Mon Feb 17

Get well soon NJ spleef, aka Weed Man, aka NJ Herb Man!

Sun Feb 16

Nice 10-1 Saturday from our own Killer Source guy Champagne Charlie- great job!

The Club was right behind him until we lost the final 4 games of the evening. The capper and I are discussing it right now- I wanted to quit while we were something like 8-3, but there is no way to know.

Thurs Feb 6

Nice shooting PG!

Tues Feb 4

Another awesome night for Club Members- anyone looking to jump on board will receive the super secret 

"Thru Madness" special. Join for 1 month of service and get 1 month for free.

OK, I guess it's not that much of a secret now.

I've got a bunch of guys due for renewal and this special goes thru Feb 7th, so call me ASAP.

Mon Feb 3

Awesome Super Bowl for Club members winning everything* with the exception of 1 long shot prop that Williams would be the 1st TD.... and I still think he had it- talk about a game of inches!

Champagne Charlie won the side and both of his hoops

Philly Guy had the Chiefs.

* I wrote the props on the consensus page because I got my tally from Brian's private NFL capper. He gets his #s from Curacao which may be different from other books, so you can tally them yourselves. I would not know where to look for #s on props, nor know WTF they mean, let alone figure out the tally. I just know we did good. Also, I don't know the player's names so please excuse my spelling.


Today is the 1st universal palindrome day since 11.11.1111 (but no one was using those numbers back then)

It is universal because most everyone outside of the US writes their date Day/Month/Year, and we write it

Month/Day/Year. It is unusual to see when I get letters from my relatives in Italy and the Nederlands

Thurs Jan 30

Congrats to Champagne Charlie's 5-0, Joey Dimes 6-2 & Philly Guy's 2-1. Awesome hump day!

Tues Jan 28

Not sure if Philly Guy has a play on Oklahoma today. His email was:

Villanova, Florida St, Rutgers, Ok firm tits

Did he mean "OK, firm tits" or Ok, (as in affirmative) firm tits.....

I am currently waiting to hear back from him for clarification. It could go either way.

UPDATE- I do not see Oklahoma on the schedule, so I believe my latter thought is correct.

Mon Jan 27

Augie J here Monday afternoon. I know i gets repetitive at times, For example in yesterday's write up. I must have wrote it 100X, love the ones you love tomorrow is not promised to any of us. RIP KOBE AND COMPANY. Good luck tonight fellow gamblers and GOD BLESS.

Tomorrow is promised to no one. I just found out my friend's 19 yo son died

Sun Jan 26

Augie J here Sunday morning. I shall be short and sweet today- Champagne Charlie and Joey Dimes were the winners yesterday, while Philly Guy and Club Members had a small losing day. Today is family day people love the one's you love. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Good luck and GOD BLESS.

Sat Jan 25

Augie J bright and early Saturday morning despite a long night of handicapping and many J's. For the most part and quiet Fri night hoops wise but not so much today. A full Saturday slate of college baskets. The office shall be open shall anybody need information. Miss TATA or AKA TLM will be at your service. Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS

Fri Jan 24

The J Man here Friday afternoon. Last night we saw CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE stretch his unbeaten streak to 5 as he cashed his 2 plays. May I also add that neither game was not even close. Well done young fella. Today's card features a little college hoops as we suck down some Friday night cocktails. For those who volunteered to do the TLM breast reduction surgery be patient while she heals from her present ailments. Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS.

The Tatas will remain the same- stop scaring Philly Guy LOLOL

Thurs Jan 23

Augie J here Thursday. To the TLM NATION my apologies for my low profile. I have been recruited by a  NYC syndicate and as part of my deal at least for college hoops I can no longer post my plays. That said- very NICE job by CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE last nigh and his 3-0 evening. The DIME MAN was 1-0 with a PUSH on PROVIDENCE and SENOR PHILLY split his games. TLM his having a little surgery, something with her nose. She would be wise to think about breast reduction but one thing at a time. The office will be open when TLM comes out of COMA LOL, as we all know it's a rare day when gamblers take off. Till tomorrow everyone GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS.

Wed Jan 22

Last night was our 1st crappy night in quite a while. We'll get them tonight.

I'm having surgery (removing a small cancerous basal cell bump on my face) tomorrow, plus getting an EEG from my seizure doctor afterwards, so you may not here from me until the weekend; but either Augie or myself will post the Killer Sources consensus.

Sun Jan 19

So far so good- and in the payoffs, our NFL capper gives me a huge play on Chiefs & 9ers...... as a 7 point tease. I know  some club members do not play teasers, so I also gave them both out as side plays.


Sat Jan 18

Quick recap- Decent week for everyone.

Tues Jan 14

Really Clemson? We expected more.....

Mon Jan 13

Great bounce back weekend for club members with play off games, and I watched them all- the only upset was our Over on the Ravens game, but man that was close! We had a huge Open Ender + on 9ers which took the sting out.

Yesterday we had the Over in the 1st game, which we won by half time, and had the Packers last night.

Thurs Jan 9

Our Boy Champagne Charlie is wiping up the floor with his plays just like Joey D did Tues nite!!!

Wed Jan 8

Killer Sources cleaning up the hardwood!

Mon Jan 6

Welcome to the end of the Worst Wildcard Weekend EVER!

I am going thru this website and erasing the bad juju and never looking back!

Thurs Jan 2

Had a passing in my family this morning. Uday- my pseudotropheus socolofi aka cichlid fish died. I rescued him (from a certain toilet flushing) when he was very young 5 years ago, and I loved him very much.

Wed Jan 1

Hello and a big welcome to 2020

And a good bye & good riddance to 2019 after a hideous bowl day. I should have known when the 1st thing I read was Rainman HATED the card. After his remark I heard the same thing from many other cappers- and these guys do not talk to each other. BYE-BYE 2019!

Tues Dec 31

Awesome bowl day for Club Members yesterday, and the cherry on top was the late phone call Open Ender on Virginia and regular play on the Over. We played all sides and most totals and the only loss was Miss St.

Mon Dec 30

Decent day in NFL for Club Members yesterday.

Sun Dec 29

We split the bowl games yesterday- I thought we won Ohio State but I fell asleep at the end and we were up by 2.

Sat Dec 28

No- not for giving out USC when I received the late phone call. Not for rating it an OE because our Killer Sources liked the game too. Not for sticking with the private cappers because they had a good day and that is how we win- (BTW there are times when the private cappers are on the other side of our KS plays but we cannot jump around- that is how you lose). I'm f'ing myself (hold your comments PG) because I forgot to give out the over on our NC game. We had a huge play on NC yesterday, but we also had a regular play on the over. My capper gave it to me, I checked. It's in my playbook, I checked. But when I was doing the tally this morning, something didn't add up. So I made a cup of coffee so I could see straight, and staring me right in the face was my fuck up. It never made it to the club members. I took the time to write out "5 North Carolina" but I fucking forgot to add the "3 on the Over".

5 North Carolina; 4 Wash St; 3 Mich St and Over; OK St

I'm so sorry- we'll get it back today. Shit on rye- my breakfast.

Fri Dec 27

Killer Sources hit their book hard yesterday and wow did it pay off! Club Members... our guys had the favorites. The worst thing you can do is jump around- Brian taught me that, so we get the games back today.

Thurs Dec 26

Yesterday was a very nice hoops day for a Christmas present to the Club Members

Wed Dec 25

Well we lost a bowl game last night because the zebras took an obvious touchdown away. Zach Wilson ran for it, the ball crossed the plane before he got endo'ed (one Nadia Comeneci would respect). He stretched his arms way out in front of him and that is when it should have been rules a TD (I have been watching it all morning) but a millisecond later the ball went flying and they ruled it a fumble. Then Oldroyd's over the upright field goal ruled no good, and last interception was all she wrote. Good game but Hawaii outplayed them early so BYU was always on the comeback. 

I just wish they came back.

We have alot of NBA today because I've been watching our NBA guy and he started making really good moves the past few weeks so we have many games to watch while others are opening presents and stuffing their faces, and of course we have college hoops too.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

Mon Dec 23


That's the sound of the Club Members knocking the sh!t out of the book's wallet after slamming both the side and total of today's bowl game!

Sun Dec 22

Club kicking a$$ in the Bowls

Here are some highlights from our Saturday, Dec 21 plays (day 2 of bowl season), from one of our

Club Members in response to my question -

" Did we win ? "

"We didn't just win, we CRUSHED. San Diego St -3.5 wins 48-11 by 35 pts!!! Liberty +5.5, who needs pts we win outright. Fla ATL +7, again we have a dog that doesn't need the points, wins in a big way 52-28. We finish the night off with Wash -3.5 and look at this final- 38-7, 31 pt victory. We didn't sweat in a single game"

Fri Dec 20

And let the Bowls begin! Club members enjoyed an easy Open Ender on Buffalo this afternoon!

Thurs Dec 19

So what is next? A friggin car accident! Sitting in my car in a gas station, some guy finishes gassing up, doesn't look; and just takes off, hitting / scraping my car's passenger front and back door. Tis the season.....

Wed Dec 18

I had something I wanted to write to you guys on Tuesday night, but decided to wait until tonight to share- now I fucking forgot what was ..... maybe I was going to share the raccoon story with my dad? I don't think so- pretty sure it pertained to sports, but now I have to tell you

He has very bad knees and of course the feral cats I neutered are now indoor/ outdoor, so I got him a pet door insert for the sliding glass door. He called me at 6am yesterday because a "new big cat" was in bed with him, but he didn't have his glasses on and couldn't figure out why Puss Puss #2 was running around the room like a banshee. He got up, went down stairs, put his glasses on and opened up the door and called the cats for breakfast outside underneath the awning. There was one extra very large fluffy cat with a ringed tail waiting for his bowl of food. Took him a few moments for it all to come together.

BTW, if a doctor calls you and tells you your biopsy results are positive, it's not a good thing.

I had a George Costanza Seinfeld moment with Augie the other day LOLOL

But it is kind of like an oxymoron

Well..... after all that, I'm sans Bra today so we are going into  "Bounce Back Wednesday" mode!

Tues Dec 17

Man did the KS and Club bone out on MNF with Colts. I had a feeling Drew wanted his accolades in front of the whole football viewing audience.

I'm down to one more doctor's appointment before the holidays, which reminds me...

Shout out to MD John: any opinion on the Keppra side effects thing I got going on? I see my Neuro Jan 2.

Sun Dec 15

Update: In the last seconds of the game, the Skins took our fantastic 1pm plays and fumbled it up our ass to give us a mediocre win. At least our Giants side and total won- which was the game I watched.

Hey guys again sorry for the lack of updates but I'm still feeling shitty- which is a good description of the day we had Saturday.... again depending on the Ol' Dom line, but you're welcome to bounce back with us because I've got the Bowl package posted, and this is our biggest time of the year!

Words of wisdom from Champagne Charlie:

I have been watching the preseason and have come up with 3 rookies that are very underrated to use as fantasy unknowns

1- Tony Pollard. If Elliot continues his holdout, he will be the man

2- Ryan Finley. The NC State product looks better than Dalton

3- Justice Hill. The Ravens may have a gem from Oklahoma St. Speed & Power make him an excellent back up to Ingram.

4- Everybody Knows about Daniel Jones with the Giants. I told all my Giants buddies about this kid last year.

Wed Aug 21

Sorry for my absence..... this is my crazy season so if you don't see me here for a while, you can always call for an update on how the club is doing..... which is great!

I know it's football season, but I have to tell you a quick story about our baseball capper last night.

He went against the world (including the KS) and took the Pirates at a nice dog price of +143. I get a text from him in the top of the 2nd inning- "no sweat, just wait and see" (if you're like me and didn't watch the game, Pirates pitcher got hurt top of 2nd). He does stuff like this every night!

1st off- let me say that many gamblers are turned off from baseball because, and I think it's crazy, that you can have a 2-1 night and still lose money; so I asked him about dogs. He said, and I quote- "you want dogs? I'll give you dogs!" which now means we are now collecting on those 2-1 or 3-2 nights, and we have been all season.

Sun Aug 11

Finally a night with no close line calls!

Sat Aug 10

Once again, depending on your line on the Steelers, it may have been a winning night. BTW- a word from our Club X-NFL Capper- "I have more than 1 book, like everyone should have, and I look for the most favorable lines; which is why I won with the Steelers -1.5 & the Texans +2.5"! There are no excuses here- the odds makers are just that good.

Fri Aug 9

Hopefully Club Members got a favorable number on the Texans, and we won our big play on the Dolphins.