Tues Oct 14

Great week and won the total and side last night on MNF

Thurs Oct 10

Great night, followed by a fish emergency this morning.

Oh yeah.... and to top it off, my arch enemy is playing my team tonight in NFL.

Wed Oct 9- After Midnight

Thank you PJ for your questions- I hope I answered them appropriately.

One of the reasons Brian posted the plays on the Play Line was so that he could speak with all the club members and commiserate - plus he was a blast to listen to when he was POed.

For me, I felt it was more important to get you guys the plays as soon as I got them, to avoid any variation in line movement. When we've had 'close calls', Augie has pointed out that when I mention 'using more than 1 book to get the favorable lines', it is not feasible for some of the club members. Hopefully with gambling being legalized in more states, and the many options of off shore books, this shouldn't be a problem in the near future.

 I know many of you guys hold off on asking me questions because of my wealth of knowledge in sports and gambling, but do not be deterred because I speak with all the handicappers ALL THE TIME. If you have a question that I cannot answer, I can get the answer from the handicappers, or I can have one of them call you back.

This is the difference between our club and 99.9% of the clubs out there whose main focus is getting your money... 

So please, if anyone has any questions, I'm here working my butt off for the club; so call or shoot me an email.

Just do me a favor and not wait until Saturday at 11:45 am to ask me questions about the club

unless you're a club member!

And please, do not be offended - Club Members ALWAYS come 1st.

Sat Oct 5

Nothing better than a bounce back which included 2 Open Ended winners with Tulane and Florida!

Friday October 4th

Happy Birthday Brother Joseph !!!!

OK- The club, other than baseball, has been struggling in football the past week. This is the time to sit tight, take a deep breath and don't stray, and wait for things to turn around; because they always do. This is what makes the difference between the real gamblers and the fly by night guys who want to jump all over the place. Our handiappers win year after year, so stick it out with them- the reward is right around the corner. We just have to be patient and wait for it, because it always comes.

On another note- my life is so fucked up & strange thing happen to me, like the mouse incident and my money being stolen from my bank.

Today came the latest oddity: My cat was sitting outdoors right next to the sliding glass door. A huge Red Tailed Hawk with a 3+ foot wing span must have thought he was a rabbit and swooped in to catch him. The hawk must have realized his mistake, as Puss Puss #2 weighs 20 lbs & let him go, then banged into the window; while puss puss #2 ran under the tool shed. Stunned, the Red Tailed hawk took around 30 seconds to get his wits about him, shook himself off and flew away; so now I have my father, who just got out of the hospital, crawling on the ground around the tool shed trying to coax #2 out so I can see if he is injured. None of the cats come to me because I'm the one who removed their 'nuggies' and brings them to the vet, so it's Dad to the rescue (which is where I got my love of animals).

Sun Sept 29

Augie J here on Family Sunday. I'm gonna use yesterday as a an example of why money management is so important. All week I did not lose a game. Yesterday I went 0-3. Most people would think their hot and can't lose. Not so fast. Having wagered equal amounts it still puts me in a position to have a week. That said enjoy all that's precious to you today and enjoy games. Good luck and GOD BLESS.

Sat Sept 28

Augie J here Saturday morning. There's plenty of Duke in the air. The Blue Devils made me look like a genius and Sunday former Duke QB is leading my beloved NY GIANTS after a spectacular debut last week. Enough about yesterday and tommorow as college rules the day. The office will be open if anyone is looking to jump on board. Let's keep the train rolling today, good luck and GOD BLESS

Fri Sept 27

Augie J here Friday afternoon. Looking quickly over last nights results. Our man from PHILLY and myself cashed our EAGLES play, he put the cherry top as well with his OVER EAGLES, which is what the club had too. JOEY DIMES hits on MEMPHIS and CLUB MEMBERS had a 2-1 evening. Champagne Charlie who has been on a nice run overall came up a little short. That said he Is as good as anybody in the handicapping field as we have seen time and time again. On to Friday and small slate of college football but a very competitive one. Let's keep rolling good luck everyone and GOD BLESS 

Thurs Sept 26

My crazy life is your bonus- free KS consensus.

Augie J here Thursday afternoon after quite the long literary absence. THELOVELYMICHELE is tending to her elderly father and as the gambling dynamic duo, I am more than happy to pick up the slack. I lost both of my parents before the age of 50 so I'm very empathetic to her situation. Quickly recapping last weekend and it was a strange one. Friday night I was against the world with my USC pick and was on the money with my selection. Saturday I somehow managed to go 0-4. Sunday I fared a little better going 2-1 which brought us to Monday night. Again it was the J MAN against the world as I correctly selected DA BEARS. Anyway as always TLM and I put it in print. From Fri thru Monday the J MAN was 4-5. That brings us to Thursday nights action which features 1 NFL and 1 NCAA game. More than enough for us gamblers as we approach the weekend. I can tell you in advance my selection is the NFL tonight. If your interested in jumping on board you know the drill. Before I finish up here just a reminder that TLM is more a family than a sports service and I would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support. Our CLUB MEMBERS never cease to amaze. Enjoy the games tonight, good luck and GOD BLESS 

Wed Sept 25

Thank you everyone for the well wishes, my dad should be discharged tomorrow and consensus will be back to normal. He has heart failure, kidney failure and his lungs were filled with liquid so they have been doing dialysis every day to dry him out. Other than that, he's perfectly fine and wants desperately to come home.

Tues Sept 24

sorry for my absence- we had crummy Sat, good Sun, and I've been in hospital with my Dad- heart failure. Hopefully he's coming home tomorrow and I can get back to some normalcy.

Fri Sept 20

Hideous... the end.

BTW- a quick shout out to Mr. John D.....

I was going thru a box of Brian's paperwork (that I have avoided since he passed) and I found the 2010 Christmas Card you sent to me - unopened. That was a beautiful card and a very generous gift. I apologize for not sending you a thank you card, but I just opened it so it's kind of like the box of Wisconsin cheese my buddy (and Club Member) sent to me back in 2005 for Christmas- the one he said he never got, then served it at his own Christmas party. I also found an anti-fan mail letter. It's hysterical- which is why he must have kept it- and as soon as I figure out how to scan with my new cannon, I will post it so everyone can enjoy!

Tues Sept 17

OK, who is messing with our QBs? Sunday it was Drew Brees and Ben Rothlisberger, then last night our handicapper called me during the game.........  he only calls me when something is wrong; he told me "DO NOT FLIP THE CHANNEL TO ESPN, and do not google Jets QB Trevor Siemian injury. Keep watching your f#$%ing Brady Bunch show".

Now I'm in the medical field, and I've seen some really gross stuff, but it's different when you pull up in an ambulance. You're in your help zone. You don't think, you just jump in, and the damage has already been done. But watching a bone snap during a football game makes me cringe and taste bile in the back of my throat..... yet trying to stop me googling the incident is like asking Stimpy to not press the red button - did I just give my age away?

OK... I'm back, after pushing the red button. Not as "gruesome" as I thought, but I personally know ankle injuries and unfortunately I do not see Trevor coming back. My heart goes out to him.

Mon Sept 16

and...... I went to bed last night thinking the club lost every game and ate up our Saturday profits, which is why I really shouldn't count my chickens before they hatch. Turns out the Colts, Lions and Falcons won! But you guys know this already. I'll never forget the time Brian went on a Monday night rampage, leaving a 5 minute message about how badly the play lost, until I answered the club line Tuesday morning and found out from a club member about the "20 second comeback of the year". When I called Brian to tell him we won the MNF game, he said "that never happens in our favor". Well, never say never, and wait until the fat lady sings.

Turns out the KS guys did the same as the club cappers again, and Champagne continues his run (8-1) Wow!

Sun Sept 15

And yesterday is why we've been so successful for over 25 years... Both the Club and the Killer Sources had a fantastic Saturday. You keep your head above water breaking even or showing a small or decent profit for the week, then every few weeks the stars (and handicappers) line up and we win almost everything. The Club broke the noon game curse, in fact we only lost 1 early game, and 2 afternoon games- everything else we won.

To the guys that called between 11am and Noon yesterday- I sincerely apologize for not giving you the time you deserved. You called looking for information on the club and I truly did not have time to fully answer your questions. Please just remember this- Club Members come 1st. Saturday mornings are the busiest time of the week and I have to dedicate 100% of my brain function to the them. When you join the club, you will appreciate the amount of time I work on your behalf. Club Members are my priority, and on a Saturday morning, potential Club Members come second..... Again, I am sorry, and if you had called me ANY time other than crunch time I maybe could have helped.

So- here are my prices- No more daily or weekend  sales, which is what I recall a couple of you were looking to get.

1 month special for September is $295

Through Super Bowl $1,295

Through March Madness $1,595

These prices include the club plays and bonus Killer Sources plays

Call me for yearly rates and to see what specials I am running- 201-818-3028

Sat Sept 14

quick update as my internet has been sketchy all week.... I actually think it's my PC so I'll be hunting for a new one next week. Club has been winning and up $$$ going into the weekend, went 3-1 Friday Night NCAA and also won our Open Ender on Houston, Thurs 4-0 bases and won the under in NFL.

Tues Sept 10

So, I made the correct choice by watching "A Very Brady Renovation"... WTF happened with the Saints & Under Play that the Club had? Every commercial break I'd flip back to it and I thought we had it in the bag! Then, BOTH cappers had HUGE plays teasing Saints & Raiders. That has never happened, in fact I've never know them both to have a teaser on the same night with the same plays! Once, maybe twice a year each will give me a tease, but never like this.

Anywho..... so the free KS and no Consensus this weekend:

So after the mouse incident Friday afternoon, I heard my smartphone make a weird noise at 2 in the morning (I've had this smartphone 18 months and I still don't know how to use it or what all the different sounds mean), so I get up to look cuz nothing good can come at that hour in the morning.

Well, I was right.

I think the whole mouse incident was a ruse for someone to steal the #s off my debit card, then at 12:30am Sat morning, 5 people using "Cash App" wiped out my entire bank account.

I was up all night screaming at everyone..... including Google Play (or something like that where u go to get Apps- whatever the fuck an app is). How can a company like 'Cash App" exist that has no way to communicate with their customers? No phone number, no email, no nothing! So some poor kid on the other side of the world took the brunt of my frustrations, talked me down off the ledge, and said that he would personally contact the people at Google Play who are responsible for allowing bogus apps and file a formal complaint about this cash app. Whether he did or not I'm not sure, but I found someone at 4am that works for Google Play, lives in this country; and started the whole scream-fest all over again. They found a number that they had for cash app and.........

Does it really matter? I'll get my money back eventually, and my bank said they have their fraud department working on it, but that doesn't give me back my money immediately, nor the bottle of klonopin which I ate the whole weekend so I wouldn't blow a gasket.

I told the story to my Dad, and he said it's the illegal aliens (or immigrants- not sure which word he used because my brain was not believing what my ears were hearing) in this country that do this sort of thing- it's their sole purpose for entering this country (BTW he was born in Amsterdam). At least I got a good laugh out of his explanation.

At 85 years old, my dad has turned into Archie Bunker (with a Dutch accent).

Oh yeah- the Club also had a side play on the Raiders, so we won that too.

Did you know that you cannot dispute a charge that is "pending"? I had to wait until today to clear everything up at the bank and get a new debit card.

Sun Sept 8

and it all comes down to the lines once again.... Club members either kissed their sister or won depending on Fresno. If you got 3.5 on Fresno State, and they were out there, you had a nice winning day despite yet ANOTHER lousy start. It's deja vu of last year. We'd either do great in the morning, then suck at night, or vice versa.

Last week we won every evening game. This Saturday late night we had California, Fresno & Oregon State

Sat Sept 7

Well, let my rodent attack be your advantage-  Free NCAA from the KS!

The Club finally lost a game on Boise, but we're only down 1 unit with the help from baseball.

Enjoy the freebees and the day. I will be back later!

Fri Sept 6

Last night Club Members hit #10 in a row!

Now on to the fun news.....

I go to the eye doc, he puts in eye drops, THEN says "you do have someone to drive you home because you can't drive with your pupils dilated."

The answer was no, I had to drive home myself, and the world was a little fuzzy- but no more than usual.

So I pass a farm stand on the side of the road, got some Jersey corn and tomatoes, and rescued an adorable mouse that was hiding in the corn husks. One of the workers saw me struggling &  got me a cardboard box for the little cutie pie, who then proceeded to chomp into my finger and wouldn't let go. So now there is blood flying all over me, the mouse, the box; my shirt, the veggies and the 1 piece of paper towel they gave me to stem the bleeding.

I bring the mouse, who is now on par with the rabbit from Monty Python's Holy Grail to a green acres park to release him, but I didn't think it's a good idea to pick him up again so I left the box. I  then ran home to drop off groceries, wash the wound & run back to retrieve the box, but then I looked in the mirror. To my horror, my eyeballs were pitch black, so either people thought I was possessed by the devil, was smoking crack or was a meth head (I thought they were looking at me funny cuz of the mouse). Needless to say, now I have to wake up early to get the f^c#ing box.

Thurs Sept 5

NFL- The Club in going for 10 in a row tonight!

*Regular Season Football
All the KS cappers sent me their football tallies- see below.....
Add to that another 2% to 5% when you join the club, which includes our Private Club Handicappers plays
This is what I have right now in front of me for '18-'19 FB season-
Champagne 57%
Dime Man 59%
Philly Guy 59.8%
 Augie J collected huge every week for September & October 2018 (his official tally sheet may or may not have been used in desperate times of low TP).
This is what we gave out for free!!!!
BTW- if anyone tells you they are hitting above 70%, THEY ARE LYING TO YOU- Just last Sunday the Club hit 100%...
Sounds too good to be true? It usually is. Find out what happened in the long run.
When you are done picking up the pieces of your life because you believed these scam artists, call me.
I have had the same customers since the 1990s.
Please go to the "New Guys" page to find out what I'm doing here....

Tues Sept 3

2 easy wins last night with Louisville and the Under

Mon Sept 2

last night was a winner or push (or maybe even a loss) because we had a big play on the Under. I just wrote about this situation on the 'new guys' page. I saw 80s and 80.5s all over, and S&O had it at 80.5 when I gave it out.  Either way, with 2 minutes left and the number laying at 66...... we were on the right side of that game.

ie. It is 5:30pm and according to the books, you can find Notre Dame -19.5, all the way through Louisville at +20.5

and totals between 54.5 to 55.5

Sun Sept 1

I've been debating on what to say in this write up. Our 1st Saturday in college football was a winner, and for a short time I considered dating a raccoon.

Words of wisdom from Champagne Charlie:

I have been watching the preseason and have come up with 3 rookies that are very underrated to use as fantasy unknowns

1- Tony Pollard. If Elliot continues his holdout, he will be the man

2- Ryan Finley. The NC State product looks better than Dalton

3- Justice Hill. The Ravens may have a gem from Oklahoma St. Speed & Power make him an excellent back up to Ingram.

4- Everybody Knows about Daniel Jones with the Giants. I told all my Giants buddies about this kid last year.

Wed Aug 21

Sorry for my absence..... this is my crazy season so if you don't see me here for a while, you can always call for an update on how the club is doing..... which is great!

I know it's football season, but I have to tell you a quick story about our baseball capper last night.

He went against the world (including the KS) and took the Pirates at a nice dog price of +143. I get a text from him in the top of the 2nd inning- "no sweat, just wait and see" (if you're like me and didn't watch the game, Pirates pitcher got hurt top of 2nd). He does stuff like this every night!

1st off- let me say that many gamblers are turned off from baseball because, and I think it's crazy, that you can have a 2-1 night and still lose money; so I asked him about dogs. He said, and I quote- "you want dogs? I'll give you dogs!" which now means we are now collecting on those 2-1 or 3-2 nights, and we have been all season.

Sun Aug 11

Finally a night with no close line calls!

Sat Aug 10

Once again, depending on your line on the Steelers, it may have been a winning night. BTW- a word from our Club X-NFL Capper- "I have more than 1 book, like everyone should have, and I look for the most favorable lines; which is why I won with the Steelers -1.5 & the Texans +2.5"! There are no excuses here- the odds makers are just that good.

Fri Aug 9

Hopefully Club Members got a favorable number on the Texans, and we won our big play on the Dolphins.