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 Weekend Updates  972-460-4000 Football Season

Club Line answered daily 201-818-3028

1st time home team playing in Super Bowl

Sun Jan 24

Philly Guy: Packers; Chiefs; Rutgers

Club: Packers; Chiefs & Over; Celtics; Over Knicks; Miami

Rainman:  5 Bills; 3 Packers

Sat Jan 23

Philly Guy: Syracuse; Toledo; Providence; Louisville

Fri Jan 22

Philly Guy: Purdue; St Pete

Club: San Diego St; Purdue; Wyoming; Cleveland St; UAB; NHL- Wild

Wed Jan 20

Philly Guy: Kentucky

Club: Heat; Hawks; Auburn

Sun Jan 17

Philly Guy: Chiefs; Saints & Under. Hoops- Iowa

Club Tease Saints & Bucs

Rainman: 3 Chiefs; Saints

Sat Jan 16

Philly Guy: Packers; Ravens

Club: Packers & Over; Bills.  6pt Teaser: Packers & Bucs

Philly Guy Hoops: Clemson; Kentucky

Rainman: 5* Packers. Regular play Bills

Call the consensus line. I jammed my finger and getting it splinted now so I'll add to this later

Fri Jan 15

Philly Guy: Duquesne

Thurs Jan 14

Philly Guy: St Mary

reminder for all who are rejoining- email me before Friday afternoon for the discount

Wed Jan 13

Philly Guy: Texas

Tues Jan 12

Philly Guy: Michigan; Toledo

Club Members: NC; VTech; OK St

Mon Jan 11

Club Members Open Ender+ on Alabama

Sun Jan 10

Philly Guy: Lock- Browns; Reg- Ravens; Under Saints. Hoops Xavier


Wayne Root Pin Saints; PP Steelers; Mil Ravens

Al Demarco Steelers

Northcoast 3 Steelers

Sat Jan 9

Philly Guy: Bucs; Seahawks

Club Members Open Ender Colts

Hoops- Philly Guy: UMass; Tenn

Rainman: 3 Bills; Reg- Bucs; Rams


Harry Bondi 5 Bucs; 3 Colts; Seahawks

Marc Lawrence Colts; Skins

King Creole 3 Over Colts

Big Al Rams & Over; Skins

Allen Eastman 8U P GOY Bucs

Wayne Root Pin Rams; PP Skins; NL Bills

Thurs Jan 7

Philly Guy: Iowa; Wisconsin


Wed Jan 6

Philly Guy: New Mexico

Bowl wrap up here: Bowls 2020

Sun Jan 3

Philly Guy: Panthers; Rams; Cowboys; Bengals; Eagles (10 bowl game wins in a row)!

Rainman: 3 Seahawks; Reg Falcons; Bills


North Coast 3.5* Under Skins; 3* Panthers; Under Seahawks

Marc Lawrence GOY Broncos; 3 Giants

Wayne Root Pin Giants; Per Play Panthers; No Lim Eagles

King Creole 5 Over Panthers; 3 Under Falcons; Under Giants; 2 Under Colts

Hitman 3 Titans; 2 Seahawks; Vikings Rams

Ben Burns GOY Giants

Al Demarco 15 Colts

Big Al Div GOM Giants; Colts; Eagles; Broncos;  under Colts; UnderViks; Over Rams

Sat Jan 2

Philly Guy: N.C St; Miss

Rainman 3 Tex A&M; Indiana

Fri Jan 1

Philly Guy: Cincy; Northwestern; Ohio St; Under Alabama


Rainman 5 Clem; 3 Bama; GA; Reg Auburn

Thurs Dec 31

Philly Guy: Miss; Ball St


Rainman 5 San Jose St; Reg- Miss St; Army

Wed Dec 30

Philly Guy: Wisconsin; Over Oklahoma

Tues Dec 29

Philly Guy: Over Miami; Colorado

Rainman 5 OK St; 3 Colorado

Mon Dec 28

Philly Guy: Pats

Sun Dec 27

Philly Guy: Panthers; Falcons; Rams; Eagles

Rainman: Reg- Titans; Bears; Rams; Skins

Sat Dec 26

Philly Guy: Liberty; Raiders; 49ers

Fri Dec 25

Merry Christmas

Philly Guy: Vikings; Over Marshall

Wed Dec 23

Philly Guy: Over FLA ATL

Tues Dec 22

Philly Guy: Nevada; C.Fla

Mon Dec 21

Philly Guy: Steelers

Sun Dec 20

Rainman: Reg- Rams; Browns

Philly Guy: Falcons; Eagles; 49ers; Saints


North Coast 5* GOY Ravens; 3* Patriots; Under Eagles

Harry Bondi 4 Viks; 3 Bucs 49ers

King Creole GOM Over Chiefs

 Ben Burns TOY Over Eagles

Hitman 2- Pats; Sea; Jags

Dave Essler GOY Eagles

Al Demarco Browns

Big Al GOY Saints

Marc Law 4* Pats

Root Giants

Sat Dec 19

Philly Guy: Panthers; Tenn; Oklahoma; Ohio St & Over

Rainman: 5 Bills; San Jose St; Tex A&M; 3 Clem; Bama; Reg Iowa St

Fri Dec 18

Philly Guy: Nebraska; Oregon

Thurs Dec 17

Philly Guy: Raiders

Monday Night Football

Club Members had an Open Ender on the Ravens

Sun Dec13

Philly Guy: Cardinals; Lions; 9ers; Bills; Eagles

Rainman: 5 Chiefs; 3 Falcons; reg Giants; Vik; Skins


Paul Leiner 3k Over Viks

Northcoast totals 3 1/2 Over Pack; 3 Over Vik; Over Colts

Hitman 2 Bills; Giants; Under Jets; Over Bears

Harry Bondi 5 49ers; 3 Texans; Bills

Marc Lawrence GOM Steelers

King Creole 4 Over Steelers

Wayne Root Pin Eagles

Al Demarco 10 Bills

Big Al Chargers

Sat Dec 12

Philly Guy: Utah; North Carolina; UCLA

Rainman: 10 Virginia; 5 Fresno St; 3 Army; Reg- Coast Carol; Louisville

Fri Dec 11

Philly Guy: Over Arizona

Thurs Dec 10

Philly Guy: Rams; Over Pittsburgh

Dime Man: Top Play- Under Florida Atlantic

Tues Dec 8

Philly Guy & Joey Dimes passing

A big thank you to Blade and our private cappers for our huge Open Ender on the Ravens

Sun Dec 6

Dime Man: Packers; Saints; Titans; Cards

Philly Guy: Falcons; Broncos; Bengals; Eagles


Wayne Root Pin- Jets; IC Browns; PP Falcons; NL Eagles; Mil Chargers

Rainman 10 Packers; 5 Bears; 3 Texans; Reg- Rams; Falcons

Northcoast 3.5 Under Giants; 3 Falcons; Under Bengals
Hitman- 3 Lions; 2 Browns; Under Colts; Under Giants

Paul Leiner 2k Over Pats; 500 Bears; 100 Over Viks

Harry Bondi GOY Colts; 3 Falcons; Rams

Goodfella  GOY  Lions

Ben Burns  GOY Jets

Big Al GOY Falcons

Marc Law Browns

Sat Dec 5

Philly Guy: Cal; UCLA; Ohio St; W.VA; Over Miami; Over Penn St

Dime Man: Top- Rutgers; California; Reg- BYU; Auburn; Under West Virginia

Fri Dec 4

Philly Guy: App St

Dime Man Hoops: Top Play: Purdue. Regular Plays: Seton Hall; Creighton; Georgia

Thurs Dec 3

Philly Guy: Lou Tech

Wed Dec 2

Philly Guy: Ravens

 Good news- our NCAA Hoops is here and we're off to a great start.

NCAA FB = 3. NCAA Hoops = 1 for club members.

Mon Nov 30

Philly Guy had the Eagles, which won- I saw alot of 6.5 out there,

so hopefully if you were with him you got.

Here at the office, we had a storm that knocked out everything,

and the club cappers couldn't make their minds up on MNF so we passed.

Sun Nov 29

Dime Man (7-0 Sat): Jags; Packers

Philly Guy: Jaguars; 49ers; Chargers; Bears

Sat Nov 28

Philly Guy: Penn St; Tex A&M; Ball St; Hawaii

Dime Man: Top- Oer Clem; Hawaii; Reg- Indy; Buff; Ball St; Bost Col

Rainman 5* Georgia; San Jose St; 3 TEX A&M; Alabama; Reg Baylor; UTSA

Fri Nov 27

Philly Guy: Texas; Nebraska & Over

Rainman: 3 Iowa St; NC; Reg- C.FLA; Ore St

Thurs Nov 26

Philly Guy: Over Lions

Rainman: Reg- New Mex; Texans; Skins

Sun Nov 22

Champagne: Steel; Liberty

Joey Dimes: Packers; Under Browns

Philly Guy: Cowboys; Colts; Broncos; Raiders

Sat Nov 21

Philly Guy: Oklahoma; Ohio St; Kansas St; LSU; Penn St

 Dime Man: Top- Pitt; UCF; Under Kansas St; Reg- OK; Oregon; Wash

Fri Nov 20

Joey Dimes: New Mexico
Philly Guy: Minnesota; Over Air Force

Thurs Nov 19

Philly Guy: Seahawks; Over  Tulane

Wed Nov 18

Philly Guy: N.ILL

Joey Dimes: E.Mich

Tues Nov 17

Philly Guy: Buffalo

Mon Nov 16

Philly Guy: Vikings & Over


Marc Lawrence & Hitman Bears

Sun Nov 15

Philly Guy: Noon- UCLA. Jags; Cards; Chargers; adding Eagles


Rainman: 5 Eagles; 3 Broncos; Reg- Rams; 49ers
Harry Bondi Lock- Browns; Reg Charge; Broncos
Northcoast 3.5 Over Dolphin; 3 Pack; Over Brown

Hitman 3 Charger; 2 Panthers; Under Steelers
Big Al  Under Raiders
Al Demarco Ravens

M Law Seahawks

Sat Nov 14

Philly Guy: Penn St; Ore; Kentucky; Over Miami

Dime Man: Top-Rutgers; NC; Reg- Bost Col; Stanford; Indy

Fri Nov 1 3

Philly Guy: Minnesota; Over Cincy

Thurs Nov 12

Philly Guy: Colts

Wed Nov 11

Philly Guy: W.Mich

Club Kid: E.W.&C Mich

Tues Nov 10

Philly Guy: Miami Ohio

Monday Night Football

Sorry guys, I was MIA. Philly Guy won with the Jets and club lost with the under.

Sun Nov 8

Philly Guy: Panthers; Bears; Ravens; Cowboys; Vikings

Get Well Soon SharpPlayers!

Sat Nov 7

Philly Guy: Michigan; Tenn; Notre Dame; Over Tex

Fri Nov 6

Philly Guy: SD St; Over NC St


another awesome night for the club

Very nice to see you guys from the 1990s come back and join us.

Club has been great and I'm extending our 50% off sale
Perfect time to rejoin, come back, or just try us out

This will be our only sale for Turkey & Bowls

Take advantage of my lack of time

and my heinous secretary

Thurs Nov 5

Philly Guy: 49ers; Nevada

Club Kid: Over Packers; Colorado St & Over

Wed Nov 4

Philly Guy: Buffalo

Club Kid: Ohio; Under E.Mich; Over Akron


Mon Nov 2

Club Kid: Giants

Philly Guy: Giants

Sun Nov 1

Club Kid: Colts; Vikings; Dolphins; 49ers

 Philly Guy: Vikings; Ravens; Dolphins; Bears; Over Browns

Another great week for Club Members

Sat Oct 31

Dime Man: Top- Michigan; Clemson; Indiana. Reg- BYU; Penn St; Notre Dame

Philly Guy: Tex; Mich; Temple; Rutgers; Iowa; Penn St

Fri Oct 30

Philly Guy: Maryland

Dime Man: Top- Under Wyoming; Reg- Maryland

Thurs Oct 29

Philly Guy: Panthers; Colorado St

Club Kid: Falcons & Under; Colo St & Under

Mon Oct 26

Sorry for posting MNF late- Another nice one with the Under tonight

Philly Guy: Bears

Dime Man: Rams

Sun Oct 25

Philly Guy: Cowboys; Browns; Lions; Broncos

Sat Oct 24

Philly Guy: Penn St; Temple; Texas

Dime Man: Top- Rutgers; Mississippi; Marshall; Reg- North  Carolina; Navy; Iowa
Champagne: Top- Pitt; Tex Tech; Reg- Bost Col; Baylor; Boise; Rice; Over  UTSA; Over NC

Fri Oct 23

Philly Guy: Tulsa

Champagne  Top Play: Illinois

Dime Man Regular Plays: UNDER  Dodgers; Tulsa

Thurs Oct 22

Dime Man: Eagles

Philly Guy & Champagne: Arkansas St

Mon Oct 19

Philly Guy: Cowboys

Sun Oct 18

Dime Man: Reg- Panth; Ravens

Champagne: Top- Steel. Reg- Packers

Philly Guy: Eagles; Browns; 49ers; Texans


Wayne Root Pin 9ers; IC Bucs; PP Eagles; NL Falcons; Mil Texans

Northcoast 4 Rams; 3 Viks; Under Bears; Under Colts

Rainman 3 Rams; Reg- Browns; Packs; Viks

Hitman: GOY Viks; Reg- Boys; 9er; Steel; Bear; Over Pack; Over Texans

Goodfella Ravens

Greg Shaker Under Bills

King Creole Over Texans

Harry Bondi 4 Steelers; 3 Texans; Bucs

Sat Oct 17

Philly Guy: Temple; Kentucky; Louisville
Dime Man: Top- Miss  St; Over  N.C. Reg- W VA; Over  Duke
Champagne: Top- S.C.; VA Tech. Reg- Louisville; Mid Tenn; Ark; Charlotte; Temple


Fri Oct 16

Philly Guy: BYU; TB Rays

Thurs Oct 15

Philly Guy: Ark St

Wed Oct 14

Champagne: Rays

Dime Man: Dodgers

Philly Guy: UL Lafayette

Tues Oct 13

Club Kid: Over NFL

Philly Guy: Titans; Astros

Mon Oct 12

Philly Guy: Saints

Champagne & Joey Dimes passing

Sun Oct 11

Champagne Reg- Steelers

Dime Man Reg- Bengals; Under Colts

Philly Guy: Falcons; Jets; Boys; Browns; Vikings

Club Kid: Over Colts; Giants; Under Vikings


Northcoast 4 Colts; 3 Bengals

Wayne Root Pin 9ers; IC Viks; PP Eagle; NL Colts; Mil Boys

Rainman Reg- Bengals; Chiefs & Under; Browns; Panth

Hitman Browns; Cards; Und Colts; Under Rams

Paul Leiner 2k Over Bengals; 500 Jags

Doc Sports 6- 9ers; 3 Falcon; 2 Beng

Philly GF Texans; Colt; Falc & Over

Big Al Und Giants; Falc; Jet; 9ers

Dave Essler GOM Skins

Marc Lawrenc Skins

Indian Cowboy 9er

Sat Oct 10

Philly Guy: Notre Dame; Texas State; Kansas St

Dime Man Top- Over Bama; N.TX; GA. Reg- TCU; Iowa St

Champagne Top- Over Syr; TX A&M. Reg- Mia; KY; Bost Col; Under W.KY


Harry Bondi 7 SC. 3 TX Tech; KA St

Northcoast GOM 4.5 Over FLA

Feist GOM KY

Wayne Root: Pin Iowa St; IC TCU; PP Navy; NL Tex A&M; Mil Miss St

Rainman: 5* FLA; Temple. Reg- Notre Dame Syracuse

Northcoast Early SC

Dave Cokin 4% LA Tech; Miss St; N. Tex

Doc Sports 7 NC; 4 Over Notre

Philly GF Coastal Carolina; Marshall; Over Duke

Al Demarco 30 FLA

Chris Jordan 1000 Mia

Big Al VA; Miss St

Greg Shaker TOM Over KY

Fri Oct 9

Philly Guy: Louisville

Champagne & Joey Dimes Passing

Thurs Oct 8

 Philly Guy: Bears; Tulane

Club Kid: Houston; Bears

Champagne: Houston; Under Bears

Wed Oct 7

Club Kid: Yankees

Tues Oct 6

Philly Guy: Dodgers

Club Kid: Braves -1.5; Rays -1.5; Padres

Mon Oct 5

Philly Guy Falcons

Dime Man- Patriots

Club Kid: Pats; Under Packers

Sun Oct 4

Joey Dimes Reg- Bears; Dolphins

Champagne Top- 49ers. Reg- Cowboys; Rams

Philly Guy Eagles & Over; Cowboys; Giants; Dolphins

Sat Oct 3

Nice 12-3 day from the Sharp Players, including Champagne's 5-0*

Club Kid: Open Ender Virginia

Philly Guy: Texas; Iowa St; Georgia

**Champagne: Top- Bama; Charlotte. Reg- SMU; Iowa St; Under Auburn **

Dime Man: Top- W.VA; Cincy. Reg- Coastal Carolina; Army; N.Tex; Over Tex

Thurs Oct 1

 Philly Guy: Jets; Dodgers RL

Dime Man Regular Play: Jets
Champagne Regular Play: UNDER Dodgers

Wed Sept 30

Club Kid: Over Heat

Philly Guy: Astros; Cubs
Dime Man Regular Plays: Reds; UNDER Rays
Champagne Top Play: UNDER Heat. Regular Play: UNDER White Sox

Mon Sept 28

Philly Guy: Chiefs

Dime Man: Under

Sun Sept 27

Dime Man: Top- Falcons. Reg- Pats

Philly Guy: Eagles & Over; Falcons; Lions; Jets

Champagne: Top- Cardinals. Reg- Rams; Vikings; Over Steelers; Over Packers

Sat Sept 26

Philly Guy: OK; OK St; Iowa St; Tenn;

Dime Man Top- Baylor. Reg- Over FLA; Syr; Bama

Champagne Top- W.VA; Duke; Reg- Iowa St; Miss St; SMU

Club Kid: Pitt & Under; Syr; Kentucky; Iowa St; Miss St; Over FLA; Army; W.VA; Duke; Tenn


Philly Guy MLB Phillies; Yankees

Fri Sept 25

Club Kid: Padres 1st game. UTSA & Over; Marlins 1st h

Dime Man: Top- Under Yankees; Reg play- Padres 1st game

Philly Guy: UTSA; Phillies; Padres with Lamont; Braves; Astros

Champagne: Top- Under Celtics;  Reg- Under Indians; Under Twins; Dodgers; Under Rangers; A's

Thurs Sept 24

Philly Guy: Dolphins; Braves

Club Kid: Under UAB; Over Jax.  Indians; Rangers; Brewers; Nats; Yanks; Royals

Wed Sept 23

Philly Guy: Padres; Cubs

Champagne Regular Play: Under Celtics

Dime Man Regular  Plays: Over Royals; Over Giants; Under Dodgers

Club Kid: Reds; Yanks; Mets; Giants; Marlins both ML and +1.5; Under Rays; Dodgers w/new pitcher; Over Astros; Celtics and Over

Tues Sept 22

Philly Guy: Padres; Yankees RL; Rockies

Club Kid*: Brewers +1.5; Pirates; Rays & Under; Red Sox; Under Royals; Padres & Over; DBacks; Giants

*check SP page

Mon Sept 21

Club Kid: Under Raiders; Mariners

Philly Guy: Raiders; Phillies; Astros

Champagne  &  Dime Man passing

Sun Sept 20

Dime Man: Top- Cardinals; Reg- Under Steelers; Under Bears

Club Kid: Panthers; Falcons & Under; Broncos; Over Jets; Bears; Jags

Champagne Top- Texans; Reg- Packers; Titans; Over Boys; Over Seahawks

Philly Guy: Jets; Giants; Eagles; Lions; Over Pats; Over 9ers. MLB Astros; Cards; Phillies

Sat Sept 19

Philly Guy: Louisville; Oklahoma St; Under Notre Dame

Champagne: Reg- Clemson; Navy; Over Pittsburgh; Lou Monroe

Dime Man: Big- Mid Tenn; Reg- Cincy; Louisville; Western Kentucky

Club Kid: UL Laf; Duke; Navy; Over Liberty; Under Notre Dame; Over GA Tech; Mid Ten; Louisville*SP pg

MLB Philly Guy: Phillies; Astros; Padres

Fri Sept 18

Champagne passing

Dime Man: Nuggets & Over

Philly Guy: Cubs; Yankees; Astros

Club Kid: Brewers; Twins; Indians; Dodgers; Nats game 2; Lakers. Campbell & Over

Thurs Sept 17

Philly Guy: Browns

Club Kid: Browns & Over *

Champagne & Dime Man Passing

*SP page

wed sept 16

club kid: angels, mets, giants

Tues Sept 15

Philly Guy: Astros; Padres

Club Kid: Reds; Red Sox; Over Clippers

Mon Sept 14

Philly Guy: Steelers; Broncos

Club Kid: Under Steelers; Titans; Pirates

Sun Sept 13


Philly Guy: Bengals; Skins; Lions

Champagne Top Play: Bills; Over Saints; Reg- Vikings; Over 9ers

Club Kid Browns; Panthers; Skins; Jets; Bengals; Under Dolphins; Under Lions

Dime Man Top Play: Panthers. Reg Plays: Under Pats; Ravens; Lions; Jags; 9ers; Rams & Over

Sat Sept 12

Philly Guy: Notre Dame; Iowa St; North Carolina; Under FLA St

Dime Man: Top Play- Coastal Carolina. Regular Plays: Over Lou Laf; GA Tech
Champagne: Regular Plays- Arkansas St; Southern Alabama; Over Western Kentucky

Club Kid: UNC; Ark St; App St; GA Tech; Tulane; Louisville


Philly Guy: Mets; Yankees RL

Club Kid: Brewers; Mets; DBacks; Rockies

Fri September 11

Club Kid: Royals; Celtics

Philly Guy: Phillies- both games; Cubs; Rockies

Thurs Sept 10

Club Kid: Over UAB; Phillies; Cubs. Under NFL

Philly Guy: Texans; Reds; Phillies; Padres

Wed Sept 9

Philly Guy: Mets

Club Kid: Over Celtics; Pirates +1.5; Braves; Rockies

Tues Sept 8

Philly Guy: Phillies; Wht Sox; Mets; Indians; Cubs

Club Kid: Astros game 1; Red Sox +1.5 game 1; Rays; Brewers; Angels

Mon Sept 7

Dime Man: Reg Navy

Champagne: Reg Under Navy

Club Kid: Cubs; Mariners. He's favoring BYU

Philly Guy: Reds; Phillies; Twins; Cubs; Navy

Sun Sept 6

Philly Guy: Reds; Phillies; Twins; Yankees

Club Kid: Reds; Twins; Under Cubs; Under Red Sox

Sat Sept 5

Club Kid: Mid Tenn St & Under; Under Tex St; Padres. Red Sox; Yankees; Under Rays; Under Braves

Club kid may have more FB coming later....

Philly Guy: Reds; Yankees RL; Cards; Jays; FB Memphis.  KY Derby Horses #7 across board

Fri Sept 4

Philly Guy: Reds Both games; Philies; Dodgers RL; Bl Jays w/Stipling

Club Kid: Over Brewers; Over Phillies; Indians & Over; Under Astros; Mariners; Giants; Under Red Sox game 2

Thurs Sept 3

Philly Guy: Astros RL; Blue Jays; Cubs; Phillies

Club Kid: Early Phillies; Mets. Royals & Over; Under Padres; Over S.Miss

Wed Sept 2

Philly Guy: Mets; Blue Jays; Brewers; Yankees; Cubs

Club Kid: Over Bucks; Padres; Red Sox; Pirates; Phillies; Marlins

Tues Sept 1

Philly Guy: Phillies; Braves; Brewers; Astros RL

Club Kid: Orioles; Red Sox; Yankees; Phillies; Dodgers & Under


office: 201-818-3028

Comp line:972-460-4000