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 Weekend Updates  972-460-4000 Football Season

Club Line answered daily 201-818-3028

Sun Feb 23

Philly Guy: Rutgers; Indy; Minnesota

Joey Dimes: St Pete's; St John's; Maryland

Champagne: Top- Creighton; Mia FLA; Reg- Manhattan; Marist; Conn; NWern

Sat Feb 22

Philly Guy: Fla St; Villanova; St Joe; Kansas; G-Town

Dime Man: Reg- Marquette; W.Mich; Youngstown; Elon; Mich

Missouri St; App; Iowa St; Vandy; E.KY; AZ St; Cal Poly; Gonzo; Rice

Champagne: Top- Miss; Reg- Baylor; E.Mich; Villa; Lou-Mon; TX A&M;

UCLA; ILL-Chi; LouisvilleCal; KY; Long Beach; NC Wilm; SC; AZ; S.Miss; N.Tex

Fri Feb 21

Philly Guy: Penn

Champagne: Marist; Iona

Joey Dimes: St Pete; Dartmouth

Thurs Feb 20

Philly Guy: Temple; Hofstra

Dime Man: Cleve St; Elon; Neb; AZ St

Champagne: Top- Iowa; Reg- Conn; GA St; AZ; E.Wash; Wash; UCLA; Cal River

Awesome night for Champagne Charlie last night!

Wed Feb 19

Philly Guy: Rutgers; Indiana

Dime Man: Top- Rutgers; Reg NC Green; Valpar; Houston; Under Bama

Champagne: Top- Virginia; Texas; Reg- Richmond; Missouri St; Tex Tech; Mia FLA

Tues Feb 18

Dime Man: Oklahoma

Philly Guy: St Joe; Maryland; Wisconsin

Champagne: Top- Penn St; Reg- Creighton

Mon Feb 17

Philly Guy: Xavier

Dime Man & Champagne passing

Sun Feb 16

Joey Dime Man: Michigan; Siena

Philly Guy: Villanova; Iowa; San Diego St

(10-1 yesterday!) Champagne: Top- Boise; Reg- Fordham; Utah U

Sat Feb 15

Philly Guy: FLA St; Seton Hall; Maryland

Champagne: Top- Penn St; St Lou; Reg- Mia FLA; N.TX; FIU; Wyo; Rut;TCU; VA; SMU; SoCal

Joey Dimes: NErn; S.FLA; Georgia St; S.ILL; Neb; TX A&M; Notre; S.Dak; Vandy; Bryant; Under Baylor

Fri Feb 14

Champagne: Marist; S.Dak St

Philly Guy & Joey Dimes passing

Thurs Feb 13

Dime Man: Elon; S.Cal

Philly Guy: Indy; Hofstra; Oregon

Champagne: Top- Hofstra; Reg- GA Southern; C.FLA; Tex St; Pacific

Wed Feb 12

Philly Guy: Rut; LaSalle; Mich

Champagne: Top- TX A&M; Reg- S.C.; VCU; Conn; OK; S.FLA

Joey Dime Man: Top- NWern; Pitt; Reg- Xav; E.Tenn; W.VA; :aSalle; Indy St; Rutgers

Tues Feb 11

Philly Guy: Tenn; Mich St

Joey Dimes: Toledo; Miss; Kansas St

Champagne: Top- Rhode Island; Reg- LSU; Boise St

Mon Feb 10

Philly Guy & Dime Man: Florida St

Sun Feb 9

Philly Guy: Butler; Rutgers; Penn

Joey Dime Man: UConn; Butler; Rider; Princeton

Champagne: Top- Rutger; Reg- Manhattan; C.FLA; Monmouth; Mass; Wash St; Princeton

Sat Feb 8

Philly Guy: W.VA; Villa; LaSalle

Champagne: Top- FLA ATL; Reg- N.Dak St; OK; Delaware; Miss; Tex San An; DenverU; BYU; San Diego S

Joey Dimes: Top- Hofstra; Cal Poly; Reg- Aub; TCU; Duques; Ark; St Joe; Creight; Wyo; Baylor; Marsh; UTEP; AF;

Iowa St; Tenn St;

Fri Feb 7

Champagne: Illinois

Philly Guy: Penn; Maryland

Thurs Feb 6

Philly Guy: Delaware

Champagne: Top- Lou Tech; Reg- Lou-Laf; Arizona

Joey Dimes: Tex San An; E.Car; ILL-Chi; UAB; Idaho St; Idaho; N.Colo; Hawaii; UCLA; San Fran

Wed Feb 5

Dime Man: Virginia

Philly Guy: Minnesota; Seton Hall

Champagne: Top- Louisville; Reg- Notre Dame; Utah St

Tues Feb 4

Philly Guy: Auburn; Rutgers; Tex A&M

Champagne: Top- Tex A&M; Reg- Ark; Rhode Island

Dime Man: Top- GA Tech; Reg- N.ILL; Mich; Miss St; Nevada

Mon Feb 3

Dime Man: Texas

Sun Feb 2

Happy Palindrome Day


Philly Guy: Chiefs

Dime Man: Pitt; Marist

Champagne: S.Dakota; Monmouth

Club Members Super Bowl play: Under Chiefs

Club props-

Emanuel Sanders Over Receptions

Mostart Under Rushing Yds

Mahomes Under Passing YDS

2nd half higher score than 1st

Coleman Under Rush yds

Shortest TD Under 1.5 yds

Under Penalties

9ers will sack Chiefs QB 1st

Jimmy G will throw interception

long shots- 1st TDs Damien Williams & Emmanuel Sanders

Fantastic game!!!!

Sat Feb 1

Philly Guy: Villa; Mich; Mich St; BYU

Champagne: Top- Towson; S. Carolina. Reg- Indy; T A&M; E.Tenn; Ark St; Cincy; Utah St

Dime Man: Top- Miss St; Tulsa; Reg- Chatt; Ark Lil Rock; E.KY; Baylor; Aust P; L Beach St; Woff; UND BYU


BK Broiler Marquette

Fri Jan 31

Champagne: Harvard; Detroit U

Joey Dimes: Yale; Siena; St Pete; N.Kentucky

Thurs Jan 30

Philly Guy: ILL; Will & Mary

6-2 Dime Man: Top- ILL; Reg- ILL-Chi; Towson; N.Dak; S.Miss; Austin P; BYU; N.Colo; Cal Davis

5-0 Champagne: Top- Stanford; Reg- James Mad; Ark Lil Rock; Texas State; Arkansas State; Tex San Antonio

Wed Jan 29

Philly Guy:  Indy; LaSalle; Duquesne (2-1)

Champagne: Top- Notre; Reg- Mich St; N.Iowa; SC; Wash St (5-0)

Joey Dimes: Top- Brad; Reg- Seton Hall; Kentucky; Geo Wash; Chatt; ILL St; Tex; Marquette (6-2)

Tues Jan 28

Joey Dimes: Missouri; Miss

Champagne: Rhode Island; Duke

Philly Guy: Villanova; FLA St; Rutgers and possibly OK *see SP page

Mon Jan 27

Joey Dimes Pass

Philly Guy: North Carolina

Champagne Charlie: Iowa; Lehigh

Sun Jan 26

Joey Dimes: Indiana; Houston; Valparaiso

Champagne: Minnesota U; Creighton; NWern

Philly Guy: Maryland; Michigan St; San Diego St

Sat Jan 25

Philly Guy: Villa; Temple; LaSalle; W.VA; FLA St

Champagne: Top- Auburn; Tex A&M. Reg- Louisville; N.TX; Toledo; S.C.; FLA; Colo

Joey Dimes Top- NErn; Bama; Reg- Syr; W.VA; Cita; SMU; GA Tech; E.ILL; S.Cal; David; W.KY; Rice; Gr Canyon; Murray; Cal-Ful


BK Broiler Charlotte

Rainman St Bonny; Akron; N.Tex; Bama; Tex Tech

Fri Jan 24

Champagne Charlie & Joey Dimes Passing

Thurs Jan 23

Philly Guy: Ohio St; Mich St

Joey Dimes: N.Tex; Cal Bakersfield

Champagne: Austin Peay; Wisc Green Bay

Wed Jan 22

Philly Guy: Xavier; LaSalle

Joey Dimes: Miss St; Providence

Champagne: Fordham; Marist; Colorado State

Tues Jan 21

Philly Guy: Villa; St Joe; Neb

Joey Dimes: Villa; Purdue; Marquette

Champagne: Top- Tex A&M; Reg- KA; NWern; S.FLA; Iowa St; Clem

Sun Jan 19

Champagne: 49ers

Philly Guy: Rutgers; Chiefs; Packers

Joey Dimes: Forham; Niagra; Marist; Chiefs

Sat Jan 18

Philly Guy: Villanova; LaSalle; Penn St; St Joe

Champoagne: Top- Tex A&M; Seattle U; Reg- Villa; Purdue; Quinn; Wyo; C.FLA; Wright St

Joey Dimes: Top- N.Kentucky; San Diego St. Reg- Penn St; OK; Akron; Vandy; Gonzo; Under W.VA; Over Bama


The BK Broiler- Bowling Green

Fri Jan 17

Champagne: Iowa

Joey Dimes: Niagra; Wofford

Thurs Jan 16

Philly Guy: AZ St; Memphis

Dime Man: UAB; W.KY; AZ; Colo

Champagne: Top- Fla Atl; Wash U; Reg- N.KY; Cincy; S.ILL; Edwardsville

Wed Jan 15

Philly Guy: Georgetown; FLA St

Joey Dimes: Top- GA Tech; Reg- Duquesne; Indy St; St Pete; E.Car; Valpar; Bama

Champagne: Top- Baylor; Minnesota; Reg- Mass; Rutgers; Citadel; Georgia; Air Force

Tues Jan 14

Philly Guy: Villa; Nebraska

Joey Dimes: Top- FLA; Reg- Richmond; W.Mich; Ball St; Wake

Champagne: Top- Wisc; Reg- Buff; Dayton; Villa; Under West Virginia

Mon Jan 13

Philly Guy: Clemson

Champagne: Clemson

Joey Dimes: Over Clemson

Sun Jan 12

Philly Guy: Chiefs; Packers; Quinn

Joey Dimes: Texans; Quinnipiac; Wright St

Champagne: Top- Under Packers; Reg- Seahawks; St Pete

Sat Jan 11

Philly Guy: 12 Noon football- Under James Madison. La Salle; Nova; St John; Vikings

Champagne: Top- St Bonny; Duke. Reg- St John; La Salle; Tex Arl; Richmond; 49ers; Ravens

Joey Dime Man: Top- Tex. Reg- NWern; GA St; Davidson; N.ILL; Mont St; Cal Santa Barb; Under 49ers

Thurs Jan 9

Philly Guy: Wichita St

Champagne: St Pete; E.KY; TX-Arl; Ore; Cal-Davis; Ore St; Under Stanford

Joey Dimes: Will & Mary; Elon; Lou Laf; Marshall; N.Tex; Belmont; UTEP; N.Mex St; Cal-Ful; St Mary

Wed Jan 8

Philly Guy: Notre Dame; La Salle

Joey Dimes St Bony; Mass; Fairfield; UNLV; Wyo

Champagne Top- Wisc. Reg- NC St; NWern; Bama; Tulane

Tues Jan 7

Champagne Top- Missouri. Reg- Rut; Mia Oh; Syr; Creighton

Dime Man Top- Ohio U; Under TCU. Reg- VA; Quinni; N.Iowa; TX A&M; Air Force

Mon Jan 6

Philly Guy: Under Miami OH

Happy Holidays Plays compliments ofJoey Dimes & Champagne Charlie-

Top Play Under West Virginia. Regular Plays on Texas Arlington & West Virginia

Sun Jan 5

Philly Guy: Saints; Eagles

Champagne: Top- Saints; Reg- Seahawks

Killer Source Hoops

Champagne: Reg-Monmouth; St Bonny; Denver U; Minnesota; Wash U

Joey Dimes: Top- Purdue; Reg- Mich St; Davidson; Wisc Green Bay; St Louis; Colorado

Sat Jan 4

Philly Guy: Titans; Penn St; Villanova; Penn; Over Tulane

Champagne: Top- Penn; Reg- Titans; Buff U; NErn; Charleston; N.Colo

Dime Man: Top- Arizona; MN; Reg- Bills; Ark St; App St; Tenn St; Lou Tech; Wash St


Fri Jan 3

Dime Man passing

Champagne: Wisc Mil; Wisc Gr Bay

Thurs Jan 2
Philly Guy: Cincy & Over
Joey Dimes and Champagne Charlie passing bowls

Killer Source Hoops
Champagne: Top- Mich St; Wash U; Reg- App St; Marshall; Belmont; San Diego
Dime Man: Top- Ark Lil Rock; Reg- St Lou; Minnesota; Ol Dom; La Salle; N.Colo; S.Utah; Pacific

Wed Jan 1

Killer Sources

Champagne Top Baylor

Joey Dimes Alabama; Oregon

Philly Guy Baylor; Wisconsin & Over

Killer Sources Hoops

Joey Dimes Boise; Nevada

Champagne Cincy; Creighton

office: 201-818-3028

Comp line:972-460-4000