY guys compiled a 6-2 mark. I am sure our big game customers woke up this morning with a smile on their face. The KILLER SOURCES didn't have the weekend they did last week, but did put us in a nice position going into yesterday, so all is good on that front. A quick thanks for the amazing patronage yesterday- we couldn't buy this information if it wasn't for TLM NATION. Moving on, if anybody can use a boost today, TLM will be in the office. I'm sure if your lookin for a little help she will put something together for you. To the freeloaders out there- can you say SOUTH CAROLINA. With that, Augie J is gonna give the  SEAHAWKS as today's free SCARY PLAY of the day.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone good luck and GOD BLESS

Sat Sept 9th

$69.95 Will get you every Sharp Play, all the Killer Sources, &

every Open Ender that I have going this entire weekend!

Send Paypal to: thelovelymichele @

So far I've got at least 1 Open Ender, a Zeus total, and a Blade Dagger going before 6pm

Plus all Killer Sources

Free Plays

Augie J: South Carolina

Philly Guy: BYU; Iowa St

Augie J with your free SHARP PLAY of the day as promised. It's South Carolina.

Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS

Augie J here on a beautiful Saturday morning in NYC. A nice full card of college football today as we look to rebound from lasts night Ohio loss. Funny enough it looked like right side until Purdue coach changed quarterbacks in second quarter. After that not so much. Still SHARP PLAYS off to very nice start and looking forward to a good weekend. Quick reminder people its long season college n pro. Stay even keeled and discipline. Keep telling yourself not to micromanage. As gamblers most of us play everyday and you get caught up in one day results. Consistency and discipline with a long term mentality is the only way to the promised land. On to todays action personally I'm am gonna have two selections on the SHARP PLAYS package. I am feeling bad for the freeloaders today so I'm am gonna give out one play on the house. The other play and the SHARP PLAYS package can be purchased for 69.95 thru TLM.COM under the SHARP plays heading. A quick thank you to the people who have already purchased we hope to give a you a solid weekend. With that people enjoy the games good luck and GOD BLESS.                                                                            

Fri Sept 8th - Sun Sept 10th

Augie J back here early Friday evening. So after much deliberation people this is the course of action were gonna go with. Even though our regular SHARP PLAY customers are gonna think were crazy. We are gonna go a little cheaper than in its been in the past. The SHARP PLAYS package for the weekend is gonna be 69.95. This will include all the plays from BLADE,ZEUS,SHARK,DOM,CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE,JOEY DIMES,PHILLYGUY and yours truly. Of course that will include any OPEN ENDERS should there be any-I know there will be one Friday night 8pm. To purchase people send PAYPAL to thelovelymichele @ To our regular SHARP PLAY customers we thank you in advance. To the newbies jumping aboard for the first time do yourselves a favor and do before 1130 AM. You can thank me later. Good luck tonight people and GOD BLESS.

Dime Man: Ohio U

Augie J here early Friday afternoon. With the good lords blessing the SHARP PLAYS express keeps rolling. Last night's conductor with a little support from CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE was the PHILLY GUY. He opens the NFL season last night with KC on the road against the SB PATRIOTS. The CHIEFS were almost a double digit underdog and won the game outright. For good measure the two KILLER SOURCES combined to go 5-1 in baseball last night. I know a good majority of you don't play baseball but I have give credit where credit is due. For the football guys we gave out GEORGIA TECH Monday, the CHIEFS last night you guys are 2-0 if your sticking to the program. Winning over time people get it thru your heads. I will continue to say it till I'm GIANTS blue in the face. To the freeloaders enjoy it while it lasts. At some point it will end when the DOMINATOR or JOEY DIMES has X amount of thousands on a game we will have to sell it because as most of you know we pay for the information we get. To the loyal following- that's what keeps the SHARP PLAYS express rolling. Moving on to todays action the J man again will be a pass tonight but have no fear I'm sitting on two games I love tomorrow. With that folks it's Friday the JOHNNY WALKER is gonna start flowing.

Be sure to check SHARP PLAYS tonight there is a handful of college games tonight.

Enjoy your evening everyone, good luck and GOD BLESS

Thurs Sept 7th

Philly Guy: Chiefs

Wednesday Sept 6th

Augie J here Wednesday afternoon in a soggy NYC. I swear I was not going to bring it up but I put the bad in print so its only fair I print the good as well. It also does wonders for your credibility by the way. So last night SHARP PLAYS contributors JOEY DIMES and CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE combined to go 3-0 last night for those of you who need  action every night. Add that to Monday nights SHARP PLAYS freebie GEORGIA TECH(both BLADE and CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE were on it) and the college football season has gotten off to nice start for TLM club members and the SHARP PLAY fanatics we call weekend warriors. Now to the freeloaders your gonna hate me, so I will apologize in advance .Come Thursday SHARP PLAYS will only be available thru purchase. For the people out there thinking about having someone else do the work for you here is your opportunity. MICHELE and I thought a one night purchase to let people get a feel. Our regular SHARP PLAY customers know we usually sell the package for the weekend and they keep coming back so we figure were doing something right. For the people on the fence its 19.95 for Thursday. Its a ridiculous price, we get it but for the people who haven't been with us we thought perfect opportunity to try us. Just a heads up people don't wait till the last minute. THE LOVELY MICHELE has two arms(and they don't work that well) and two legs and gratefully we are blessed with people who come back year after year. To those people we love you and THANK YOU. For the people who choose to navigate the season on their own we wish you nothing but success. With that AUGIE J is in all football mode so again I will be a pass tonight. If you have wager of course good luck and GOD BLESS

Tues Sept 5th

Augie J here the Tuesday afternoon after. So the first weekend of college football comes to an end last night in grand fashion. It's only fitting that it ended in a script you could never write. Before I get to that TENNESSEE - GEORGIA TECH game, nice job AGAIN by the SHARP PLAYERS crew as BLADE and CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE were both on GEORGIA TECH + 3.5. BTW Champagne CHARLIE is now 13-2 in college football to start the season. I can't believe I wrote that, but the plays were free this week, so everyone saw the same selections I speak of. Now on to that game... If you watched and bet on it, you had to say "what just happened?" People, there was around 5 min to go in a  game completely dominated by GEORGIA TECH. As a bettor sitting there with G TECH and the points, you couldn't have been in a better position to cash your wager. Then all hell breaks loose. G TECH running back fumbles deep in TENNESSEE territory- maybe the 10 yard line or something like that. If no fumble, logic dictates at least a field goal, GTECH would be up 2 scores under 5 min; I'm getting 3.5 & life is good. But GTECH running back fumbles, Tennessee recovers and goes on a 90 yard drive- game tied. Then the game goes to OT. If you bet TENNESSEE, you never had a chance in this game, and all of sudden you got a shot at covering. If you have G TECH, you're shaking your head saying "Could I possibly lose this game?" Fast forward to double OT, GTECH goes in for the TD to tie the game up pending the extra point. COACH Paul Johnson (and what a great coach he is) of GT goes for win and 2 point conversion. They come up short and TENNESSEE wins 42-41. Georgia Tech bettors who should have never had to sweat that wager wind up cashing as they were getting 3.5 - 4 points.  What a way to end the Labor Day weekend!

Now onto the SPers.......

The CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE train is moving along nicely Sunday- he covers OVER WEST VIRGINIA by a half point last night with Georgia Tech in an absolutely bizarre fashion. To the freeloaders on the TLM consensus line were glad to give the GTECH play out and start everyone's week on the right foot. Personally Augie J is a pass tonight I'm  gonna dig into the upcoming football action, plenty of games to break down.

Some other SHARP PLAYS highlights from opening weekend of college football...

 Champagne is 13-2.

Zeus is off to nice 3-1 record on college totals.

The BLADE MAN is 3-0.

Joey Dimes is above the .500 mark.

Myself and Philly Guy are off to a slow start, but collectively

we all managed to have a winning week. 

Clubmembers  are  19-8

2-0 on OPEN ENDED games (9/2 OVER NORTH CAROLINA &  9/4 GA TECH).       

Monday Sept 4th

Champagne: GA Tech

Blade: GA Tech

Augie J here Labor Day Monday with the HAPPY RECAP. Hope everyone is enjoying the last three day weekend for a while. Make the most of it people. The first weekend of college football is almost behind us as we do have one game left on the slate tonight. Let's take a quick look at SHARP PLAYS results for opening week. Collectively a pretty good week for SHARP PLAYS as the record for opening weekend was 24-18. This week CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE led the troops with a ridiculous 12-2 record in college football and to cap his great week he cashes over WEST VIRGINIA. The total was 54.5 and the number lands on 55. The man is on a nice roll. THELOVELYMICHELE CLUB members also enjoyed a winning week (16-7) to kick off the season. Looking for more of the same from both groups all year and do what we do best- help people win a few coins over the long haul and have a little fun along the way. Changing tunes a little people finish the weekend with the same good judgement you started with good luck on your wagers and GOD BLESS

Sun Sept 3rd

Champagne: TP- Over West VA

Dime: UCLA

Augie J: West VA; Over UCLA

AUGIE J here Sunday morning. A little tired, a full day of college football can do that to you add in a little thoroughbred action from SARATOGA racetrack. That my friends is GAMBLING UTOPIA. Let's dive into some of yesterdays highlights. It seems to be a given that CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE is gonna wear the HEAVYWEIGHT  HANDICAPPING CHAMPIONSHIP BELT this week. The man is 11-2 in college football in 3 days. JOEY DIMES went 5-3 yesterday and his having himself a nice little week. Not one of my better weeks but not getting buried so I'm okay. You never wanna turn a losing week into a disaster. Its gonna happen people it comes with the territory. THELOVELYMICHELE and her CLUB members had their 3 straight winning day going 7-4. Nice job girl the MAC MAN would be proud. She was also kind enough to give the SHARP PLAYS away for free this week. I don't know how long that is gonna last. Back in the day we would have called her a cocktease at her age now it borders on being just a nice gesture. No disrespect MICHELE, AUGIE J NATION loves you. There are a couple of college games on the board today. So please enjoy the rest of the FREE weekend. In between get the kids ready to go back to school have a few cocktails. Life is a gift people keep it simple and value it. With that I'm gonna pull the plug on AUGIE J babble radio. I think that's funny I know it's NOT radio, I'm not that computer illiterate. Good Luck everyone and GOD BLESS

Sat Sept 2nd

Champagne: TP- Clem; App St; Duke Reg-Ball St; CAL; Vandy; Bama; Troy; Und Mich;

Dime Man: TP- UMass. Reg- Iowa; Penn St; OK; Maryland; NC St; Missouri; Miss St

Philly Guy: FLA ST

Augie J: Wyoming; Notre Dame; USC

Zeus: Over Boise St

Blade:  Marshall




AUGIE J here Saturday morning. A full day of college football BEAUTIFUL. Before we move forward of course we take a peak at last nights SHARP PLAY results. The CHAMPAGNE MAN continues to shine 2-0 last night in college. ZEUS hasn't lost a college total yet. THELOVELYMICHELES club members had another 4-1 night and you know we never hide here. The J MAN went 0-2 but never panics. Its a new day you will drive yourself crazy if you micro manage. Long term that's what we preach and that's what we practice. With the soft hands of OMAR VIZQUEL I am gonna reach into the SCARY PLAY BAG and out I pull WYOMING. They are double digit dog with the best quarterback in the nation. IOWA might pull out the victory but I think the boys from LARAMIE will give them all they can handle. Continue to enjoy the free SHARP PLAYS and your weekend peeps good luck and GOD BLESS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Club Members go 4-1 in NCAA Football, Champagne goes 4-1,  Zeus wins and Shark lost their games, but if you played all their games you went 8-6.

AUGIE J here Friday afternoon of Labor Day weekend. Gonna quickly jump into last nights action. Let's see, CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE goes 4-1. We're calling IDAHO a push, but as for the other 4 clean sweep nice job. JOEY DIMES hit his TOP PLAY on OHIO STATE  and that accounted for my winner as well. Memphis was a loser for me so in the words of the MAC MAN I kissed my sister NICE. So my record stands at 2-3 on the week and without further a due lets reach into the SCARY PLAY BAG. Out we pull the GOLDEN EAGLES of BOSTON COLLEGE as of this writing. Enjoy the long weekend people college football galore. Maybe a little barbeque and some cocktails. Most importantly use judgement stay even keeled its a long road. Good Luck and GOD BLESS

PS-To CHAMPAGNE CHAALE: AUGIE J thinks the gambling GOD took a liking to the SGT Bilko reference. Touche my friend that's great stuff !!!

From the mind of Champagne Charlie-

Tidbits to ponder:
I agree with the Dime Man's Top Play wholeheartedly. Indiana fired Kevin Wilson as it's head coach last year. He is now the offensive coordinator at Ohio St. Roll it up Buckeyes. The Hoosiers are honoring Lee Corso tonight but that won't do the trick.
I have been thinking about Oregon lately. New coach Willie Taggart is a so called tough guy and has thrown players of value off the team. He reminds me of what Randy Edsall did when he arrived at Maryland. He stormed in and threw 9 players off the team. We found out he acted like General Patton but was only Sgt. Bilko.
The ducks did make a great hire in defensive coordinator Jim Leavitt the former head coach at South Florida who got screwed and was fired. He has been at Kansas St with Bruce Snyder and I was told he was the head coach in waiting by a very reliable source. Now Snyer has health issues but seems to be the Eveready bunny and just keeps on going and going. I hope Leavitt didn't leave too soon and Snyder retires after this season.
More thoughts this weekend. Might even have an NFL play later

August 26-27 Weekend Update

The SHARP PLAYERS were 3-1 in college football -

& a quick salute to CHAMPAGNE as he posts a nice 2-0 record Monday,

then onto Dime Man, whose wagers always end with K (of course he kicked my ass as my chunky MARLINS underdog got slaughtered by MR DIMES and his NATIONALS).

Even though Sunday was a shitty day,

all the KILLER SOURCES had a winning week, led by

CHAMPAGNE (10-6) and  DIME MAN (5-3).

AUGIE J here on a gorgeous Sunday morning in NYC. The SHARP PLAYS led by BLADE and ZEUS of course, put together a 6-4 day. That's winning where I come from. To those who jumped in we welcome you and are pleased we could provide you with a winning SATURDAY. There are a couple of exhibition football games so please look for any SHARP PLAY tidbits to complete your weekend. Its FREE people what the hell.

I cashed my SCARY PLAY yesterday on the CUBS to bring the SCARY PLAYS to 5-1 on the week but split my on all my plays yesterday as SOUTH FLORIDA showed up in the second quarter. They spotted SAN JOSE ST 16 points then just dominated but came up a little short as I was laying 21and they won by 20 oh well. Still I carry 6-3 record on all selections going into today. Its nice to be in the driver's seat going to SUNDAY'S action.  Gonna reach right into the SCARY PLAY BAG people and out I pull the LA DODGERS - 1.5 (+110) as of this writing. That will be my only play today people as I am gonna secure the winning week regardless of today's results. I'm here to make us money over the long term so no thoughts of going for the kill or any of that nonsense. One play and call it a day, good luck everyone enjoy the beautiful day and GOD BLESS

Look for Blade and his deadly Daggers

Dominick, and his big money 60k plays

 Elite Steam Rollers, Zeus, and Shark

Along with our daily Killer Source team + more!

From the mind of Champagne Charlie.....

On the eve of College Football here is my personal top 25 mainly based on my power ratings. Note some surprises.
1. Clemson
2. Alabama
3. Washington
4. Southern Cal
5. Penn St
6. Oklahoma
7. LSU
8. Miami-Fla
9. Oklahoma St
10. Florida St
11. Wisconsin
12. Auburn
13. NC St
14. Kansas State
15. Western Kentucky
16. Ohio St
17. Virginia Tech
18. Northwestern
19. Stanford
20. South Florida
21. Michigan
22. Notre Dame
23. Florida
24. Tulsa
25. Louisville
First 2 out: Washington St; San Diego St
Some thoughts:
I may have overrated Penn St & LSU but based on talent and my ratings I will just be cautious with them. 
Auburn could be much better with Stidham.
I think that Northwestern has a chance to be much better and they draw Penn St at home!
Western Kentucky and South Florida will surprise. 
Tulsa gets the good rating because of it's explosive offense.
Two that are just out of my top 30 are Mississippi and Missouri. Ole Miss will score a lot of points but I question their Defense. Missouri will be sneaky good with some very good Jucos and a new Defensive Coordinator.
When looking at totals this year, Mississippi, Tulsa and Syracuse will be over plays. Florida will be UNDER plays.
Almost kickoff!!!