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Daily Updates during football season

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 Killer Sources

Wed June 26

Augie J: Reds

Philly Guy: Phillies; Rockies; Nationals; Dodgers

Tues June 25

Augie J: Reds

Champagne: Brewers; Diamondbacks

Philly Guy: Phillies; Cubs; Brewers; Dodgers

Mon June 24

Champagne: Under Royals

Philly Guy: Cubs; Phillies; Red Sox

Sun June 23

Augie J: Cubs

Champagne: Braves; Twins

Sat June 22

Augie J: Cubs; Twins

Philly Guy: Phillies; Mariners; Red Sox; Indians; Pirates

Fri June 21

Augie J: Over White Sox; Over Pirates

Philly Guy: Cubs; Phillies; Nationals; Pirates

Thurs June 20

Augie J: Cubs; Giants

Philly Guy: Phillies; Cubs; Cardinals

Wed June 19

Philly Guy: Cubs; Rockies; Red Sox

Augie & Champagne pass

Tues June 18

Augie J: Rockies; Marlins

Philly Guy: Braves; Rockies; Pirates

Champagne: Top Play- Cubs. Regular Plays- DBacks; Under Braves

Mon June 17

Champagne passing

Philly Guy: Braves; Yankees

 Augie J: Phillies; Over Marlins

Sun June 16

Augie J:  Red Sox; Pirates

Philly Guy: Rockies; Nationals; Red Sox

Champagne: Top play Dodgers. Regular Plays- Marlins; Nationals; Over Twins

Sat June 15

Augie J: Rangers; Phillies

Champagne: Rangers; Under Rockies

Philly Guy: Rockies; Phillies; Rangers

Fri June 14

Augie J: Over Reds

Champagne: Brewers; Under Dodgers

Philly Guy: Rockies; Brewers; Reds; Red Sox; Astros

Thurs June 13

Champagne: Top Play Braves

Philly Guy: Rockies

Augie J: DBacks

Wed June 12

Augie J: Over Orioles

Tues June 11

Augie J: Cardinals; Braves

Champagne: Over Twins

Philly Guy: Reds; Dodgers; Cardinals; Phillies; Red Sox

Mon June 10

Augie J: Cubs

Champagne: Rays; Dodgers; Under Red Sox

Philly Guy: Phillies; Dodgers; Cardinals; Braves

Sun June 9

Augie J: Blues

Champagne: Dodgers; Cubs

Philly Guy: Phillies; Mets; Astros; Brewers

Sat June 8

Augie J: Cubs

Philly Guy: Phillies; Astros; White Sox; Red Sox; Yankees

Champagne: Top play- Yankees. Regular plays Under Cubs; Under Padres

Fri June 7

Augie J: Reds; Dodgers

Philly Guy: Phillies; Red Sox; Yankees; Astros

Thurs June 6

75th Anniversary of D-Day- Always Remember

Augie J: Twins; Over Blues

Champagne: Cardinals; Over Yankees

Philly Guy: Red Sox; Cubs; Yankees; Astros

Wed June 5

Augie J: Twins

Philly Guy: Phillies; Nationals; Dodgers; Yankees

Tues June 4

Phillies; Red Sox; Nationals

Mon June 3

Augie J: Phillies

Champagne: Under Padres; Over Mariners

Sun June 2

Augie J: Reds

Philly Guy: Padres; Dodgers; Braves; Giants

Sat  June 1

Augie J: Twins

Champagne: D-Backs; Rangers; Over Indians

Philly Guy: Padres; Braves; Rockies; Rangers; Dodgers

Fri May 31

Augie J: Red Sox

Philly Guy: Cubs; Rockies; Nationals; Braves

Thurs May 30

Augie J: Red Sox

Philly Guy: Rockies; Rangers; Phillies

Wed May 29

Augie J: Cubs

Champagne: Over Reds; Orioles

Tues May 28

Philly Guy: White Sox; Yankees; Giants; Red Sox

Mon May 27

Augie J: Over White Sox

Champagne: Reds; A's; Over White Sox

Sun May 26

Augie J: Over Dodgers

Champagne: Dodgers; Under Phillies

Philly Guy: Mets; Yankees; Cubs; Rockies

Sat May 25

Augie J: Over Blue Jays

Champagne: Braves; Under Astros

Philly Guy: Rockies; Mets; Yanks; Nats; Brewers

Fri May 24

Champagne: Brewers; Over Cardinals

Philly Guy: Yankees; Cardinals; Brewers

Thurs May 23

Philly Guy: Cubs; Indians; Padres

Wed May 22

Philly Guy: Braves; Red Sox; Indians

Champagne: Under Brewers; Over Cardinals (1st game)

Tues May 21

Philly Guy: Cardinals; Marlins; Rockies

Champagne: Top Play- Over Pirates. Regular- Braves; Over Angels

Augie J: Stars???

Mon May 20

Champagne: Braves; Under Angels

Philly Guy: Indians; Padres; Yankees

Augie J: Passing

Sun May 19

Philly Guy: Indians; Mets; Phillies; Cubs

Augie J: Sharks

Sat May 18

Philly Guy: Phillies; Padres; Indians

Augie J: Pass

Fri May 17

Club Members: Phillies; Yanks; Reds; Orioles; Cubs; A's*

Philly Guy: Padres; Indians; Brewers

Champagne: Phillies; Under Nationals

Augie J: Over Sharks

*read SP page

Thurs May 16

Philly Guy: Cubs; Padres

Champagne: OVER Padres; OVER White Sox; OVER Mariners

Augie J: Over Hurricanes

Wed May 15

Philly Guy: Cubs; Rockies; Dodgers

Augie J: Sharks

Tues May 14

Philly Guy: Phillies; Cubs

Augie J: Hurricanes

Mon May 13

Champagne Regular Plays: Twins ; Diamondbacks

Philly Guy: Phillies

Augie J: Over Sharks

Sun May 12

Champagne Top Play: Cubs. Regular Play: UNDER Dodgers

Philly Guy: Phillies; Astros; Rockies; Cards; Red Sox

Augie J: Over Hurricanes

Sat May 11

Philly Guy: Phillies; Red Sox; Rockies; Astros

Champagne; OVER Orioles; UNDER Dodgers

Augie J: Sharks

Fri May 10

Philly Guy: Red Sox; Astros; Reds; Phillies

Augie J & Champagne both passed

Thurs May 9

Philly Guy: Cubs; Astros; Rockies

Augie J: Over Bruins

Wed May 8

Philly Guy: Phillies; Cubs; Yankees; Astros

Augie J: Sharks

Tues May 7

Champagne: Indians; UNDER Angels

Philly Guy: Phillies; Cubs; Red Sox; Yankees

Augie J: Stars

Mon May 6

Champagne: Dodgers; UNDER Blue Jays

Philly Guy: Mets; Astros; Cubs

Augie J: Blue Jackets; Avalanche

90% of all email down in the northeast.

Sun May 5

Champagne: Brewers; Yankees; OVER Cubs

Philly Guy: Dodgers; Phillies; Astros; Red Sox

Augie J: Stars

Sat May 4

Philly Guy: Rockies; Dodgers; Phillies; Cubs

Champagne Top Play: Dodgers. Regular Plays: OVER Cubs; OVER Indians 

Augie J: Blue Jackets; Avalanche

Kentucky Derby- With Joey still out and about I got Philly Guy's Horses.

He likes the 17 with the 14 and 7

Our Baseball Guy has the 5 & 8

Fri May 3

Philly Guy: Red Sox; Reds; Rockies

Champagne: Yankees; Indians; Opinion Celtics

Augie J: Hurricanes; Stars

Thurs May 2

Augie J: Over Jackets; Over Avalanche

Wed May 1

Philly Guy: Astros; Dodgers; Phillies

Augie J: Islanders; Stars

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