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Weekends during regular football season 2023

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Mon Dec 4

Philly Guy: Bengals

SUN Dec 3

Philly Guy: Jets, Cards, Commanders

Hitman Cards, Lions, Browns, Under Pats

NoCoast 3.5 Titans, 3 49ers, Under Chargers. Pack, Lion Steel, Buc Under Colts

Marc Lawrence 4* GOW 49ers, 3 Browns
HarryBondi 10 49ers, 3 Rams
Brandon Lang 100 Dimes Packers

Dave Essler Under Rams
Bob Balfe Pats, Dolphins, Panthers, Chiefs, Over Lions
Steve Fezzik 3* GOY 49er
Big Al 3* 49ers

Sat Dec 2

Philly Guy: Michigan, Mia oh, Over Alabama

Rainman: 10 Tex, 5 Iowa, Reg- UNLV, Bama

Marc Lawrence 4 Bama, 3 UNLV, louis

Goodfella GoM Over OK St

Dave Essler GOY UNLV

Big Al GOY Louis, 3 UNLV, Troy

Steve Fezzik 3 Over OK St

Ben Burns Tulane

HarryBondi 5 Mich,  3 GA, Louis

NoCoast 4 Mia Oh, 3 Under Fla St,  Boise

Bob Balfe SMU, FLA St, GA