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Sun Dec 5

Philly Guy: Steelers; Eagles; Broncos; Seahawks; Raiders

Rainman 5 Eagles; 3 Cards; Reg- Rams; Colts; Under Seahawks

Northcoast 3.5 Over Chargers; 3 Raiders; Seahawks

Harry Bondi 4 Chargers; 3 Skins; Broncos

Marc Lawrence 4 Steelers; 2 Chargers; Bears

H&H 3.5 Dolphins; 3 Bucs; Cards; 2 Viks

King Creole 4 Over Bucs; 3 Under Chiefs; Under Rams

Hitman 2 Cards; Under Bills

Big Al Bears; Chargers

Al Demarco Colts

Trace Adams Cards

Chris Jordan Rams

Sat Dec 4

Philly Guy: Mich; Cincy; Over Kent St

Rainman 10 Mich; 5 GA; 3 Houston; Reg- Kent St

Big Al GOY Iowa; Reg- Baylor

Ben Burns San Diego St

Thurs Dec 2

Philly Guy: Saints

Wed Dec 1st

VIP Louisville; Florida

Mon Nov 29

Philly Guy: Seahawks

Sun Nov 28

Philly Guy: Giants; Broncos; Browns

VIP Giants; 9ers; Ravens

Rainman: 5 Pats; 3 Viks; Reg Rams; Dolphins

Northcoast 3.5 Steel; 3 Viks; Under Broncos

Wayne Root Pin Giants; Broncos; Browns; 9ers; Rams

King Creole 3 Over Dolf; Under Viks; 2 Over Jets; Under Titans

Marc Lawrence 5 Browns; 3 Titans; Rams
Indian cowboy 7 Titans; 3 Giants; Ravens

Harry Bondi 4 Brady; 3 Steel; Falcons

H&H 3 Colts; Dolf; 2 Steel; Eagles; 1 Texans

Hitman 3 Viks; 2 Jets; Falcons

Big Al Falcons; Rams

Al Demarco Eagles

Chris Jordan Brady Bucs

Trace Adams Brady Bucs

Sat Nov 27

Philly Guy:  Mia FLA; Mich; Minnesota; Over Bama

Rainman: 5 Tex A&M; BYU; 3 OK St; Notre Dame; Reg- Memphis; GA; Under UMass

Northcoast 4 Navy; Notre Dame; Under Penn; 3 Wisc; Memphis; Over Marshall; Under Kentucky

Root Pin Minnesota; Mich; Bost Col; LSU; Cal

Marc Lawr FLA St; KA St; Syracuse; OK

Dave Essler GOM 3 OK St

 Steven Nover GOM 3 Syracuse

King Creole 3 Over Bama

Goodfella 3 Oregon St

Bob Balfe FSU; Rut; LA Tech; Penn st; OK

H&H 3 Army OH St; 2 Fla $L

Fri Nov 26

Philly Guy: San Diego St & Under; Utah St; North Carolina

Rainman: 5 Boise St; 3 Nebraska; Utah St; Reg- Coastal Carolina; Utah

Club members had their best Thanksgiving ever! Unfortunately, everyone must have gone out at half time during our Bills play and instead of watching the game, got bombed because there was no consensus waiting for me this morning.

as per the norm, I will post anything when I get it

Thurs Nov 25

Philly Guy: Lions; Miss St

Rainman 7 boys; Reg Bears; Bills; Fresno; Ole Miss;

Sun Nov 21

Philly Guy: Viks; Chiefs; Jets; Lions

Rainman 3 Saints; Packs; Reg- Seahawks; Dolphins; Under Browns

Harry Bondi 4 Saints; 3 Boys; Skins

Marc Lawrence 3 Viks; Saints; Boys
King Creole GOM Over Boys
H&H 3 Saints; Panthers; Over Boys; 2 Dolf; Colts; Seahawks; 1 Titans; Browns

Northcoast 4.5 GOM Panthers; 3 Colts; Under Saints; Under Lions

Big Al Jets; Vikings; Chiefs

Indian Cowboy 7 Ravens; 5 Texans; 3 Saints; Skins; Jags; Viks
Bob Balfe Browns; Texans; Under Saints; Over Raiders; Over Chargers

Hitman 2 Chargers; Ravens; Under Saints; Under Cards

Sat Nov 20

Philly Guy: Alabama; UCLA; Notre Dame
Rainman: 10 GA St; 5 Notre; E.Car; 3 Minnesota; W.KY; Reg Clem; KA St

Harry Bondi 4 Bama; Liberty; 3 Mich St; UCLA

Northcoast: 4 Wisc; SMU;  Ok St; 3 Bost Col; Notre; N. Tex

H&H 3 Ohio St; Kent St; 2 Bost Col $L;  OK $L; 1 Wake

King Creole 3 Over Michigan State

VIP FLA St; Clem

Larry Ness GOY Miami FLA

Wayne Root Pinnacle GOY Kansas St

Marc Lawr 10  GOY KA St; 4 Iowa State; 3 Oregon State

Big Al TCU; KA St

Dave Essler 3 So Carol

Teddy Covers 4 UCLA 3 Purdue; Rutgers; Bost Coll; Old Dom; Troy; Minnesota

Fri Nov 19

Philly Guy: Over Houston; Nevada

Thurs Nov 18

Philly Guy: Duke

Wed Nov 17

VIP: Ball St

Tues Nov 16

Philly Guy:  Miami Oh; Over Toledo

Mon Nov 15

Philly Guy: 49ers

Sun Nov 14

Philly Guy: Eagles; Lions; Vikings

Rainman: 3 Bills; Reg- Saints; Boys

Wayne Root Pin Saints; Skins; Boys; Raid; Viks

Harry Bondi 7 Colts; 3Pats; Saints

Indian Cowboy 7 Eagles; 5 Saints; 4 Raid; 3 Boys; Viks; Panthers

Goodfella 2 Lions

Hitman 2 Panthers; Chargers; Over Viks; Under Cards
Dave Essler 3 Over Viks
Doc's Sports 6 Broncos; Falcons; Chargers

Big Al  GOM Saints

King Creole 4 Over Viks; 3 Over Eagles; 2 Under Jags; Under Packs

Bob Balfe Bills; Viks; Seahawks; Chiefs; Over Viks; Over Pack

Northcoast 3.5 Over Viks; 3 Under Lions; Under Seahawks

Lenny Stevens 20 Titans; Boys; 10 Eagles; Seahawks; Chiefs

Al Demarco  Colts
Chris Jordan  Under Seahawks; Packers
Trace Adams Titans

Marc Lawr 5 Browns; Saints; Lions; Raiders; Viks

Sat Nov 13

Philly Guy: Maryland; Penn St; OK; San D St

Northcoast adds 5 Notre; 4 Wisc; Over OK; Over MD; 3 Mia FL; Ore St; Air Force; Under Kan St; Over Mia FL

Harry Bondi 5 OK St; 4 Hawaii; 3 Baylor; E.Carolina

Paul Leiner 3k Mia FL; 100 KY; Over Tex

Lenny Stevens 20 GOY; Penn St; Notre; 10 Colo St; Baylor; SD St

Rainman 5 Ark; 3 KY; Mid TN St; Reg- Tulsa; GA; Minny; Iowa St

VIP Temple; Rut

Northcoast 4 Tex; Wash; E.Car; IowaSt; Tenn; Mia FLA

Bob Balfe Penn St; LA Tech; Ark; Over OK

Trace Adams GOY OK

Ad Demarco GOY Ore St

 Chris Jordan TOY Under Penn St

Steve Budin 50 OK

Doc Sports 7 Mia FLA; 4 Ore St; Nevada

 Gavazzi 5 Tenn; Purdue; Air Force

King Creole 2 Over Auburn

Dave Essler 3 Over SC

Goodfella 3  Wash St; 2 Stanford

Marc Lawr 4 Baylor; 3 VA; Colo St

Indian Cowboy 3 Minny

Fri Nov 12

VIP NCAA FB Boise St; NCAA Hoops Alabama

Tues Nov 9

Philly Guy: Over Ohio

Mon Nov 8

Philly Guy: Bears

VIP Bears

Sun Nov 7

Philly Guy: Broncos; 49ers; Vikings; Over Titans; Over Browns

Rainman: 5 Ravens; 3 Panthers; reg- Cards; Bills;  Titans

Wayne Root Pin Eagles; 49ers; Giants

Hitman 2 Chargers; Under Falcons; Under Pats

Dave Essler GOY Eagles

Doc Sports 7 Chargers; 4 Broncos; Panthers

VIP 10 Jags; Dolphins; 5 Eagles

Northcoast 3.5 Over Browns; 3 Chargers; Packers

Cajun Sports Titans; Ravens; Packers

Bob Balfe Panthers; Chiefs; 9ers; Over Giants

Marc Law Pack; Titans; Falcons

H&H 3 Over Browns; 2 Panthers; Boys; 1 Falcons; Giants

King Creole 4 Over Eagles; 3 Over Texans; Over Rams

Al Demarco Bengals

Chris Jordan Eagles

Trace Adams Bills

Indian Cowboy 7 Chargers $L; 3 Packers; Bears; Panthers

Scott Sprietzer 7 Bengals; 3 Broncos

Greg Shaker 3 Over Browns; 2 Under Saints

Steve Nover TOY Over Boys

Harry Bondi 4 Ravens; 3 Browns; 49ers

Sat Nov 6

Philly Guy: Maryland; Cincy; Utah St; UNLV

Harry Bondi GOY Nevada

King Creole Under Oregon

Wayne Root-Pin Purdue; Wash; W.VA; North Carolina; Liberty

H&H 3d Cincy; W.Kentucky; Oregon; 2d- Ohio St; Over Wake; 1d- Over Miss

Goodfella Over Nebraska

Big Al Army; TCU; Notre; Bama; S.FLA; FLA

Marc Lawrence Purdue; Memphis; Wake; Tenn

Bob Balfe ILL; Mich St; Ark; Iowa St

Al Demarco Wake

Chris Jordan Marshall

Steve Budin Air Force

Trace Adams Miss St

Fri Nov 5

Philly Guy: Boston College

Rainman: 3 Utah; reg- VTech

Thurs Nov 4

Philly Guy: Colts; Georgia St

VIP: Jets; Georgia St

Tues Nov 2

Philly Guy: Over Toledo

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