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Club members- you can text me on the bat phone- the one I sent the plays from while I was in Hawaii.

Free Consensus

Weekends during regular football season*

*I post Philly Guy the whole year... when he remembers me.


June 10

Barely break even going into weekend, then 8-1. That's how it goes-

As the club member know, you have to hang on during the mediocrity and just wait for the stars to align. It's these runs that make us win in the long run.

June 3,2024

Sorry for the weird email address I was using to send the plays last week.

Some club members went 6-2, others 9-6.

I got summonsed to the south shore of CT for a friend in need (the equivalent of a hang nail IMO, but I'm not a doctor). She owns a construction company so it is possible some carriers thought her email  was spam.

I got the panicked call at 3am and didn't want to worry anyone by sending an "I'll be out of the office" email and waking everyone up.

Dropping a cinder block on my big toe (or my thoroughbred with clydesdale size hooves stepping on my foot) is just another day in the week for me. My girlfriend was in a wheelchair. For the loss of a toe nail. Not even a broken bone.

Again- sorry for any confusion.

TL Michele