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Sun Aug 9

Philly Guy: Phillies w Vela...., Rockies RL; Nats RL; Mets RL; Bruins

Club Kid: Phillies Game 1 Velasquez; Padres; Giants +1.5 RL; Under Yanks.

Additional plays: Mets; Brewers; Mariners & Under.

Tonight: White Sox

Sat Aug 8

So far so good with the power- it just came on (but still check the consensus line)!

Club Kid: A's, Pirates. From earlier Yankees w Cole pitching, game 1, White Sox

Wed Aug 5

NJ down due to hurricane so I will post plays on the consensus line 972-460-4000

Tues Aug 4

Club Kid: Blazers; Kings; Bucks. Reds; Jays; Wht Sox; Royals; Giants; Rangers; Pirates +1.5

Mon Aug 3

Philly Guy: Twins; Reds; Cubs; Rockies

Club Kid: Pelicans & Under; Lakers; Under Spurs. Reds & Over Giants; White Sox; Cubs; Padres; Phillies+1.5

Sun Aug 2

Philly Guy: Padres; Cubs; Yankees -1.5

Club Kid: Red Sox; Mets; Mariners; Orioles RL; Pirates RL; Over Spurs; Over Bucks

add Twins; Under Blazers; Under Angels 1st 5 and whole game

Sat Aug 1

Philly Guy: Cubs -1.5; Yanks -1.5

Club Kid: Indians; Braves; Mariners; Thunder; Oilers; Orioles; Padres RL; Under Angels

added Twins; Under Blazers

Fri July 31

Philly Guy: Rockies; Cubs-1.5

Dime Man: Reg- Yanks; Indians; Over Mariners

Club Kid: Top- Mavericks; Reg- Kings & Over; Over Bucks; Wht Sox; Reds; Orioles +1.5; Angels +1.5

July 30

 Philly Guy: Washington Nationals, Padres

Dime Man: Top- Over Jazz; Reg- Clippers; Padres

Champagne: Reg- Indians; Dodgers

Club Kid: Royals; Mets; Cubs; Braves; Over Yanks; Over Pelicans; Under Clippers

Heads up guys.... when I receive plays from our cappers I will be posting them here so check back often

June 16, 2020

Yes guys, the cappers and I are still here, bored out of our minds like everyone else!

May 11, 2020

Betting on Russian Ping Pong????? I just read this in SI... click on SP page here

May 2020 see SP Page

Hey guys, I'm stuck in hell with no sports, just like you. For an update with our handicappers, please check the SharpPlays page. As soon as I hear from them, I will be posting their updates.

Until then, stay safe and find some good, wholesome entertainment- like Brian use to have until it was deemed XXX rated!

Mar 28 Gulf Stream,

from our own Joey Dimes:

10 race 6, 5, 7, 12.

11th- 4, 9, 13, 5,

12th 9*, 10, 1, 2,

13th 10, 12, 5, 1, 2,

14th derby 9, 5, 1, 7, 12,

Kicking ass & taking names in Hoops & If you play XFL, you HAVE to be on our side!

Well, we were doing well......

For those going crazy and turning to alcohol, please check your local liquor store.

Here in NJ, our local Bottle King has curb side pick up only.

You have to order online, pay online, then give them the make, model & color of your car.

They will send you a confirmation email when your order has been placed. Then they will give you a time for pick up, and directions on where & how to pick up your order.

I shit you not.

Also, My local CVS opens at 8am.

Walgreens opens at 9am.

No special time for seniors or those with compromised immunity.

I plan on getting drunk and doing a puzzle. I wonder if alcohol mixes well with my seizure medication.... I guess I'll find out.

Also, if you cannot reach me on the Mac phone, try emailing me. I think the phone lines are broken because I only get a dial tone 50% of the time.

Before Brian hi-jacked me, I was the equivalent of a NP in veterinary science. Since I blew out both of my shoulders, I am unable to go back to work at a animal hospital; so for my clients who have any problems or questions regarding their pets, you may ask me. However.... I am not a substitute for a DVM

I'm just bored out of my mind and here to help.

Thurs Mar 12

Ugg. What the heck do you do when there are no sports? And I was worried about toilet paper.....

Wed Mar 11

Philly Guy: Geo Wash; Minnesota; Indy

Joey Dimes: Top- NC St; Reg- Indy; St John; UND Clem; UND TCU

Champagne: Top- Vandy; NC; Reg- Fordham; Manhattan; OK St; Old Dom

Tues Mar 10

Philly Guy: Pitt; NC

Champagne: Top- NC; Reg- Wake; N.Dak; Niagra

Joey Dimes: Fairfield; Iona; Jackson State; South Carolina State

Mon Mar 9

Dime Man: Kent; San Fran; St Mary

Champagne: Hofstra; Wisc Gr Bay

Sun Mar 8

Joey Dimes: Mich; W.Carolina; Valpo

Philly Guy: Mich St; Maryland; Nebraska; ILL

Champagne: Top- Delaware; Reg- Towson; Hampton

Sat Mar 7

Philly Guy: Lasalle; Kansas; Baylor; Villa

Champagne: Top- Tex; NC; Reg- Dayton; Ford; E.Wash; St Louis; Ore; UAB

Joey Dimes: Top- Prov; Reg- Tenn; FLA; Tex Tech; Creight; TX A&M; Wash St; Cal Poly N; Dak St

Fri Mar 6

Philly Guy: San Diego St

Joey Dime Man: Kent St; Harvard; Wake; W.Mich; Radford

Champagne Charlie: Top- Boise; Reg- Prince;Dart; N.ILL; E.KY; Loy-Mary; Wyo; Winthrop

Thurs Mar 5

Philly Guy: ILL; Wich St

Joey Dimes: Mich; AZ St; Stan; Cal San Barb; Port St

Champagne Charlie: UT Valley; E.Wash; Cal Dav; UNLV; ILL St; Valpo; E.KY; E.ILL Southern

Wed Mar 4

Philly Guy: Lasalle; St Joe; Villa; FL St; Indy

Joey Dimes: Top- Iona; Reg- Ford; St John; Wisc

Champagne: Top- Prov; Reg- Clem; Ride; OK St; GA Tech

Tues Mar 3

Philly Guy: Rutgers; Michigan State

Joey Dimes:  Top- NC; Reg- Troy; Richmond; Marqu; KY; Cleve St; Stony Brook; Lipscomb

Champagne: GA South; GA St; Mia-Oh; Rut; S.FLA; Lou- Mon; Iowa St; Lehigh; Bucknell; SC Upstate

Mon Mar 2

Joey Dimes: Weber St; Beth Cook; NC AT&T

everyone else passing

Sun Mar 1

Joey Dimes: Xavier;  N.Tex; Towson

Philly Guy: Temple; Xavier; Nebraska; Michigan

Champagne: Top- Creighton; Reg- Marist; Louisville; Stanford

Sat Feb 29

Philly Guy: FLa St; St Joe; Villa

Joey Dimes: Top- N.AZ; Reg- TCU; Marqu; Denver; KY; Chat; Mercer; Pepper; UCLA; Gonzo

Champagne: Top-Col St; Mizz KA City; Reg- E.Mich; Mizz St; Valpo; Hofstra; OK St; S.Bama; NC Wilm; VA; Tulane

please no reposting

Fri Feb 28

Philly Guy: Penn

Joey Dimes: Davidson

Champagne: Fairfield; Marist

KS 11- 4 last night

Thurs Feb 27

Philly Guy: Temple; Indy

Champagne: Top- UCLA; Reg- Mich; SoCal; N.Col; Ore; W.KY; UAB (5-1-1)

Joey Dimes: Top- Lou-Mon; Reg- Delaware; NC Wilm; St Pete; E.KY; Neb; Cal San Barb; FLA Atl (5-2-1)

Wed Jan 26

Champagne: Villanova; Marquette

Joey Dimes: Marist; Siena; Mass; Omaha; Bost Col; UNLV

Philly Guy: Maryland; Rutgers- nice 2-0 last nite & hitting +70%

Tues Feb 25

Philly Guy: Valpo; Xav

Joey Dimes: Xav; Iowa; Miss; Bowl Gr; TX Tech; Wyo; Memphis

Champagne: Top- Iowa St; Baylor; Reg- C.Mich; TX A&M; E.Mich; Loy-Chi; Xav

Mon Feb 24

Champagne: FLA St

Philly Guy: FLA St; Neb

Dime Man: Under Kansas

Sun Feb 23

Philly Guy: Rutgers; Indy; Minnesota

Joey Dimes: St Pete's; St John's; Maryland

Champagne: Top- Creighton; Mia FLA; Reg- Manhattan; Marist; Conn; NWern

Sat Feb 22

Philly Guy: Fla St; Villanova; St Joe; Kansas; G-Town

Dime Man: Reg- Marquette; W.Mich; Youngstown; Elon; Mich

Missouri St; App; Iowa St; Vandy; E.KY; AZ St; Cal Poly; Gonzo; Rice

Champagne: Top- Miss; Reg- Baylor; E.Mich; Villa; Lou-Mon; TX A&M;

UCLA; ILL-Chi; LouisvilleCal; KY; Long Beach; NC Wilm; SC; AZ; S.Miss; N.Tex

Fri Feb 21

Philly Guy: Penn

Champagne: Marist; Iona

Joey Dimes: St Pete; Dartmouth

Thurs Feb 20

Philly Guy: Temple; Hofstra

Dime Man: Cleve St; Elon; Neb; AZ St

Champagne: Top- Iowa; Reg- Conn; GA St; AZ; E.Wash; Wash; UCLA; Cal River

Awesome 5-1 Wed  night for Champagne Charlie!

Wed Feb 19

Philly Guy: Rutgers; Indiana

Dime Man: Top- Rutgers; Reg NC Green; Valpar; Houston; Under Bama

Champagne: Top- Virginia; Texas; Reg- Richmond; Missouri St; Tex Tech; Mia FLA

Tues Feb 18

Dime Man: Oklahoma

Philly Guy: St Joe; Maryland; Wisconsin

Champagne: Top- Penn St; Reg- Creighton

Mon Feb 17

Philly Guy: Xavier

Dime Man & Champagne passing

Sun Feb 16

Joey Dime Man: Michigan; Siena

Philly Guy: Villanova; Iowa; San Diego St

(10-1 yesterday!) Champagne: Top- Boise; Reg- Fordham; Utah U

Sat Feb 15

Philly Guy: FLA St; Seton Hall; Maryland

Champagne: Top- Penn St; St Lou; Reg- Mia FLA; N.TX; FIU; Wyo; Rut;TCU; VA; SMU; SoCal

Joey Dimes: NErn; S.FLA; Georgia St; S.ILL; Neb; TX A&M; Notre; S.Dak; Vandy; Bryant; Under Baylor

Fri Feb 14

Champagne: Marist; S.Dak St

Philly Guy & Joey Dimes passing

Thurs Feb 13

Dime Man: Elon; S.Cal

Philly Guy: Indy; Hofstra; Oregon

Champagne: Top- Hofstra; Reg- GA Southern; C.FLA; Tex St; Pacific

Wed Feb 12

Philly Guy: Rut; LaSalle; Mich

Champagne: Top- TX A&M; Reg- S.C.; VCU; Conn; OK; S.FLA

Joey Dime Man: Top- NWern; Pitt; Reg- Xav; E.Tenn; W.VA; :aSalle; Indy St; Rutgers

Tues Feb 11

Philly Guy: Tenn; Mich St

Joey Dimes: Toledo; Miss; Kansas St

Champagne: Top- Rhode Island; Reg- LSU; Boise St

Mon Feb 10

Philly Guy & Dime Man: Florida St

Sun Feb 9

Philly Guy: Butler; Rutgers; Penn

Joey Dime Man: UConn; Butler; Rider; Princeton

Champagne: Top- Rutger; Reg- Manhattan; C.FLA; Monmouth; Mass; Wash St; Princeton

Sat Feb 8

Philly Guy: W.VA; Villa; LaSalle

Champagne: Top- FLA ATL; Reg- N.Dak St; OK; Delaware; Miss; Tex San An; DenverU; BYU; San Diego S

Joey Dimes: Top- Hofstra; Cal Poly; Reg- Aub; TCU; Duques; Ark; St Joe; Creight; Wyo; Baylor; Marsh; UTEP; AF;

Iowa St; Tenn St;

Fri Feb 7

Champagne: Illinois

Philly Guy: Penn; Maryland

Thurs Feb 6

Philly Guy: Delaware

Champagne: Top- Lou Tech; Reg- Lou-Laf; Arizona

Joey Dimes: Tex San An; E.Car; ILL-Chi; UAB; Idaho St; Idaho; N.Colo; Hawaii; UCLA; San Fran

Wed Feb 5

Dime Man: Virginia

Philly Guy: Minnesota; Seton Hall

Champagne: Top- Louisville; Reg- Notre Dame; Utah St

Tues Feb 4

Philly Guy: Auburn; Rutgers; Tex A&M

Champagne: Top- Tex A&M; Reg- Ark; Rhode Island

Dime Man: Top- GA Tech; Reg- N.ILL; Mich; Miss St; Nevada

Mon Feb 3

Dime Man: Texas

Sun Feb 2


Happy Palindrome Day


Super Bowl

Philly Guy: Chiefs

Dime Man: Pitt; Marist

Champagne: S.Dakota; Monmouth

Club Members Super Bowl play: Under Chiefs

Club props-

Emanuel Sanders Over Receptions

Mostart Under Rushing Yds

Mahomes Under Passing YDS

2nd half higher score than 1st

Coleman Under Rush yds

Shortest TD Under 1.5 yds

Under Penalties

9ers will sack Chiefs QB 1st

Jimmy G will throw interception

long shots- 1st TDs Damien Williams & Emmanuel Sanders

Fantastic game!!!!

Sat Feb 1

Philly Guy: Villa; Mich; Mich St; BYU

Champagne: Top- Towson; S. Carolina. Reg- Indy; T A&M; E.Tenn; Ark St; Cincy; Utah St

Dime Man: Top- Miss St; Tulsa; Reg- Chatt; Ark Lil Rock; E.KY; Baylor; Aust P; L Beach St; Woff; UND BYU


office: 201-818-3028

Comp line:972-460-4000