midnight March 25-26

Club wins the past 9 out of 12 games

March 6th 2023

From Mr Green

We went 16-8 for the week, plus 21 Units. We had a good Thursday and Friday and Saturday going 9-2 in that stretch. It was a nice way to close out regular season.


Why you should always wear your glasses......

I"m still feeding my Dad's feral cats at his house. One Grey cat, Puss puss #2, eats in the tool shed outside of his igloo. The other black cat, Blackie, gets fed under a cheap knee high plastic garden table. I couldn't understand why Blackie was letting me feed him & pet him when I put down his food. Finally hope- I really want to adopt my dad's cats, but they'd have to be indoor cats and as of now, after hanging out with them for 2 years, the closest I got to them was like 50 yards. They liked my Dad (Opa), but I neutered them and gave them shots in their ass so they never forgave me.

So as I'm petting Blackie, I see Blackie about 30 feet away looking very pissed that there was another cat eating his food plus getting petted. He started to hiss. I looked under the table and the Blackie I was petting had a white stripe.

My clothes are on the back table, It was snowing balls and freezing yesterday, but at least the blizzard-like conditions hid me in my long johns from the neighbors as I ran to my car in the road.

Luckily it wasn't a direct hit. Spraying the car and bathing in Natures Miracle worked- or people are just being nice to me and my olfactory receptors are in shock.

I now have the old lady thick gold band attached to my driving glasses which I wear around my neck.

Smelly, sexy, and feeding a bunch of wild cats. Just where I figured I'd be at this age in my life.

I gotta get back to the Keys.

Monday Jan 23

Just some insight from someone who knows shit about sports.....

Bills couldn't sell a hot dog at a pot party.... and since we just need points, it's the tits on a bull thing.

Guess what? It fucking snows in Buffalo. All the time.

And- Thanks for the useless points, chiefs DEFENSE. Was it a defense girls party early celebration? Was someone streaming "Clueless" ?

Or did it go the other way and were too enamored with trevor, so they let him save face?


Monday, January 16, 2023

This is how crazy the weekends are for me....

Did the Jersey NY Giants win yesterday?

And what happened Saturday night? I went to bed early knowing we creamed the other team, and I heard a rumor that we lost? WTF did I miss?

January 7, 2023

Tits & Over......

and things are going back to "My" normal, which means I'm being an idiot and everyone is laughing (I always have good intentions).

No, I'm sorry, it isn't a sexual escapade involving others.

I'm leaving my parents house after sheet rocking, spackling and painting.

By myself.

I see a man get out of his car with yellow neon reflectors down the side of his dark pants and it looks to me like he had a defibrillator & EMT bag.

He went running up the neighbors stairs and I said to him "I'm and EMT-A, Do you need any help?"

By this time the neighbor had answered the door, and both of them were looking at me  strange.

The neighbor said "what makes you think he's an EMT''.

I explained the pants, defib and  medic bag...... to which my neighbor and this guy started rolling of the front porch.

I said "did any of your see MNF?.

 They both sobered up and understood my concern, while I'm standing there feeling like the biggest dufus on the planet.

The friggin' Pizza Guy.Probably from Dominos and he was just at 29 minutes and 45 seconds

Actually, things like that don't embarrass me, I had a good laugh too.

Gotta good one with my ex-trish.

We went out Tuesday, I made a scene, Trish is laughing hysterically and when we got up off the floor, the whole store was staring back at us....

Actually, I believe Brian is the one who introduced me to Trish, but that's one for another time.........

Wrap up on the other handicappers and services coming soon!

I promise-  it may be a little later in the year, but not to worry, I take excellent notes. Keeping up with Brian's rants taught me to write quickly.

Now is the time to join guys- I refuse to brag, so just trust me on this.

The best way to contact me is my email thelovelymichele@aol.com

Mon Dec 12

Oct 17th Mom died in her sleep. Now Dad died in his sleep? Both at the VA Home in Paramus. Hmmmm......

Both Mom and Dad grew up in the war.  Mom's Father was in the bloodiest battle for the Allies, and Mom came back to the States and lived with her foster family- the Huffmans- My Grandma & Grandpa.

Dad's Parents were living in the Netherlands (Holland). Oma & Opa had enough money which allowed Oma once a week to buy a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread for her 5 kids, while my Father's ravens kept everyone but him out of their garden. They were the fortunate ones.

Then one day they came for Opa. His papers were American, so he ended up in a concentration camp.

After they left with Opa, they had my Dad pose with them, the German soldiers; for propaganda-photos.

I still have the picture that was in their newspaper.

Mon Nov 21

Nice win with the 49ers tonight, perfect end to a near perfect week. I have some great deals going so send me an email or call 201-818-3028

Sun Oct 30

Had a tough loss with my mom dying in her sleep- but isn't it how we all wish to go.... if it has to happen?

Craziness abounds and taking all the handicappers with it- except ours LOL.

WOW- NorthCoast with their 0-9 Saturday. Knew something was up last week when they had their BIG game lose, then everyone out there followed. I understand why we post the consensus, but don't be swayed- our club members know to stick to the unit plan. It's the only way to keep your pants on --no comment from the peanut gallery which of course is Our own Philly Guy, who has had a very strong season so far (& may be the guy in the pic below).

Happy Halloween

Sat Oct 15

WTF LOLOL OMG I'm so sorry to our Club Friend

This "New" phone I got? Well when I bought it I gave 'the guy' my old phone and he said he'd transfer everything over and come back in an hour.

Of course he couldn't do everything and I haven't had time to do anything so I stupidly thought that everyone in my list (don't worry- no names & no info stored) would be a generic ring or text......

So I'm in the 'Batcave' this AM doing our friend a favor, speaking with him on a reg landline and for a reason not needed to explain he accidentally called my cellphone.

And that's when it turned ugly- I laughed so hard I think I peed a little cuz my "new" phone had his ringtone that sounded like a Muzak version of  Wham. I'll let you in on which song - maybe.....

He's flipping out and I had to hold my shit together and get the plays out and do the million things that get done on Sat morning.

I've been posting consensus since Brian started it, and we do it as a favor for our club members, and to get exposure for cappers who are on the merry-go-round, so if the free games are posted late, just buy the guy's play.  We're all in this together.

And wake me up before you go........

Saturday, October 8th

Hey..... long time no speak!

Of course it is the busiest time of the week, so you have to give me a few free moments concerning the "incident" between myself & Phil Lesh in my attic rolling around in blood and insulation that 'accidentally' crept through the floorboards....

more to come soon..... I promise

Ok, so I'm in my parent's attic cleaning it out- 50 years worth of shoving shit in yet never taking anything out. WOW, I swear I don't remember being with Roger Daltry at Shea Stadium but someone got a picture. Back stage at Kiss? I didn't even like Kiss, so that is as far as we go along the crazy 80s stories, plus it has nothing to do with me and Phil Lesh.

Allegedly, a member of my family travelled with them. Allegedly he had a fake broken leg with a video, a camera and a high tech audio in the armpit of the crutches and got one of the wildest picture of me on the side of the stage with Phil Lesh playing and Jerry in the middle of the stage (and middle of pic, of course)..

I had been in the attic with a one man clean up crew and he just left to take a full 8 ft bed of crap to the recycling yard, and I found the enlarged, framed photograph that once again, I don't remember where and when the heck this picture took place and how this pic happened.

I have a floor in the attic, a little weebly but perfectly sturdy, had I not been wearing flip flops.

So I come across a box of framed pics of the Grateful Dead with us dead heads and come across the one with Phil and I. I grab the pic, quickly turn, and my flip flop goes through the kitchen ceiling while my body gets taken down face-first like a WWE wrestler body slammed me. I wake up (at least I think I woke up) and reach into my pocket to grab my cell phone,  it's not there but I don't know this so I grab my butts, pick out pink insulation from my mouth; and with the other hand light my butt.  For some reason, my neighbor John didn't answer my cigarette phone, my body is having difficulty moving so I look down and see blood everywhere (oh geez, not butterfly stitches again). I very carefully pull my flip flop off, rotate my foot so it's facing the right direction, when I happen to look down and see the framed pic which started this whole ordeal and I freaked out, lost my balance, and now I fall in the other direction (still holding pic) and I try to catch my balance by putting my left hand into a box that was filled with newspaper. It wasn't newspaper but cocktail glasses wrapped up in newspaper. My head is spinning, I'm holding myself upright with the main beam when someone (still have no idea who it was) says "Michele- don't move, stay still and I will get some towels so we don't get blood all over our freshly painted walls...... wait, your feet, are your feet bleeding or is it dripping from your hands onto your feet.

I knew by now nothing was broken except the kitchen ceiling, and I knew I could superglue my left hand together but my right hand needed tinture of benzoin and jerry strips to get the bleeding to stop. Thank you employees for not freaking out when one jerry strip slipped and there may have been a little blood spurt.

I still haven't been back in the attic, for some reason no one will let me go and the way it's set up, you need a helper to get up in there

But these things happen.

Pic will be posted when found- as long as the blood and my hand not letting go didn't krinkle it, cuz I really don't remember any glass or frame. Hmmmmm.

Saturday 9/17/22

Purdue has 65 yards in penalties (or something like that)- 30 yards BEFORE kickoff, and we lost with 7 seconds.
Maybe I will call Verizon after the 1pm games start and give em hell for not fixing my Mac phone for 2 weeks- kinda like yelling at your server before the food comes out- Right Philly Guy?

P.S. Never piss off a guy who can maliciously ruin your phone or loogie in your food.

"Open Enders" was a Brian name.

Maybe I should use the term "Open Zippers"?

Bon Appetit


 If preseason has anything to do with how our handicappers are seeing and picking winners,

Look the Hell out Bookies!

Thursday 8/18

Under Bears won

Friday 8/19

Over Pats lost, Over Ramswon

Saturday 8/20

Lions (won or pushed), Broncos lost, Open Ended Steelers won, Washington lost 

(3-2-1 or 4-2 units) I had lions +1.5


Browns & Over won won, Ravens won, Giants lost


Jets won

Sunday August 14

Thank you Raiders...again

Sat August 13

Cowboys dropped the ball so 4-2 instead of 5-1

Fri August 12

Won HOF on Raiders

Then Eagles lost last night on the last play, and WTF were the Lions doing? Anyone?

August 4, 2022

Welcome back!

well preseason is back with our HOF game going tonight, and our handicappers have been anticipating this for many weeks. Even our baseball guy has football on the brain.

You know, my biggest bitch was that during baseball season, Brian never updated the phones nor the website- and guess what? I've been doing the same thing. I don't know why either. I think the let down from the end of football season after the super bowl is especially hard for me since I do not watch basketball. Still no excuse, but it's the only thing I can think of, other than during football we go so crazy here in the office that the only time to breathe is after madness- baseball season.

Now everyone is effected by covid, whether you had it, got it or avoiding it. I'm sure you guys have noticed some handicappers missing from our web site due to this-

Blade went out to Vegas and he said even with gambling legal now in New Jersey, it still has slowed down to a crawl.

Our private cappers are doing well, and are very anxious to start the season, so if you need help with the games- give us a call!

The phones are on 201-818-3028

April 14 2022

All I can say is TG covid is almost over. Our handicappers and myself were going nuts-

thankfully we had sports to keep our minds busy.

Sun Feb 28

We had a great week. We started the first two nights going 5-0, Wednesday was a winning night to going 2-1, then the only losing day we had was Thursday we went 0-4, but we had a GREAT weekend going 9-2 and picking up 21 Units over the weekend. We won 8 out of the last 12 weeks - don't look now but March Madness is just a few weeks away. We went 16-7 for the week and plus 27 Units. We went 4-0 in the NBA this past week.
Monday 2-0
Tuesday 3-0
Wednesday 2-1
Thursday 0-4
Friday 3-1
Saturday 4-1
Sunday 2-0
We went 16-7 plus 27 Units for the week

Mon Feb 15

Mr Green's update:

The Club Members had another great week. We started the first 3 days going 7-2 plus 15 Units, then we split out on Thursday 2-2, Friday was the only losing day we went 1-2-1, but had a great day on Saturday going 5-1-1 (some went 6-1) picking up another 12 Units for the day, then we split again on Sunday. Basketball has been on fire- we finished the week 17-9-2 plus 24 Units. Don't look now but March Madness will be here before you know it. Just a reminder for everybody playing basketball ALWAYS buy the half a point, never lose by the hook. That actually helped us in a few games this past week. 

Monday 2-1
Tuesday 2-1
Wednesday 3-0
Thursday 2-2
Friday 1-2-1
Saturday 5-1-1
Sunday 2-2
We went 17-9-2 plus 24 Units for the week. 
College we're doing really good 16-6-2

Tues Feb 2

Mr Green here with our weekly wrap up:

We had another winning week & the basketball season is going well. We started the week off slow but we had a great weekend going 14-7-1and plus 23 Units since Friday. We won 5 out of the last 7 weeks, and we should continue to win threw March Madness which will be here before you know it. Just a reminder- when you bet basketball never get beat by the hook, ALWAYS buy the extra half point, which is what Brian preached "you only pay if you lose".

Also when the line is 3 or under, I ALWAYS play the game on the money line.

I might have to pay a higher rig but its worth it- just my 2¢
Monday 2-2
Tuesday 3-0
Wednesday 1-3
Thursday 0-3-1
Friday 4-1
Saturday 6-3
Sunday 4-3
We went 20-15-1 for the week plus 17 Units, we've won 5 out of the last 7 weeks

Mon Jan 25

The weekly wrap up from Mr. Green, and a question answered by me:

We had a good week, it started off really bad going 1-3 last Monday night and we split out on Tuesday night but then we went 21-8-1 the rest of the week. The Basketball plays are doing really well, college basketball went 13-9-1 and the NBA is on fire, we lost 2 games on Monday night but just won 7 in a row going 7-2 on NBA plays for the week, and we also won in football playoffs too going 2-1, and we had one hockey play which also won. We ended the week 23-12-1 and PLUS 32 Units for the week. 
Monday 1-3
Tuesday 1-1
Wednesday 3-0
Thursday 2-1
Friday 5-1
Sunday 4-2
We went 23-12-1, PLUS 32 Units that was a good week. I notice you gave out one hockey play which did win. Hopefully you will start giving more out. Do you have anybody that you follow that plays hockey?

Yes Mr. Green, I am still getting Ice Crusher's plays, but we are only playing his 'Top Plays' so we may have 1 a week or 1-2 a month, depending on him.

Sun Jan 24

Not sure why... buy I woke up thinking about Brian's go to phrase "buy the hook, you only pay if you lose".

Mr Green swears by this.

Sat Jan 23

Playoffs great & Hoops hotter than ever!

Mon Jan 11

Wow- our club handicappers saw Alabama from a mile away- HUGE Open Ender!

A Very Happy New Year from Club Member: Mr. Green....

With another fantastic bowl season under our belt, we started the week off really bad. Monday and Tuesday we were 0-3-1and behind 9 Units, but then we went on a 19-5 plus 37 Unit tear the rest of the week, hitting all 4 OPEN ENDER plays. We didn't have to worry about any of the open ender plays because the games were never close from the start of the game. Oklahoma winning by 35 points, Ball State plus 10 and they won the game outright by 21 points, Ohio State on New Years Day getting 7 points and they won the game by 21 points, the only close game was Texas AM and they won the game by 14 points. I know Brian Mac is looking down on you and he's so proud of the service that you're running, we went 19-8-1 for the week and plus 29 Units. That was a great way to bring in the New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monday 0-1-1
Tuesday 0-2
Wednesday 5-1
Thursday 2-0
Friday 2-1
Saturday 2-2
Sunday 8-1
We went 19-8-1

Thank you Mr Green, I sincerely hope so!


Wed Dec 23

Hmmmm..... why is betting online in NJ giving better odds than the casinos? Casinos +6.5

and online +8.5 Guess you can figure out who we are on??????

Thankfully we had the Under too.

Mon Dec 21

Our weekly wrap up from club member Mr Green:

We had a good week, we started the first 3 days of the week going 6-1-1, that was a great start, we were 8 Units up going into Thursday night. We hit our open ender on Monday night with the Ravens but if you remember the line was 3 I believe and it was going to be a push but on the last play of the game with no time left they kept pitching the ball to other players but the ball started to go backwards, landed in the end zone,  and it was a safety= Ravens + 2 points and we won the Open Ender. People are still talking about that play. That's why its called gambling- we have lost lots of games just like that. That play started us on the right foot for a good week. 
Monday 1-0
Tuesday 2-1
Wednesday 3-0-1
Thursday 0-1
Friday 2-1
Saturday 5-2-1 or 5-3 (Packers)
Sunday 2-4

Sun Dec 20

Our cappers hit every NCAA FB side yesterday and cannot wait for the Bowls...

Here I am Sunday night pondering how we could have won Saturday and had such a sucky Sunday.

Thurs Dec 17

Told ya about our hoop guy.....

Thursday Night Football on tap tonight

Mon Dec 14

Both our private cappers and Blade had the Ravens.

However- the private cappers and Blade played the Ravens at -2.5, I could only find -3 to -3.5 so we kept the Open Ender at a modest 4 Units. I thought we had it in the bag (famous last words) so I jumped in the shower, and by the time I got out, the Browns had scored 22 points. With 1 or 2 seconds left,

I have to sincerely thank the Browns for that safety!

Wed Dec 9

Thank you Blade and our Hoop guy for the perfect Tuesday (and teaching me how to bet)!

Go Ravens.

Tues Dec 8

So one of the old SPers called me (cuz I'm in jersey) and asked me to place a bet because he is indisposed.  After getting reamed by him cuz I don't know how to place a bet after 26 years in the biz, he said "look, you're the only person I can trust with 100k". I had to change my undies.....

Sun Dec 6

Club members- reminder that I differentiate the NCAA FB= 3 and BB=1 to tell them apart.

Sun Nov 15

Fantastic Saturday.... until 2 late phone calls go down in flames. C'mon Sunday

Sat Nov 14

Glad to see our Sharp Players are on the mend

Thurs Nov 12

Nice sweep last night, and Happy Birthday Dad!

Mon Nov 9

Just one of those crazy weekends. Should of stopped after the NFL 1 o'clock Plays.

Shoulda woulda coulda....


Fri Nov 6

Fantastic night again-

Guys, if you received duplicate email notices, I'm terribly sorry. My secretary is horrible and she is about to be fired.

Thurs & Fri Nov 5 & 6

Off another two fantastic nights.....

Nice to see you 2 guys from the 1990's come back and play with us.
Club has been great and I am extending our 50% off sale
*Perfect time to rejoin, come back, or just try us out
This will be our only sale for Turkey 2 Bowls

Prices will remain the same so join now

*some of the club members are due to renew.

Whether you rejoin now, before Thanksgiving, or just for the bowls; the prices will be the same.

Please do not wait until the last minute for me to turn you off. It's the SAME PRICE but with me doing more work

Mon Nov 2

Back of ballot..... vote "yes" to the 1st question if you live in NJ.

Do it for Augie J!

Augie J won his amendment

Oh happy days!

Sun Nov 1

Another fantastic Sunday

Sat Oct 31

Club did fantastic Thursday night, then kissed our sister Friday & Saturday.

Fri Oct 30

Club doing great-

Guys- listen to me. Please wear mask, get hand sanitizer for car, and only go out when necessary.

Mon Oct 26

Another fantastic weekend from our private club handicappers!

I know everyone is hurting from this economy, which is why I am currently running specials which are half price.

Please call 201-818-3028 or email me- thelovelymichele@aol.com

Welcome back Tony... you were due to rejoin in October- of 1996 !

Fri Oct 23

Guys- if you hear me talking funny it's because I had mouth surgery. Sucks.
Don't ask- LOL

Mon Oct 12

Nice way to end the weekend by winning every game from 4 o'clock on! That along with our 2-0 Thursday night NFL plays shows just how hard our cappers are working for our club members. Thank you NFL guys!!!!!

Mon Oct 5

I'm done. From now on-


Sun Oct 4

The club got one of their famous "Late Phone Call" plays last night,

which was also our 1st Open Ender on Virginia.

Sun Sept 27

Club won every early play

then ..... with "0" seconds left .... ???!!! 

ended up 5-4-2 for Sat NCAA FB

Wed Sept 23

Another nice card tonight!

Tues Sept 22

MLB guy LOVES the card today!

Sun Sept 20

Huge apologies

My ncaa guys had way too many noon plays & not enough afternoon and eve plays. I thinned it out (of course with help) and it went the wrong way.

I will NEVER do that again!

I'm so very sorry. I am kicking myself in the ass and I couldn't feel any lower than I do now.

Fuck me.

Good news is that the college football guys are on top of their game.

Fri Sept 18

* OK, time to put on my big boy pants and keep watching the game. When I went to bed, Bengals were sucking, we already won the over and looked like we had the side in the bag. This am I get a call from the capper ranting.

Thurs Sept 17

Just figured out why my website was slow- I still had consensus from January to present posted

Tues Sept 15

Nice 2-0 in the MNF for Philly Guy!


I am the least PC person I know, so I hope I do not offend when I say "Skins"

instead of "Football Team"

Fuck...... do you know how long it took me to get this background?

And speaking of background.... WTF is with the crowd noise- which is only piped in to the TV?