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6/14/18 World Cup: Our Football (American Football) cappers play with a group- and if you're interested you can read below* 15-5 Since opening day!

More World Cup soccer plays posted below free consensus

Wed June 20

Champagne Regular Plays: Dodgers; Twins; UNDER Braves

Old Perv: Brewers; Cubs; Giants; Reds; Braves

Portugal; Arabia +2.5; Under Spain 2.5

Tues June 19

Augie J: Giants; Rangers

Champagne Regular Plays: Phillies; Cubs; Red Sox

The Old Perv's Plays: Dbacks; Giants; Nationals; Pirates;  Twins

Japan +.5 Won; Japan outright+400 Won; Senegal +.5 Won; Over Senegal Won; Under Russia L


Mon June 18

Sweden -.5 Won; Over 3 Belgium Push; England -1 Push


Sun June 17

Serbia -.5 Won; Under Germany 2.5 Won; Swiss +1.5 Won; Over Swiss 2.5 L


Sat June 16

Australia +1.5 Won; Iceland +1.5 Won; Peru +.5 L


Fri June15

Egypt P; Iran Won; Over Iran L; Iran to win outright +330 Won; Over Spain Won; Spain + Portugal draw +230 Won


Thurs June 14

Russia Won; Under L

*We have the boots on the ground in Russia and everything is in place for the Soccer cartel to do what the Soccer cartel does best...DOMINATE on the international stage! We can’t wait for Thursday to get here and we know you can’t either. This is literally something that has been building since Germany defeated Argentina in the World Cup 2014 final. It’s something we constantly look forward to because it is the single biggest sporting event in the world and it only happens once every four years. Our insiders are so well informed and do so much leg work that the actual event, like the World Cup, is just a showcase for all the work they’ve already put in. You can understand why we approach this event like eager children waiting to open their Christmas or birthday gifts. Only our gifts come in the form of cash, and we only get to open these once every four years! The long and short of it is this: the World Cup is our license to print money. We’ve been doing it for two decades now as a public entity, and going back even further when we were operating privately. All you need to do is sign up, follow the tips exactly as they are posted, and watch as the Soccer cartel performs its magic. Please don’t make the mistake of sitting back and waiting to see if you want to dip your feet into these waters. The next thing you know you’ll have let 20 winners pass you by and there’s no getting that back. You’re simply going to be behind the pack. Will you make money and win no matter when you sign up? Absolutely. But why pass on the winners that everyone has been waiting YEARS for?! Thursday will be here before you know it. The World Cup is what made us internationally known. 

It is 295 through the tournament with a guarantee. Call me or email me for more information.

office: 201-818-3028

Comp line:972-460-4000