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 Killer Sources

Sat Oct 19

Dime Man: UAB

Champagne : Louisiana Tech

Augie J: Florida St


Northcoast- 4 C.Mich; Temple; Boise St; OV Clem. 3 Mich; ORE; LSU; TCU; UND FLA; UND Utah; UND Army
No Fucking Around Crew: Wash; Duke: KA; VA Tech; Utah; Tulane; TCU; GA Tech

Wayne Root- Pinn San Jose St; IC Utah; PP BYU; NL Wash; Mil Miss St

Rainman: 10* OK St; 5* Cincy; AZ St; 3- Army. Reg- C.Mich; Penn St

Dave Cokin: Coast Carolina; VA Tech; Army

Marc Lawrenc Baylor; FLA St; Mich

King Creole GOY Over Duke

Dave Essler GOY OK St

Ben Burns GOY Utah

Big Al Navy

Kelso 200 Blow it Out your ass Appalachian St

Fri Oct 18

Augie J: Syracuse

Dime Man: Syracuse; Northwestern

Champagne: Florida Atlantic

Thurs Oct 17

Philly Guy: Chiefs

Augie J: Chiefs; Over Stanford

Wed Oct 16

Philly Guy- Over Troy

Dime Man opinion-  So. Alabama

Mon Oct 14

Club had Lions & Under and I'm still chugging pepto.

Sun Oct 13

Dime Man: Top- Panthers

Champagne: Reg- Under Astros

KS NFL posted on Consensus line 972-460-4000


Fezzik Rams
Steve Budin Vikings
Ben Burns TOY Under Saints
Paul Leiner 3000* Over Vikings

Rainman Reg- 49ers; Jaguars; Titans; Steelers

Wayne Root Mill- Chiefs; No limit- Rams; Perfect play- Vikings; Inner circle- Jags; Pinnacle- Browns

Sat Oct 12

Augie J: Iowa; Wash St; LSU; USC

Philly Guy: Mich St; Iowa; Tenn; Texas

Dime Man TP- Minnesota + UND; FLA; Army. Reg- Lou Tech; Toledo; Kent; Houston; Tulane

Champagne TP- Temple; Tex; FIU. Reg- Duke; Wash St; AZ; N.ILL; Mich St; Mid TN; NTex; Fres; Iowa


Fri Oct 11

Augie J: Miami Fla

Dime Man: TP- Oregon

Champagne: Reg- Colo St

Philly Guy: Nationals & Nationals for the series. Miami FLA

Club: Open Ender- Miami Florida Reg- OV Ore

Thurs Oct 10

Augie J: Syracuse

Philly  Guy:  Giants

Champagne: Astros; Syracuse

Wed Oct 9

Philly Guy: APP St

Dime Man: Lou Laf

Augie J: Under App St

Club: App St and the Under

Tues Oct 8


Mon Oct 7

Philly Guy: Over Browns

Champagne & Augie J: Browns

Dime Man: Twins; Under Browns

Sun Oct 6

Dime Man TP- Texans Reg- Giants

Augie J: Ravens; Jags; Cards; Packers

Champagne: TP- Saints. Teg- Jets; Chiefs

Philly Guy: Broncos; Panthers; Vikings; Falcons

Sat Oct 5

Club Open Enders Tulane; Florida

Killer Sources

Augie J: Auburn; Colorado; Stanford; Over SMU

Philly Guy: Michigan; Illinois; Miami Fla; Iowa State

Dime Man: TP- Colorado. Reg- NC; Penn St; NWern; Tulsa; Oregon; W.VA

Champagne: TP- N. ILL; Troy. Reg- Louisville; Colo St; UND Kan St; UND Auburn; UND Ohio St

Fri Oct 4

Philly Guy: Cincinnati

Augie j:  Over Cincinnati

Dime Man: Yankees; Under Cardinals

Thurs Oct 3

Augie J: Rams

Champagne: Seahawks

Philly  Guy:  Rams;  Cardinals

Dime Man: Under Dodgers; Under Temple

Wed Oct 2

Augie J: A's

Club: Rays

Tues Oct 1

Club Brewers +1.5

Monday Sept 30

Augie J & Philly Guy: Bengals

Sunday Sept 29

Killer Sources

Augie J: Raiders; Vikings; Giants; Over Skins

Philly Guy: Browns; Broncos; Dolphins; Redskins

Champagne TP- Colts; Texans. Reg- Browns; Chiefs

Dime Man: TP- Under Broncos; Under Bears. Reg- Giants; Seahawks

Sat Sept 28

Killer Sources

Augie J: Vandy; BYU; Utah St

Philly Guy: Michigan; Virginia; Tex A&M

Champagne: Top- Vandy Reg- Temple; Nev; KA St; Charlotte; Liberty; UND S.Carolina

Dime Man: Top- S.Miss; Reg- Buff; Toledo; Wyo; Clem; OVER Akron; OVER Charlot; Over Liberty; Under UT St

Friday Sept 27

Augie J: Duke

Philly Guy: Maryland

Champagne: Duke; Maryland

Dime Man: Reds; Yankees; Twins; Cal

Thursday Sept 26

Augie J: Eagles

Champagne: Packers

Dime Man: Memphis

Philly Guy: Eagles; Over Eagles

Sun Sept 22

Rainman 5 Cardinals; 3 Vikings; Reg- Seahawks; Packers

Root Pin Saints, IC Browns; PP Panthers; MIL Bengals

PGF Under Boys; Saitns; Falcons; Jets; Ravens

Gavazzi Bills; Colts; Vikings

Bob Balfe Falcons; Over Boys; Panthers and Over; Over Rams

NorthCoast Marquee Under Rams

Fezzik Packers and Under; Vikings; Jets

Hitman Under Vikings; Browns; Giants

Ben Burns GOM Eagles

Marc Law Falcons

Sat Sept 21

Northcoast 5* Tex A&M 4 Wash St, Tulsa, 3 Tenn, Bost Col, Nebraska

Harry Bondi 7 Oregon, 4 Mizzu 3 A&M, Mich St

Rainman 5* Nebraska, Temple. 3- CFLA, Oregon, Wash St. Reg- Wisc, Louisville

Dave Cokin- FLA; App St; Baylor; Nevada

NFAC Pittsburgh, Ol Dom; Over Colorado; Over UCLA

Spartan- GOY South Carolina

Goodfella GOY Georgia

Marc Lawr Pittsburg, North Dak

Bob Balfe Bost Col, Over BYU; Oregon; Over OK St

King Creole 4Over Temple

Brandon Lang- 100d Wisc

ATS Underdog GOY Northwestern

Steve Budin Wash St

al Demarco wash St

Fri Sept 20

Champagne: Brewers; Yankees; Under Indians

Dime Man: Astros; Under Braves; Over Orioles

Back with football

Thurs Sept 19

Augie J: Houston

Champagne: Brewers

Philly Guy Houston; Jags

Dime Man: Under Cubs; Under Titan

Wed Sept 18

Champagne: Astros; Under A's

Dime Man: Indians; Twins; Dodgers; Under DBacks

Tues Sept 17

Champagne: Braves, Red Sox, A's

Dime Man: Under Brewers, Under Astros, Under Dodgers

Mon  Sept 16

Dime Man: Twins, Under Nats; Browns

Champagne: Brewers

Augie J: Over Jets

Sunday Sept 15

Wayne Root- Pin Falcon, IC Skins, PP Lion, NL Bronco, Mil Raiders

Larry Ness- Steelers, Rams, Giants, Falcons

Cokin- Giants, Titans

Paul Leiner 3000* Over 9ers

Stephen Nover Steelers

Marc Lawr Saints

King Creole  Big play Over Saints. Reg-  OV Steel, OV Boys

Hitman GOM Colts

Fezzik Falcons, Lions, Raiders

Rainman- 5- Colts. 3- Steelers. Reg- Dolphins, Bengals, Texans

Sat Sept 14

Augie J: UFC, Iowa, Ball St (1-2)

*Philly Guy: Duke; OH St; Washington (3-0)*

Champagne: Top- Kansas St, Louisville, Mich St. Reg- Navy, E Mich, Army, Iowa St (6-1)

Dime Man: Top- Notre, UND Marshall, Reg- MD, San Diego St, C FLA, Bowl Gr, Buff (3-3)

*Philly Guy did this 3-0, and all last week from his hospital bed- and I know what you're thinking because it was the 1st thing that popped into my head.... he didn't have some twisted S & M session go wrong. He injured himself cooking shrimp, and I missed you and we all are glad you are home.

Thurs Sept 12

Augie J: Rays

 Dime Man: Rangers; Astros

TNF after game starts.

Wed Sept 11

Dime Man: Over Giants

Augie J: D-Backs

Tues Sept 10

Augie J: D-Backs; Braves

Dime Man: Dodgers; Under Mets; Over Rockies

Mon Sept 9

Augie J: Texans

Dime Man Under Red Sox

Philly Guy: Over Saints; Phillies

Sun Sept 8

Due to the same  odd circumstances, today is Free NFL Day- compliments from the Killer Sources- Enjoy !

Dime Man: Giants; Under Ravens

Augie J: Falcons; Bills; 49ers; Giants

 Philly Guy: Lions; Eagles; Over Steelers

Champagne: Top Play- Vikings; Reg Plays- Browns; Jets; Ravens; 49ers


Sat Sept 7

Philly Guy: Texas; Texas A&M

Augie J: LSU; Rutgers; Over Cuse (NOT over Clem- my bad)

Champagne Top Play: Cincy. Reg Plays VA Tech; KA St; App St; Tex St; FLA Int; Tex Tech; Wash

Dime Man Top Plays: A&M; ORE. Reg Plays Akron; Army; UConn; Coast Carolina; Miss; Fresno; Under Utah

Dime Man's baseball plays- Braves; Dodgers; Astros


Rainman 5* GA Tech; Ark St. 3- HA; MD; So Cal. Reg- SMU; NC

Fri Sept 6

Champagne: Under Braves; Over Boise

Philly  Guy: Phillies; White Sox

Dime Man: Wake Forest

Thurs Sept 5

Dime Man: Nationals; Astros

Philly Guy: Cardinals; Nationals

Dime Man, Augie J, Philly Guy & the Club: Packers

Champagne is passing tonight. The KS and the Club (going for 10 wins in a row) are all on the same NFL side.

I will still be giving out the free Killer Sources Plays, but most Football plays will be posted after the game starts
If you would like to get the plays early, come join us 201-818-3028.

Wed Sept 4

Dime Man: Phillies

Augie J: Phillies; D-Backs

Philly Guy: Phillies; Yankees; Cardinals

Tues Sept 3

Augie J: Nationals; Twins

Dime Man: Yankees; Indians; Over Phillies

Mon Sept 2

Augie J: Nationals; Phillies

Champagne: Indians; Under Astros; Louisville

Dime Man: Reds; Dodgers; Under Mets

Sun Sept 1

Augie J: Cubs; Rockies

Philly Guy: Cardinals; Phillies


Club Members check 'New Guys' page

Sat Aug 31

Augie J: Rockies; Dodgers


Augie: VA; SMU; Missouri

Philly Guy: North Carolina St; USC

Dime Man: Top Play- Ohio State; Reg- NC; SMU; Auburn

Champagne Regular Play- Nebraska; Toledo; Wyoming; Fresno

Fri Aug 30


Dime Man: Cubs; S.FLA

Philly Guy: Phillies; Colorado; Wisconsin

Champagne: Cardinals; Army; Rutgers; Colorado

Augie J: Rockies; Red Sox

Thurs Aug 29

Augie J: Over Mets

Philly Guy: Reds; Padres

Dime Man: Indians; Astros; Saints; Broncos

Champagne: AZ St; Giants; Browns; Under Ravens

back with football

Wed Aug 28

Augie J: Cubs; Phillies

Dime Man: Mets; Cardinals

Champagne: Nationals; Under Marlins; Over Angels

Tues Aug 27

Champagne: Nationals

Augie  J:  Cubs;  Phillies

Philly Guy: Phillies; White Sox; Reds

Dime Man: Brewers; Giants; White Sox

Mon Aug 26

Augie J: Cardinals; Phillies

Dime Man, Champagne & Philly Guy are all passing. I believe we may have lost them to football only.....

Sun Aug 25

Dime Man: Indians; Steelers

Augie J: D-Backs; Braves

Philly Guy: Nationals; Dodgers

Sat Aug 24

Dime Man: Hawaii

Champagne: Vikings

Augie J: DBacks; Braves; Dodgers

Philly Guy: Phillies; Mets; Bewers; Dodgers

Fri Aug 23

Philly Guy: Phillies; Indians; Brewers

Champagne:  Mets; Cardinals; Dodgers

NCAA Tomorrow!!!!

Thurs Aug 22

Augie J: Indians

Dime Man: Under Yankees; Braves

Champagne: Rays; Astros; Under Mets

Wed Aug 21

Augie J: Indians

Champagne: Nationals

Dime Man: Rangers; Royals

Philly Guy: Nationals; Braves; Rockies

Tues Aug 20

Augie J: A's Rockies

Philly Guy: Mets; Nationals; Reds

Dime Man: Nationals; Under Reds

Champagne: Indians; Phillies; Over Cubs

Mon Aug 19

Augie J: Nationals

Dime Man: Nationals

Champagne: Over Orioles

Philly Guy: Nationals; Rockies

Sun Aug 18

Dime Man: Mets; Indians

Augie J:  Indians; Cardinals

Philly Guy: Phillies; Mets; Cubs

Champagne: Under Dodgers; Chargers; Vikings

Sat Aug 17

Dime Man: Rays

Augie J: Indians; Astros

Philly Guy: Cubs; Phillies; Dodgers

Champagne: Under Mets; Dodgers

Champagne X-NFL: Browns; Pats; Rams

Fri Aug 16

Dime Man: Phillies

Augie J: Phillies; Cubs

Philly Guy: Yankees; Phillies; White Sox

Champagne: Under Mets; Under Reds; Over Red Sox; Under Astros

Back with NFL later

Thurs Aug 15

Augie J: Astros

Champagne: Under A's

Dime Man: Reds; Giants

Philly Guy: Braves; Yankees


Champagne: Eagles; Jets; Under Ravens

Wed Aug 14

Augie J: Cubs

Dime Man: Braves

Philly Guy: Nationals; Braves; Cardinals

Tues Aug 13

Augie  J:  Cubs

Champagne: Under Rockies

Philly  Guy:  Nationals;  Braves

Dime Man: Phillies; Mets; Indians

Mon Aug 12

Augie J: Indians

Philly Guy: Nationals

Dime Man: Over Rockies

Sun Aug 11

 Augie J: Braves; A's

Dime Man: Braves; Dodgers

Champagne: Mets; Over Yankees

Philly Guy: Cardinals; Yankees; Red Sox; Phillies; Nationals

Sat Aug 10

Augie J: Braves; A's

Philly Guy: Cardinals; Yankees; Rockies; Dodgers

Champagne: Braves; Astros; Under Mets; Over Red Sox


Dime Man: Chiefs

Fri Aug 9

Augie J: Braves

Philly Guy: Cubs; Brewers, Yanks

Thurs Aug 8


Dime Man: Browns

Champagne: Lions; Under Jets; Under Ravens; Under Bears

Club members have a big Pre-Season game going tonight!


Augie J: Twins

Philly Guy: Cubs; Rockies

Champagne: Top Play- Tigers. Reg Play- Under Reds

(All plays are regular unless listed otherwise)

Wed Aug 7

Augie J: Indians

Dime Man: Red Sox

Philly Guy: Phillies, Twins, Mariners

Tues Aug 6

Augie J: Indians; Twins

Dime Man: Dodgers; Under Philies

Champagne: Top Plays- Mets; Twins. Reg- Cubs; Under Brewers; Under Astros

Mon Aug 5

Augie J: Indians

Philly Guy: White Sox; Brewers; Twins

Sun Aug 4

Augie J:  Over Dodgers

Philly Guy: Phillies; Indians; Cubs; Mets

Dime Man: Astros; Under Nationals; Under Indians

Sat Aug 3

Augie J: Mets; (Brewers) Braves*

Champagne: Under Dodgers

*see SP Page

Fri Aug 2

Augie J: Rockies

Champagne: Phillies

Dime Man: Indians; Astros

Philly Guy: Phillies; Mets; Twins; Yankees

Thurs Aug 1

Dime Man: Dodgers; Astros; Under Broncos

Champagne: Twins; Orioles; Under Cardinals

Wed July 31

Augie J: Cubs

Dime Man: Twins; Mets

Philly Guy: Phillies; Red Sox; Astros; Mets

Tues July 30

Augie J: Braves; Astros

Philly Guy: Phillies; Red Sox; Reds

Mon July 29

Augie J: Reds

Dime Man: Padres

Champagne: Royals; Reds

Philly  Guy: Reds;  Nationals

Sun July 28

Augie J: Twins; Indians

Philly Guy: Mets; DBacks; Phillies; Over Red Sox

Sat July 27

Augie J: Twins

Philly Guy: Dodgers; Phillies; A's; Indians; Mets

Fri July 26

Augie J: DBacks

Dime Man: UNDER Nationals
Champagne: UNDER Reds; UNDER Indians

Philly Guy: Phillies; Mets; Indians; Nationals

Thurs July 25

Dime Man: Mets

Philly Guy: Indians

Augie J: Over Red Sox

Champagne is passing tonight

Wed July 24

Club: Mariners; Under Tigers 1st 5 innings

Augie J: Padres

Philly Guy: D-Backs; Cardinals; Phillies; Nationals; Red Sox

Tues July 23

Club Members: Reds; Red Sox; Blue Jays; Under Marlins; Under Tigers

Augie J: Padres

Champagne: Brewers; Nationals; Under Twins; Under A's

Mon July 22

Augie J: Twins

Philly Guy: Brewers

Sun July 21

Augie J: Giants

Philly Guy: Cubs; Brewers; Phillies

Sat July 20

Dime Passing

Champagne: Giants; Twins

Augie  J:  Nationals;  Rockies

Philly Guy: Phillies; Cubs; Reds

Fri July 19

Augie J: Rockies

Philly Guy: Phillies; Brewers

Champagne & Dime Man Passing

Thurs July 18

Augie J: Giants

Philly Guy: Padres; Red Sox

Champagne;  Under Braves; Under Mets;  Under Twins;

Wed July 17

Augie J: Twins; Braves

Champagne: Padres; Red Sox

Tues July 16

Augie J: Twins

Dime Man: Red Sox

Champagne: Marlins; Twins; Over Royals

Philly Guy: Cardinals; Nationals; Yankees; Rockies

Mon July 15

Philly Guy: Yankees

Augie J: Cubs; Astros

Sun July 14

Augie J: Twins; DBacks

Dime Man Regular Play: Cubs
Champagne Regular Play: UNDER Indians

Philly Guy: Cubs; Brewers; Rockies; Dodgers

Sat July 13

Dime Man is back.

He won 13k on Thursday at Saratoga and lost $8200 yesterday. He is going to Los Alamitos to see the horse he bet in the derby run.
Here are his Saratoga plays and a Baseball play:
1. 2.10,9
2. 9,2,5
3. 2,5,3
4. 6,1,2,8
5. 6,2,1,7,10
6. 2,3,1,6
7. 8,7,1,6
8. 2*,6,5
9. 2*,6,4
10. 5,8,4,6
11. 7,1,6,10,12,11

He prefaced his plays saying that he had never seen a Saturday race card with 4 maiden races. Buyer beware!!!

Augie J: Giants; Astros
Dime Man: Top Play Cubs

Philly Guy: Cubs; Astros; Nationals; Over Rockies

Champagne Regular Plays: UNDER Nationals; UNDER Brewers; UNDER Rays; UNDER Astros

Fri July 12

Champagne passing

Augie J: Braves

Philly Guy: Cubs; Cardinals; Rockies

Sun July 7

Augie J: Phillies; Over Braves

Philly Guy: Phillies; Brewers; Twins; Cubs

Sat July 6

Augie J: Indians; Giants

Philly Guy: Phillies; Dodgers; Brewers; Nationals; Twins

Champagne: Regular Plays- Mets; Over Blue Jays; Braves; Astros; Indians

Fri July 5

 Augie J: Marlins; Rockies

Philly Guy: Brewers; Dodgers; Phillies; Astros

Thurs July 4

Augie J: Brewers

Wed July 3

Augie J: Cubs; Twins

Philly Guy: Phillies; Cubs; Yankees; Giants

Tues July 2

Augie J: Phillies; Over Mets

Philly Guy: Phillies; Cubs; Brewers; Red Sox

Mon July 1

Augie J & Philly Guy both on Cubs & Brewers

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