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Fri Mar 22

Augie J:  Cal-Irv Win

Dime Man: VCU; (Over Buffalo- W)

Champagne: Utah St; (Oregon-W)

Philly Guy: Saint Louis (Iowa-W; Northern Kentucky-L; Cal-Irv - W; Oregon- W))

Club: (Oklahoma-W; Colgate-W; Oregon-  W )

Club Members- email me for all the KS plays.

Thurs Mar 21

Dime Man Top: Belmont; Yale; No.eastern Reg: Vermont; Minnesota; N Mex St; Syracuse
Champagne Top: Florida Reg: Old Dom;  Mich St; Michigan

Augie J:  Murray St; FLA; St Mary*

Philly Guy: Villa; Old Dom; Murray; Belmont; NV; Montana; N.Mex

Wed Mar 20

Philly Guy: Georgetown;

Augie J: UAB; Butler

Champagne: Arizona St

Dime Man: Xavier; Wichita St

Tues Mar 19

Philly Guy: Belmont

Augie J: Memphis; Hofstra

Dime Man: Reg- Hofstra; NC Green; Colorado

Champagne Top: Creighton. Reg- Texas; Temple

Sun Mar 17

 Augie J: Mich; Auburn; Houston

Dime Man Regular Play: St. Louis
Champagne Regular Plays: Houston; Michigan

Philly Guy: Michigan St

Sat Mar 16

Philly Guy: Penn; FLA St; Villanova; St Bonny; Kentucky

Augie J: Mich St; Mich; Auburn; Iowa St; Oregon

Dime Man: Regular Plays- Michigan State; Florida

Champagne Top Play: Rhode Island; Oregon. Reg- Mich; Davidson; Buffalo

Fri Mar 15

Club: Rhode Island; Ohio State

Augie J: Michigan St; Purdue; Duke W.VA

Philly Guy: St Joe; FLA St; LSU; San Diego St; add Temple

Dime Man Top: St. Bony; Dayton Reg: Buffalo; N Car; Cal Irvine; UCSB
Champagne Top: Michigan; Kan St Reg: C Fla; Temple; Tenn; UAB; S bama; Fresno

Thurs Mar 14

Augie J: St Joes; Creighton; VA; Penn St; SMU

Philly Guy: Marquette; St. Joe; Baylor; Florida St; Penn St

Dime Man Top: Prov; Indiana Reg: Duke; Kansas; Florida; Miss; So Cal; Fresno; So Miss
Champagne Top: Kent St; VA; Maryland Reg: Illinois; Kan St; Tex Tech; Cal Irv; Portland St; UND Toledo; OVER S.Miss

Wed Mar 13

TLM Club: Under Clemson

Philly Guy: St Johns; Stanford

Augie J: Arizona; Clemson; Butler; Stanford; Mid TN St

Dime Man Top Play: Providence Regular Plays: Syracuse; New Mexico; Oregon; UNDER Illinois
Champagne Top Plays: Fordham; Rutgers Regular Plays: Virginia Tech; DePaul; Oklahoma; N Arizona 

Tues Mar 12

Augie J: Arkansas St; Northeastern

Dime Man Regular Plays: Georgia Tech; Northeastern; North Dakota St

Mon Mar 11

Dime Man Top Play: North Dakota St. Regular Play: San Diego
Champagne Regular Plays: Hofstra; Miami-Ohio
; Charleston

Augie J: Northeastern; Oakland; Ohio

Philly Guy: Western Michigan  

Sun Mar 10

Philly Guy: Drexel

Augie J: Will & Mary; Bradley

Dime Man Top: Radford. Reg: Will & Mary; Charleston; Siena; South Dakota
Champagne Top: Penn St; Wofford. Reg: S Fla; North Carolina Wilmington; Northern Iowa

Sat Mar 9

Dime Man Top: Memphis. Reg: Xavier; DePaul; Villa; St. Bon; Coast Carolina; Kansas St
 Champagne Top: Marquette; Cal Irv; Furman. Reg: Prov; OK St; Cal Ful

Philly Guy: Prov; Villa; Tenn; Temple; San Diego St

Augie J: Auburn; Iowa St; Duke; Michigan

Fri Mar 8

Augie J: Loy-Mary; Ohio; Ball St

Dime Man Top: Loy-Chi. Reg: Ohio U; Santa Clara; Western Carolina

Champagne Reg: V Tech; S. ILL; Loy-Mary; Iona; Campbell

Thurs Mar 7

I am posting all the Killer Source Plays tonight

Augie J: UCF; Indiana St

Dime Man Regular Plays: Appalachian St; Indiana St; Marist
Champagne Top Play: Houston. Regular Plays: Wisconsin; UCLA; Stanford; Illinois St; Central Florida

Philly Guy: Temple; Illinois ; Indiana St; CS Northridge

Wed Mar 6*

Dime Man Regular Plays: DePaul; NC State; Florida Atlantic
Champagne Regular Plays: Georgia; West Virginia; UNDER Charlotte

Philly Guy: G-Town; San Diego State

Augie J: FLA; Seton Hall

Tuesday Nights Plays

Augie had Mia-Oh; Akron; VTech; A&M

 Philly had St Joe; Colo St

I will post D&C when I get

Mon Mar 4

Augie J: Syracuse

Champagne: Kansas St

Dime Man: Syracuse; Texas

Philly Guy: Syracuse

Sun Mar 3

Augie J: Maryland; Stanford

Dime Man: Wichita; Illinois; Oregon St

Champagne: Louisianna- Lafayette; Stanford

Philly Guy: St John; Michigan

Sat March 2

Philly Guy: LSU; Villanova; Kentucky

Augie J: Indy St; Missouri; Clem; Kentucky

Dime Man Top: Iowa; St. Joe. Reg: OK St; Penn St; Duquesne; Tex Arlington
Champagne Top: Virginia. Reg: Loy Chi; ILL St; Fla St; Towson; St Louis; Utah

Fri March 1

Dime Man: Dayton

Champagne: Brown

Philly Guy: Dayton

Augie J: Pass

Thurs Feb 28

Dime Man: Michigan; Lou Tech;

Champagne: top- Wichita; Reg- Lou-Mon; UAB

Philly Guy: Northwestern; Wichita St

Wed Feb 27

Augie J: Ole Miss; Villanova

Dime Man Top Plays: Penn State; Northern Iowa. Regular Plays: Virginia; Georgetown
Champagne Top Plays: Illinois St; Bradley; Boston College Regular Plays: Georgia; Fresno; Nevada; St. Bonaventure

Philly Guy: G-Town; Villanova

Tues Feb 26

Augie J: VTech; Ohio St

Philly Guy: Wisc; San Diego St; OH St

Dime Man Reg: North Carolina; Kentucky

Champagne Top: VCU. Reg- Kent St; S.C.; Tex A&M; San Diego St

Mon Feb 25

Augie J: Kansas; Iowa St

Philly Guy: Kansas

Dime Man: Fla St

Sun Feb 24

Philly Guy: Mich St; Villa

Augie J: Mich St; Rutgers; ILL St

Dime Man Regular Plays: Southern Illinois; Xavier; NC State
Champagne Top Play: Drake

Sat Feb 23

Philly Guy: Temple; Drexel; St Mary

Augie J: LSU; Auburn; FLA St; Louisville

Dime Man Regular plays: OK; E.Mich; Bradley

Champagne Regular Plays: Toledo; ILL; Maryland

Club members email me to receive all killer sources plays!

Fri Feb 22

Augie J: Brown; Green Bay

Philly Guy: Buffalo; Davidson

Dime Man & Champagne are passing. This is everything from the Killer Sources for today.

Thurs Feb 21

Philly Guy: Michigan

Augie J: Oregon

Dime Man Regular Plays: UCLA
Champagne Regular Plays: Wright St; Texas Arlington

This is just a sample of our Killer Sources.

To receive their Top Plays, join the club- Club Members can email me if they want the whole list of KS plays.

Wed Feb 20

Philly Guy: Syracuse; Providence

Augie J: Louisville; Florida; Butler

Dime Man Regular Plays: Memphis; Southern Illinois
Champagne Regular Plays: Loyola-Chicago; St. Bonaventure

Tues Feb 19

Philly Guy: Penn St; Davidson

Augie J: Maryland; Clemson; Tex A&M

Dime Man Regular Plays: Penn St; UNDER Clemson
Champagne Top Play: VCU; Regular Plays: Notre Dame; Texas A&M

Mon Feb 18 - All KS Plays posted here today

Augie J: VA Tech

Philly Guy: VA Tech

Dime Man Regular Play: Kansas State
Champagne Regular Play: Eastern Washington

Sun Feb 17

All KS plays posted today:

Augie J: Villanova

Philly Guy: Ohio St; Villanova

Dime Man Regular Plays: Wichita; Creighton
Champagne Regular Play: UNDER Miami-Florida

Sat Feb 16

Augie J: Maryland; Iowa St; Kentucky

Philly Guy: App St; Iowa St; Minnesota; Kentucky

Dime Man Reg:  Duquesne; Prov; W Kentucky; Charleston; KA; Miss St; Samford; E.Wash
Champagne Top: Miss; KA St; Reg- Gr Bay; Minnesota; Cal Irv; W.ILL; Sacramento

Fri Feb 15

Philly Guy: Columbia

Augie J: Davidson; GA St

Dime Man Regular Plays: Dartmouth; Cornell

Thurs Feb 14

Augei J: St. Mary's

Philly Guy: Ohio St; Hofstra

Dime Man Regular Plays: Florida Atlantic; Wisconsin Milwaukee
Champagne Regular Plays: Towson; Santa Clara

Wed Feb 13


PG N Iowa; temple

Dime Man Top: VA Tech. Reg: NWern; Valpar; Minnesota; FLA; Colo
Champagne Top: VCU; Florida St; Stanford. Reg: Villa; Creight; UT St; UND Clem

WOW  - go Champ!

Tues Feb 12

Augie J: Texas; Texas A&M

Philly Guy: Michigan St; St. Joe's

Dime Man Top Play: UNLV. Regular Plays: Akron; Louisville
Champagne Top Plays: St Joe; Maryland. Regular Plays: Kansas State; Texas A&M

Mon Feb 11

Philly Guy: North Carolina

Augie J: Kansas; Virginia

Dime Man: Top Play Baylor

Sun Feb 10

Augie J: Cincy

Philly Guy: Indiana

Dime Man Top Play: Iowa. Regular Plays: Cincinnati; Oral Roberts
Champagne Top Play: South Florida. Regular Play: Stanford

Sat Feb 9

Augie J: Clemson; Villa Nova; Duke

Philly Guy: Drexel; Georgetown; U.S.C

Dime Man Reg: Miami-Oh; Towson; Texas-Arl; Missouri; Creighton; Austin Peay; UNLV; Mid Tenn; Arizona; Cal-Irvine
Champagne Reg: E.Mich; RI; Utah; Mercer; S.Miss; S.ILL; Cal Ful; UTEP; Wash; Under Tex Tech; Under VA

Killer Sources TOP PLAYS are for Club Members $ weekend warriors only!

Fri Feb 8

Augie J: St. Joe's

Philly Guy:  Kent St

Thurs Feb 7

Augie J: UCF; Memphis

Philly Guy: E.Tenn St; S.FLA; Memphis

Dime Man Regular Plays: Drexel; Memphis; Rice; Washington U.; Omaha
Champagne Top: Mid Tenn; Gonzaga. Reg: Arizona St; So Florida; St. Mary's; No Arizona; Montana

Wed Feb 6

Augie J: Clemson; UConn

Philly Guy: Temple; Maryland

Dime Man Regular Plays: Baylor; UCLA; Missouri St; Air Force; Oregon
Champagne Top Play: Northern Iowa. Regular Plays: Massachusetts; Alabama; Boise St

Tues Feb 5

Augie J: FLA St; St John's; Kansas

Philly Guy: North Carolina; Michigan

Dime Man Top Play: Marquette. Regular Plays: LaSalle; Toledo; Kentucky; Kansas St; Auburn
Champagne Top Plays: Duke; North Carolina; Arkansas. Regular Plays: Miami-Ohio; Tennessee

Mon Feb 4

Augie J: Louisville

Dime Man & Champagne taking a well deserved pass

Sun Feb 3

Dime Man Top Play: UNDER Patriots. Regular Plays: Purdue; Stanford
Champagne Top Play: Patriots; Connecticut. Regular Plays: Villanova; Clemson

Augie J: Rams

Philly Guy: Georgetown

Philly Guy's Props:
Cooks over yardage 
Cooks over catches 
Goff over rushing yes for game
Gurley over passing yes for game
Unders Rams

Sat Feb 2

Augie J: Louisville; Florida

Philly Guy: St Joe; NC State; OK; Kentucky

Dime Man Top Plays: Michigan St; Utah U.. Regular Plays: Air Force; Central Michigan; Gonzaga; Cincinnati
Champagne Top: Bost Col; Iowa St; Missouri. Reg: Wash; St. Mary's; Nevada; Baylor; BYU; Illinois St; Hawaii

Fri Feb 1

Philly Guy: Iowa

Augie J: Iowa; Wisconsin

Dime Man Regular Plays: Cornell; Dartmouth; Michigan
Champagne Regular Play: Bowling Green

2018 summary.....

September and October were kiss your sister months at the Club- which means nothing great and nothing bad (while the Killer Sources were kicking some serious ass), but since then the private club cappers haven't looked back. I know you all come here looking for free plays- and the Killer Sources have provided you with more than plenty of winners FOR FREE. Augie J on his own won every week from the start of the football season straight through Thanksgiving with only 1 losing week, Champagne was unbelievable with his winning and had his best year for as long as I can remember, and Dime Man & Philly Guy were right behind him. You will not find any other service giving away good winning plays and honest handicappers.

Here is TLM (bitch)-fest 2018:
Now I'm not saying the club is going to win for you every week, but I know there is no other service out there that gives you quality plays at reasonable prices, which is exactly what I do. After Brian died, I promised the lifetime members & yearly guys that I would do everything within my power to make sure you all got your money's worth. I realize that there may be some (1) lifetime member that felt they should have gotten credit for $500 a year, and I am sorry you feel that way- but remember that I was (and I still am)  paying the cappers for the lifetime members out of my own pocket. You're a good guy D, and I do love you, I just cannot afford to carry you (and do you really think all the work the cappers and I do is only worth $500 for football season- let alone a year)? Club members- even those playing only $20 a unit won a heck of a lot more than that a year.

Tonight I got back from a club members funeral. "Wolf" was a monthly club member since the 1990s who I cared for very much. He loved gambling and I spoke with him almost every day after his wife died. I got to meet his children today- they knew who I was and said their father spoke highly about me, and they thanked me for my friendship with him and said he joined every month not just for the plays, but also because he enjoyed talking with me.
That meant the world to me- and my point to this novella is that I really do care about my club members. I don't do this for the love of sports, gambling or money- I do it for you, so if you come here looking for free plays because you cannot afford to pay for good information, you shouldn't be gambling. Period. If Gambling is a problem for you, I can help.

Please call me if you need help!

* 1/15/19

The club members had Notre Dame, Virginia and Davidson. Yesterday Nebraska, Texas & Jazz. Before that was Chargers and Over & Eagles. Jan 12 we had Boston College, Colorado State, LSU; Rams & Over Colts. The 11th was Indiana, Blazers & Wizards. The 10 sucked ( Thursday  bad juju), the 9th up 3 units. The 8th we won 6 units & Jan 1st thru 7th we're up at least 12 units. This is our tally since the New Year and was one of our best NCAA Football seasons.  What else can I say ?

Good Karma to all....
If you only play once or twice a week and come here looking for advice, then maybe you can help me in another way. Wolf was the 3rd club member who passed this year, and I still have many monetary obligations so I need to find a place for good advertising- suggestions would be greatly appreciated. You all know my email.

Thank you- and thank you for reading.

♥ TL Michele

P.S. Reminder: Killer Sources Handicappers may not always agree. I post everything they are on and the advice I give comes straight from what Brian used to tell the BMIC members-"Follow and play with 1 or 2 handicappers. Do not jump around. If your guys disagree on a game either stick with your favorite capper's play or skip the entire game".

office: 201-818-3028

Comp line:972-460-4000