9/28 Mr Green here with a message (it's actually just an email to me) it concerns the clubmembers:

Hello, hope your week is going good. I just went on the computer and went to your sharpplays page and you said you had to ask me about the open enders, Since the NFL season started we're 3-0 on open enders, We're 2-0 in College and 1-0 in the NFL. I know Saturday game was close but we did win it. Your players need to know how to bet games. You always buy the half of point remember Brian always told us never get beat by the hook, If the line is 7 always by a point and make it minus 6, if were getting the points by a point and make it plus 8. The same goes with 10 and 14 and 17 and 21, If we have a favorite and the line is 3 or below always play the game on the money line. You will win more games when you bet smarter.

OK-TLM back- I do remember brian always saying that hook thing, and also saying "it only cost you if we lose"- I guess we don't lose when we play that way.

9/24/23 and the OEs for regular season are 2-0 ? maybe 3-0 ? I have to check with Mr.  Green

If you scroll down, you'll see the OE tally and preseason stats. I suck at updates (just listen to the consensus phone). The only people who are on my mind are the club members and handicappers. I'm too busy getting the plays out, and thinking about what comes next. On the Weekends I post the general consensus, and I post my favorite Philly Guy throughout the week all year round. By the time I get around to the "free consensus on tape" as Brian called it, that was way back when computers weren't a "thing"-  Brian would get his messages and consensus out via the old landline phone.

Remember the club play line and pass codes? You would have to call a landline and enter your passcode to get the plays. Well, technology finally caught us all.

Our handicappers- the club cappers- insisted I get a smart phone. And paypal.

Here is an interesting fact- my relatives in "The Nederlands" (I still call it Holland) do NOT have bank checks anymore.

You literally can not deposit a paper check into your bank account in the Nederlands. That concept blows me away.

OK, well here is the point to all this.... I am giving up on the free consensus phone.

You want free stuff, just come here -my website.

You want to hear my voice? My sexy deep voice?

The Lovely Michele's voice will only be heard if you call me- call the office phone and speak with me personally. 201-818-3028. And to answer your question- no, you cannot call me for the free consensus. Only club members, potential new club members, and the old club members who are still my friends; and of course handicappers can call and speak with me personally.

Anyone and everyone can still send me an email.

9/2/23 zero dark 5.....

And as usual, no matter how many times I beg old club members who just do Foot Ball to PLEASE not wait until the last minute to rejoin. I even run specials beginning in August- join for the month of Sept and start today.

But no one listens. No one's been listening to me for almost 30 years so why I thought this year may be different is my bad. But don't worry, I got you all on and you'll get the plays. In between the games I'll give you my paypal address, which is my email address written all over my website, or send me another email and I'll give you my mailing info. It's easy to go to post office, spend 3 bucks on PO check and 5 - 10 bucks (I think) for 2 day mail with tracking.

The only guys I did not turn on are people I don't know- When I get your paypal or tracking number I will turn you on- baby.

(Only to my regulars: You guys know where to mail your personal checks.)


Preseason hits almost every Open Ender

Club goes 27-17

8/27 our OEon Texans made up for the hideous Navy 4th q

8/26 Our OE depended on Navy getting just 1 touch down, and they couldn't

8/25 OE Titans. Reg- Panthers, Chargers

8/24 Reg- Steelers, Colts

8/21 OE Commanders

8/19 OE Dolphins, Raiders

8/11 OE Dolphins

C'mon guys.... what are you waiting for?

OK- you've been asking so here it is.....

This is part of what I've been teasing you all about- My conversations with many handicappers. The very well known & respected ones I use in my football consensus.

These football handicappers had a lot to say about the change in sports gambling since Covid and Legalized gambling.

I won't get into the minutia, but

"Less is More"

Brian would be mortified. He'd say-

"300  possible plays on Saturday in college football and I'm holding back, keeping it under 20 plays!"

This is part of an actual conversation I had with Brian when a new guy joined and asked why Brian gave out so many games on Saturday. He then told me that if the guy calls to complain again about the amount of plays to tell him that this club is not for him, refund his money, and kick him the fuck out.

"Inside information cannot be depended on like it used to"

There are Millions of reasons why.

To be continued.....