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 Weekend Updates  972-460-4000 Football Season

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Sat Oct 24

Dime Man: Top- Rutgers; Mississippi; Marshall; Reg- North  Carolina; Navy; Iowa
Champagne: Top- Pitt; Tex Tech; Reg- Bost Col; Baylor; Boise; Rice; Over  UTSA; Over NC

Rainman 10* Cincy 5* Bama; Marshall 3- Indy Reg- Fla St; Bost Col

Fri Oct 23

Philly Guy: Tulsa

Champagne  Top Play: Illinois

Dime Man Regular Plays: UNDER  Dodgers; Tulsa

Thurs Oct 22

Dime Man: Eagles

Philly Guy & Champagne: Arkansas St

Mon Oct 19

Philly Guy: Cowboys

Sun Oct 18

Dime Man: Reg- Panth; Ravens

Champagne: Top- Steel. Reg- Packers

Philly Guy: Eagles; Browns; 49ers; Texans


Wayne Root Pin 9ers; IC Bucs; PP Eagles; NL Falcons; Mil Texans

Northcoast 4 Rams; 3 Viks; Under Bears; Under Colts

Rainman 3 Rams; Reg- Browns; Packs; Viks

Hitman: GOY Viks; Reg- Boys; 9er; Steel; Bear; Over Pack; Over Texans

Goodfella Ravens

Greg Shaker Under Bills

King Creole Over Texans

Harry Bondi 4 Steelers; 3 Texans; Bucs

Sat Oct 17

Philly Guy: Temple; Kentucky; Louisville
Dime Man: Top- Miss  St; Over  N.C. Reg- W VA; Over  Duke
Champagne: Top- S.C.; VA Tech. Reg- Louisville; Mid Tenn; Ark; Charlotte; Temple


Fri Oct 16

Philly Guy: BYU; TB Rays

Thurs Oct 15

Philly Guy: Ark St

Wed Oct 14

Champagne: Rays

Dime Man: Dodgers

Philly Guy: UL Lafayette

Tues Oct 13

Club Kid: Over NFL

Philly Guy: Titans; Astros

Mon Oct 12

Philly Guy: Saints

Champagne & Joey Dimes passing

Sun Oct 11

Champagne Reg- Steelers

Dime Man Reg- Bengals; Under Colts

Philly Guy: Falcons; Jets; Boys; Browns; Vikings

Club Kid: Over Colts; Giants; Under Vikings


Northcoast 4 Colts; 3 Bengals

Wayne Root Pin 9ers; IC Viks; PP Eagle; NL Colts; Mil Boys

Rainman Reg- Bengals; Chiefs & Under; Browns; Panth

Hitman Browns; Cards; Und Colts; Under Rams

Paul Leiner 2k Over Bengals; 500 Jags

Doc Sports 6- 9ers; 3 Falcon; 2 Beng

Philly GF Texans; Colt; Falc & Over

Big Al Und Giants; Falc; Jet; 9ers

Dave Essler GOM Skins

Marc Lawrenc Skins

Indian Cowboy 9er

Sat Oct 10

Philly Guy: Notre Dame; Texas State; Kansas St

Dime Man Top- Over Bama; N.TX; GA. Reg- TCU; Iowa St

Champagne Top- Over Syr; TX A&M. Reg- Mia; KY; Bost Col; Under W.KY


Harry Bondi 7 SC. 3 TX Tech; KA St

Northcoast GOM 4.5 Over FLA

Feist GOM KY

Wayne Root: Pin Iowa St; IC TCU; PP Navy; NL Tex A&M; Mil Miss St

Rainman: 5* FLA; Temple. Reg- Notre Dame Syracuse

Northcoast Early SC

Dave Cokin 4% LA Tech; Miss St; N. Tex

Doc Sports 7 NC; 4 Over Notre

Philly GF Coastal Carolina; Marshall; Over Duke

Al Demarco 30 FLA

Chris Jordan 1000 Mia

Big Al VA; Miss St

Greg Shaker TOM Over KY

Fri Oct 9

Philly Guy: Louisville

Champagne & Joey Dimes Passing

Thurs Oct 8

 Philly Guy: Bears; Tulane

Club Kid: Houston; Bears

Champagne: Houston; Under Bears

Wed Oct 7

Club Kid: Yankees

Tues Oct 6

Philly Guy: Dodgers

Club Kid: Braves -1.5; Rays -1.5; Padres

Mon Oct 5

Philly Guy Falcons

Dime Man- Patriots

Club Kid: Pats; Under Packers

Sun Oct 4

Joey Dimes Reg- Bears; Dolphins

Champagne Top- 49ers. Reg- Cowboys; Rams

Philly Guy Eagles & Over; Cowboys; Giants; Dolphins

Sat Oct 3

Nice 12-3 day from the Sharp Players, including Champagne's 5-0*

Club Kid: Open Ender Virginia

Philly Guy: Texas; Iowa St; Georgia

**Champagne: Top- Bama; Charlotte. Reg- SMU; Iowa St; Under Auburn **

Dime Man: Top- W.VA; Cincy. Reg- Coastal Carolina; Army; N.Tex; Over Tex

Thurs Oct 1

 Philly Guy: Jets; Dodgers RL

Dime Man Regular Play: Jets
Champagne Regular Play: UNDER Dodgers

Wed Sept 30

Club Kid: Over Heat

Philly Guy: Astros; Cubs
Dime Man Regular Plays: Reds; UNDER Rays
Champagne Top Play: UNDER Heat. Regular Play: UNDER White Sox

Mon Sept 28

Philly Guy: Chiefs

Dime Man: Under

Sun Sept 27

Dime Man: Top- Falcons. Reg- Pats

Philly Guy: Eagles & Over; Falcons; Lions; Jets

Champagne: Top- Cardinals. Reg- Rams; Vikings; Over Steelers; Over Packers

Sat Sept 26

Philly Guy: OK; OK St; Iowa St; Tenn;

Dime Man Top- Baylor. Reg- Over FLA; Syr; Bama

Champagne Top- W.VA; Duke; Reg- Iowa St; Miss St; SMU

Club Kid: Pitt & Under; Syr; Kentucky; Iowa St; Miss St; Over FLA; Army; W.VA; Duke; Tenn


Philly Guy MLB Phillies; Yankees

Fri Sept 25

Club Kid: Padres 1st game. UTSA & Over; Marlins 1st h

Dime Man: Top- Under Yankees; Reg play- Padres 1st game

Philly Guy: UTSA; Phillies; Padres with Lamont; Braves; Astros

Champagne: Top- Under Celtics;  Reg- Under Indians; Under Twins; Dodgers; Under Rangers; A's

Thurs Sept 24

Philly Guy: Dolphins; Braves

Club Kid: Under UAB; Over Jax.  Indians; Rangers; Brewers; Nats; Yanks; Royals

Wed Sept 23

Philly Guy: Padres; Cubs

Champagne Regular Play: Under Celtics

Dime Man Regular  Plays: Over Royals; Over Giants; Under Dodgers

Club Kid: Reds; Yanks; Mets; Giants; Marlins both ML and +1.5; Under Rays; Dodgers w/new pitcher; Over Astros; Celtics and Over

Tues Sept 22

Philly Guy: Padres; Yankees RL; Rockies

Club Kid*: Brewers +1.5; Pirates; Rays & Under; Red Sox; Under Royals; Padres & Over; DBacks; Giants

*check SP page

Mon Sept 21

Club Kid: Under Raiders; Mariners

Philly Guy: Raiders; Phillies; Astros

Champagne  &  Dime Man passing

Sun Sept 20

Dime Man: Top- Cardinals; Reg- Under Steelers; Under Bears

Club Kid: Panthers; Falcons & Under; Broncos; Over Jets; Bears; Jags

Champagne Top- Texans; Reg- Packers; Titans; Over Boys; Over Seahawks

Philly Guy: Jets; Giants; Eagles; Lions; Over Pats; Over 9ers. MLB Astros; Cards; Phillies

Sat Sept 19

Philly Guy: Louisville; Oklahoma St; Under Notre Dame

Champagne: Reg- Clemson; Navy; Over Pittsburgh; Lou Monroe

Dime Man: Big- Mid Tenn; Reg- Cincy; Louisville; Western Kentucky

Club Kid: UL Laf; Duke; Navy; Over Liberty; Under Notre Dame; Over GA Tech; Mid Ten; Louisville*SP pg

MLB Philly Guy: Phillies; Astros; Padres

Fri Sept 18

Champagne passing

Dime Man: Nuggets & Over

Philly Guy: Cubs; Yankees; Astros

Club Kid: Brewers; Twins; Indians; Dodgers; Nats game 2; Lakers. Campbell & Over

Thurs Sept 17

Philly Guy: Browns

Club Kid: Browns & Over *

Champagne & Dime Man Passing

*SP page

wed sept 16

club kid: angels, mets, giants

Tues Sept 15

Philly Guy: Astros; Padres

Club Kid: Reds; Red Sox; Over Clippers

Mon Sept 14

Philly Guy: Steelers; Broncos

Club Kid: Under Steelers; Titans; Pirates

Sun Sept 13


Philly Guy: Bengals; Skins; Lions

Champagne Top Play: Bills; Over Saints; Reg- Vikings; Over 9ers

Club Kid Browns; Panthers; Skins; Jets; Bengals; Under Dolphins; Under Lions

Dime Man Top Play: Panthers. Reg Plays: Under Pats; Ravens; Lions; Jags; 9ers; Rams & Over

Sat Sept 12

Philly Guy: Notre Dame; Iowa St; North Carolina; Under FLA St

Dime Man: Top Play- Coastal Carolina. Regular Plays: Over Lou Laf; GA Tech
Champagne: Regular Plays- Arkansas St; Southern Alabama; Over Western Kentucky

Club Kid: UNC; Ark St; App St; GA Tech; Tulane; Louisville


Philly Guy: Mets; Yankees RL

Club Kid: Brewers; Mets; DBacks; Rockies

Fri September 11

Club Kid: Royals; Celtics

Philly Guy: Phillies- both games; Cubs; Rockies

Thurs Sept 10

Club Kid: Over UAB; Phillies; Cubs. Under NFL

Philly Guy: Texans; Reds; Phillies; Padres

Wed Sept 9

Philly Guy: Mets

Club Kid: Over Celtics; Pirates +1.5; Braves; Rockies

Tues Sept 8

Philly Guy: Phillies; Wht Sox; Mets; Indians; Cubs

Club Kid: Astros game 1; Red Sox +1.5 game 1; Rays; Brewers; Angels

Mon Sept 7

Dime Man: Reg Navy

Champagne: Reg Under Navy

Club Kid: Cubs; Mariners. He's favoring BYU

Philly Guy: Reds; Phillies; Twins; Cubs; Navy

Sun Sept 6

Philly Guy: Reds; Phillies; Twins; Yankees

Club Kid: Reds; Twins; Under Cubs; Under Red Sox

Sat Sept 5

Club Kid: Mid Tenn St & Under; Under Tex St; Padres. Red Sox; Yankees; Under Rays; Under Braves

Club kid may have more FB coming later....

Philly Guy: Reds; Yankees RL; Cards; Jays; FB Memphis.  KY Derby Horses #7 across board

Fri Sept 4

Philly Guy: Reds Both games; Philies; Dodgers RL; Bl Jays w/Stipling

Club Kid: Over Brewers; Over Phillies; Indians & Over; Under Astros; Mariners; Giants; Under Red Sox game 2

Thurs Sept 3

Philly Guy: Astros RL; Blue Jays; Cubs; Phillies

Club Kid: Early Phillies; Mets. Royals & Over; Under Padres; Over S.Miss

Wed Sept 2

Philly Guy: Mets; Blue Jays; Brewers; Yankees; Cubs

Club Kid: Over Bucks; Padres; Red Sox; Pirates; Phillies; Marlins

Tues Sept 1

Philly Guy: Phillies; Braves; Brewers; Astros RL

Club Kid: Orioles; Red Sox; Yankees; Phillies; Dodgers & Under


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