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Wed Dec 12

Philly Guy: Temple

Augie J: LSU; Temple

Dime Man Regular Plays: BYU; North Carolina Greensboro; Mississippi

Tues Dec 11

Dime Man: Wyoming

Mon Dec 10

Augie J: Over NFL

Philly Guy: Vikings

Sun Dec 9

Augie J: Dolphins; Browns; Eagles

Philly Guy:  Colts

Dime Man: Packers

Champagne: Redskins


Harry Bondi 4* Packers 3* Colts; 49ers

Kelso 100  Eagles

Larry Ness 10* Colts; Panthers

Al Demarco 15d Rams

Chris Jordan GOY Giants

Ben Burns 3* Skins

Marc Lawrence Colts

Rainman 5* Cowboys; Colts. Reg- Bengals; Raiders

Dave Essler 3* Ravens; Bears

Spartan 3* Falcons

SleepyJ 3* Over Rams

Sat Dec 8

Philly Guy:

Augie J: FLA; OK St; Tulane; Marshall; Clemson

Dime Man Top Plays: Arkansas; Memphis. Regular Plays: Michigan; Oklahoma; North Texas
Champagne Top Plays: Northwestern; Maryland; Connecticut. Regular Plays: Syracuse; Auburn

Enjoy the free killer source hoops! I wanted you freebee guys to get a taste of what you'll be missing.

Fri Dec 7

Augie J: Santa Clara; Providence

Dime Man & Champagne passing

Thurs Dec 6

Augie J & Philly Guy: Purdue

Wed Dec 5

Augie J: Indiana St; Temple

Tues Dec 4

Philly Guy: C.Mich

Dime Man: Clemson
Champagne: Marquette

Augie J: Memphis; Northwestern

Mon Dec 3

Augie J: Skins

Philly Guy: Eagles

Champagne Regular Play: Iowa State

Dime Man Regular Play: UNDER Michigan St.

Sun Dec 2

AugieJ: Falcons

Dime Man:  Colts

Champagne: Dolphins

Philly Guy: Over Patriots

Chuck Luck GOY Titans. Seahawks; Packers

Champagne Valparaiso Hoops

Sat Dec 1

Philly Guy: UAB

Augie J: Over Ohio St

Champagne: Top C.Fla; Reg Clem; N Wern

Dime ManTop:  Mid TN St. Reg North Carolina St; Boise; OVER Clemson

and from our friend and original Killer Source, Mr. Chuck Luck: Fresno & Under; Marshall; California

Killer Source Hoops

Philly Guy: Marquette

Dime Man Top: Wichita; Reg: Old Dom; Louisville; IUPUI; Kan St; W Vir; Ark; Yale

Champagne Reg: N.eastern; Xavier; Oregon St; GA Tech; OVER Ohio U. OVER Manhattan

Fri Nov 30

Augie J: Over Buffalo

Thurs Nov 29

Augie J: Saints

Philly Guy: Cowboys

Dime Man & Champagne passing

Wed Nov 28

Augie J Top Play: Maryland. Regular: North Carolina

Dime Man Regular Plays: Ohio State; Texas State; Purdue
Champagne Top Play: Fresno. Regular Plays: IUPUI; Colorado

Tues Nov 27

Augie J: Loy- Chi; Louisville

Dime Man Regular Play: Notre Dame
Champagne Top Play: Duke Regular Plays: Iowa; UNDER Wisconsin

Mon Nov 26

Augie J: Titans

Sun Nov 25

Augie J: Giants

Dime Man: Broncos

Champagne: Buccaneers

Philly Guy: Dolphins; Broncos; Eagles; Cardinals

Sat Nov 24

Augie J: Arizona

Dime Man Regular: Vandy

Champagne Regular: Pittsburgh

Philly Guy: Ohio St

Killer Source Hoops:  Dime  Seattle U Champagne Denver U

Fri Nov 23

Augie J: Wash

Dime Man: W. VA

Champagne: Virginia

Philly Guy: Over West Virginia

Thursday November 22

Augie J: Skins

 Dime Man: Bears; Saints

Philly  Guy:  Falcons (sorry)

Hoops- Dime: N.C. Champagne: Grand Canyon

Wed Nov 21

Champagne Top Play: Iona; Duke. Regular Play: Pitt; San Fran

Dime Man Regular Plays: Boston College; Arkansas; South Dakota St; San Diego St; Wright
Tues Nov 20

Augie J: Miami Ohio

Champagne Top Plays: Notre Dame; Duke; Northern Illinois (FB)

Dime Man Regular Plays: San Diego; Cal Northridge; Miami-Ohio (FB)
Mon Nov 19

Augie J: Chiefs

Dime Man: Over Iona

Philly Guy: Rams

This happens, stick with who you follow or pass.

Sun Nov 18

Augie J: Ravens

Champagne: Titans

Dime  Man:  Broncos

Total Mad: Reg- OVLions; OV Raven: UND Jag; OV Colts; OV Falcons; OV Giants; UND Skins; UND Cards; OV Saints;

UND Bears. Hoops- OV T-Wolves; OV OK St- Top play of the day- Over Heat


Sat Nov 17

Augie J: Iowa St*; Syracuse; Nebraska

Philly Guy: Ohio St; UCLA; Arizona

Dime Man Top Plays: Syracuse; Washington State Regular Plays: Northwestern; Middle Tennessee; Cincinnati; BYU; Mississippi St; Arkansas St; Louisiana Lafayette; Virginia Tech*; Texas

Champagne Top Plays: Marshall; Baylor; Southern Mississippi Regular Plays: Georgia Tech; Tennessee; Florida International; Utah; Cal; Arizona St*; Vanderbilt; Boston College; Troy; UCLA

Total Mad: Over  S. FLA; Over Iowa St; Over W.VA; Under NWern; Over Miss St; Over OK; Over Oregon

Fri Nov 16**

Augie J: Over Memphis (CFB)

Philly Guy: New Mexico; Under New Mexico (CFB)

Dime Man Regular Plays: Northeastern; GA Tech; Miss St; Columbia; Colorado; C.Mich; W.VA

Champagne Regular Plays: SMU(CFB); Rutgers; Montana; Dayton; Mercer; Sacramento St; Under Stony Brook

Total Mad: OV SMU (CFB); OV LSU; OV Tex (CBB). OV Wiz; UND 6ers; UND Celtics; UND Griz; OV Pelicans; UND Bucks

** Guys- this is the last day of free Killer Sources, and everyone following them knows their value. What you may not know is they have been giving me their plays for FREE since Brian died. All of the cappers do what they do because they absolutely love gambling, and they know that in this world of Sports Handicapping we are one of the very few honest places where players can come and get solid information. We may not win every day or every week, but at the end of the year you will have more money in your pocket than what you started with.

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Thurs Nov 15

Philly Guy: Over NFL

Augie J: Houston; FLA ATL (Football)

Dime Man Top Play: Cornell; Regular Play: Cal Fullerton
Champagne Top Play: Iowa Regular Plays: Davidson; UNDER Toledo (Football)

Total Mad: NFL Over Seahawks; CFB Under Houston; Over N.Tex;

NBA Over Rockets; Over Nuggets; Under Clippers CBB Under TCU;

Wed Nov 14

Augie J: Over Buffalo

Philly Guy: Ohio; Over Ohio

Dime Man Regular Plays: Duke; Western Carolina; Over Oklahoma St

Total Mad: CFB- Over Ohio; Over N.ILL; CBB- Over Indy; Over Mich St; Under FLA.

T Mad: NBA- Over Celt; Over Magic; Over Wiz; Over Lakers; Under Bucks; Over Thunder; Under Mavs;
Tues Nov 13

Augie J is passing

Dime Man Regular Plays: Holy Cross; Over New Mexico
Champagne Super Top Play: Illinois. Regular Play: Colorado

Total Mad- Over Nuggets; Under Warriors; Over Xavier; Under Charlston; Under GA South; Over Harvard

Mon Nov 12

Augie J: Giants

Philly Guy:  Giants

Champagne Top Play: St. Joe's. Regular Play: Utah U.

Dime Man Regular plays: 49ers; Butler; Long Beach St; Penn St
Sun Nov 11

Augie J: Bucs; Jags

Philly Guy: Lions; Jags; Seahawks; Browns; Boys

Dime Man Regular Plays: Jets; Under Bears; Under Falcons
Champagne Top Play: Colts. Regular Plays: Bengals; Skins; Under Jets; Under Packers

Killer Source Hoops

Dime Man Regular Play: Ohio St.
Champagne Top Play: Arizona. Regular Plays: Central Florida; Southern California

Sat Nov 10

Augie J: Michigan St; Tenn; LA Monroe

Philly Guy: Notre Dame; Penn St; Oklahoma; Clemson

Dime Man Top Plays: Indiana; Pitt; GA Tech; UAB. Reg: AZ St; Cincy; GA; Lou Tech;
Champagne Top Plays: Iowa State; Tulane Regular Plays: Penn St & UNDER; Air Force; Nevada

Fri Nov 9

 Augie has Boise, Philly Guy is on Fresno

Dime Man- Top Play: Wichita Regular Plays: Green Bay; Maryland; St. John's
Champagne Top Play: Hawaii Regular Plays: Central Michigan; George Mason; Iowa St

Thurs Nov 8

Augie J:  Over Steelers

Philly Guy: Steelers & Over

Dime Man Regular Play: Illinois (BB)
Champagne Regular Play: Carolina Panthers

Wed Nov 7

Philly Guy: Ohio

Augie J: Ohio U; Over N. ILL

Dime Man Regular Play: Northern Illinois
Tues Nov 6

Dime Man Top Plays: Virginia; Georgia St. Regular Plays: Maryland; Syracuse; Manhattan
Champagne Top Play: Cal-Irvine. Regular Plays: W.Mich; Davidson; Cal-Davis; Providence; Clem

Mon Nov 5

Philly Guy: Titans

Dime Man Regular Play: Boys

Sun Nov 4

Augie J: Falcons; Lions

Philly Guy: Falcons; Dolphins; Broncos; Bucs

Dime Man  Top Play:  Chiefs. Regular Play:  Jets
Champagne Top Play: Seahawks Regular Plays: Vikings; Patriots

~Sat Nov 3

Killer Sources

Philly Guy: Ohio St; OK; Mich St; UNLV

Augie J:  W.VA;  Bama; GA Tech; Over Purdue

Dime Man Top Plays: Oregon; Baylor; UAB. Regular Plays: Kentucky;

Navy; Louisiana Monroe; Clemson; Louisiana Lafayette; OVER Oklahoma
Champagne Top Plays: Michigan State; Washington State; Texas A&M; Ohio State
Regular Plays: Northwestern; Tulane; Marshall; Penn State; Arkansas St; Florida Int; Utah St

Fri Nov 2

Philly Guy: Arizona

Dime  Man:  Virginia

Augie J: Pitt; Over Arizona

Champagne: Middle Tennessee

Thurs Nov 1

Champagne: 9ers

Philly Guy: Raiders

Dime Man: Ohio U; Temple

Augie J: Ohio U; Over Central Florida

Club: N.ILL; Cent FLA; Ohio;  Raiders- They were looking really good until the game started....

Wed Oct 31

Augie, Dime Man & Champagne passing

Tues Oct 30

Club: Buffalo

Augie J: Bowling Green; Over Buffalo

Mon Oct 29

Club: Pats

Dime Man Regular play- Pats

Champagne & Augie J are passing

Sun Oct 28

Augie J: Bucs; Rams; Giants

Dime Man Regular Plays: Colts; Giants

Philly Guy: Broncos; Giants; Raiders; Packers

Champagne Top Play: Steelers. Regular Plays: Bengals; Ravens

Sat Oct 27

Augie J: OK St; Missouri; Wash St

Philly Guy: OK; Tex A&M; Penn St

Dime Man Top Plays: Colorado; BYU; North Texas
Regular Plays: Kentucky; FIU; Arkansas; Kansas St; Fresno
Champagne Top Plays: Florida; S.C.; Houston; Iowa State
Regular Plays: Northwestern; Charlotte; Nevada; Iowa

Fri Oct 26

Philly Guy: UCLA

Augie J: Wyoming; Over Indiana

Thurs Oct 25

Augie J: GA Tech; Over W.Mich

Dime Man Regular Play: Ohio U.
Champagne Regular Play: Western Michigan

Tues Oct 23

I'm in ER w/ my mom who fell at nursing home. I will try to post KS from smartphone.

Champagne & Dime Man passing

Mon Oct 22

Augie J: Giants

Philly Guy: Giants

Champagne & Dime Man are passing

Sun Oct 21

Philly Guy: Lions; Bengals; Jags; Saints

Augie J: Redskins;  Over Eagles;  Over Patriots

Dime Man Regular Plays: Dolphins; Redskins; UNDER Ravens
Champagne Top Play: Jaguars. Regular Plays: Patriots; Eagles; Rams

Sat Oct 20

Augie J: FLA-ATL; Purdue; E.Michigan; Nebraska

Philly Guy: Nebraska; Oklahoma; Auburn; Michigan State

Dime Man Top Plays: Kentucky; UCLA; OVER Georgia Southern

Regular Plays: Navy; App St; Kent St; Tulsa; OVER Ohio State; UNDER Michigan
Champagne Top Plays: Iowa; Fla Int; UAB; Utah; OVER Mass
Regular Plays: Temple; Mich St; Missouri; Nevada; OVER W Kentucky; UNDER Kentucky


Fri Oct 19

Augie J: Over Boise St

Philly Guy:  Colorado State

Club members had an Open Ender tonight on Over Boise -W

Thurs Oct 18

Philly Guy: Broncos

Augie J: Arkansas State

Dime Man Regular Play: Astros
Champagne Top Play: Arizona St. Regular Play: NBA Trailblazers

Total Mad- 5 units: Under Cardinals; Over Arkansas St; Over Arizona St; Over 76ers; Over Wizards

Wed Oct 17

Augie J passing

Tues Oct 16

Dime Man Regular Play: Dodgers

Mon Oct 15

Augie J is passing and Philly Guy has a small lean towards the Packers

Sun Oct 14

Club OE GOY Falcons

Augie J: Steelers; Over Jets

Philly Guy: Dolphins; Skins; Broncos; Browns; Raiders

Champagne Top Plays: Vikings; Broncos Regular Plays: Seahawks; Patriots; UNDER Jets

Dime Man Top Play: UNDER Chargers. Regular Plays: Jaguars; OVER Bengals; UNDER Ravens; UNDER Patriots

Sat Oct 1 3

Augie J: Buffalo; Nebraska; Oregon; Auburn

Philly Guy: Wisconsin; Michigan St; Tex A&M; Georgia

Dime Man Top Plays: Ohio St; Tennessee; OVER Central Florida
Regular: SC; Co Car; N Mex; Army; W Mich; S Miss; NW'ern; Kansas St; Penn State (almost Top)
Champagne Top Plays: Boston College; Arkansas; Michigan; Iowa St
Regular Plays: Virginia
; Oregon; Navy; Indiana; BYU; Fresno; UAB; UNDER LSU


Fri Oct 12

Dime Man: Tulsa; Utah

Philly Guy: San Diego State

Augie J: Tulsa.  MLB - Dodgers

Total Mad: Small plays- Over Tulsa; Over San Diego St; Under Utah

Club members have an Open Ender going tonight, Air Force -W

Thurs Oct 11

Augie J: Tex Tech

Philly Guy: Eagles & Over

Total Mad: Over Eagles; Under TCU

Dime Man Regular Play: Georgia Southern
Champagne Top Play: UNDER Eagles. Regular Play: Giants

Tues Oct 9

Augie J: Over App State

Mon Oct 8

Augie J: Skins

Philly Guy: Skins

Sun Oct 7 (Club Members +35 units for last week)

Augie J: Bills; Over Packers Over Cardinals

Dime Man: Top Play- Ravens; Regular Play- Texans

Champagne: Regular Plays- Broncos; Packers; Eagles; Seahawks

Sat Oct 6

Augie J: Buffalo; Texas; FLA ATL;

Philly Guy: Michigan; Texas; Illinois; OK State

Dime Man Top Plays: Kentucky; OVER Ohio State; UNDER LSU
Regular Plays: Colorado; Mississippi; California; Iowa; Baylor; UNDER Stanford
Champagne Top Plays: Miami-Florida; Georgia; Hawaii; UNDER Mississippi State
Regular Plays: Miami-Ohio; Central Michigan; GA Southern; Liberty; Miss St; Northwestern

Killer Source MLB Augie J: Over Yankees

Club members had 2 Open Enders today on Florida & Florida Atlantic -W

Fri Oct 5

Club: Utah St; Over Marshall

Philly Guy: BYU

Augie J: BYU; Mid Tenn St

Dime Man Regular Plays: Marshall; Utah St; Dodgers

Thurs Oct 4

Augie J:  Troy; Over Rockies

Philly Guy: Small play- Colts

Club members had their Thursday night NFL GOY on the Patriots -W

Wed Oct 3

Augie J: Over Yankees

Club: Yankees -1.5

Mon Oct 1

Dime Man: Broncos
Philly Guy: Broncos

Augie J: Brewers; Over Dodgers; Chiefs

Club members +42 units for last week

Sat Sept. 29 Club members had an Open Ender on Over S. Alabama -W

 Sunday Sept. 30th Club members had 2 Open Enders on the Patriots & Raiders -W-W

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