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Super Bowl Sunday

Rainman: 10 Chiefs, Reg- Over

Props: First Score of The Game For San Francisco: Field Goal @+360
First Score of The Game For Kansas City: Touchdown @+195

First Player To Score A Touchdown: Patrick Mahomes @+2100. Travis Kelce @+80. Deebo Samuel @+950
Highest Scoring Half of The Game: Second Half @-115
Total Penalties Accepted In The Game: Over 10.5 @-125
Total San Francisco Rushing Yards: Under 135.5 @-115

Total Kansas City Rushing Yards: Over 108.5 @ -115

Passing Yards In The Game: Mahomes Over 259 @-110

Passing Completions In The Game: Purdy Over 20.5 @ -110

Rushing Yards In The Game: Christian McCaffrey Over 89 @ -110

Patrick Mahomes Over 24.5 @-110

Passing Yards In The Game: Travis Kelce Over 70.5 @-120

Sun Jan 28

Club: Ravens, Lions & Over

Philly Guy: Lions, Ravens

Sun Jan 21

Club: Lions, Bills & OVER

Philly Guy: Bills, Lions.  Mich St, Memphis

Sat Jan 20

Club: Ravens, Packers

Philly Guy: Ravens, 49ers, Ravens 1st half  (3 plays)

Sun Jan 14

Philly Guy: Packers, Lions

Sat Jan 13

Philly Guy: Browns, Chiefs, St Joes

Fri Jan 12

Philly Guy: S.FLA, Iowa, Boise St

Thurs Jan 11

Philly Guy: Towson, ILL

Tues Jan 9

Philly Guy: Auburn, San Diego St

Mon Jan 8

Club Open Ended on Michigan

Philly Guy: Michigan

Sun  Jan 7

 Philly Guy: Eagles, Titans, Commanders, Bears, Cardinals

Wayne Root Pinn Chargers, Titans, Panthers, Bears, Giants

NoCoast 3.5 Raiders, 3 Saints, Over Cards

HarryBondi 4 Raiders, 3 Pats, Dolphins
King Creole Over Viks, Over Bears, Over Cards
Big Al GOM Panthers

Stephen Nover 3 Giants

Marc Lawrence Titans, Pats

Indian Cowboy 7 Bears

Steve Fezzik 3 Cards 2 Under Jets

Bob Balfe Jags, Boys, and Over, Over Bears, Over Saints

Sat Jan 6

Philly Guy: San Diego St, Penn

Fri Jan 5

Philly Guy: Toledo

Mon Jan 1

Philly Guy: wisc, liberty, iowa, bama, texas

Rainman: 3 Tenn.  Reg- Oregon, Wisc, Mich, Texas

Wayne Root Pinn Michigan

Marc Lawrence 10* Alabama

Brandon Lang 150 Alabama

Sun Dec 31

Philly Guy: Giants, Bears, Steelers

Wayne Root Pinnacle Giants, Saints, Colts, Dolphins, Falcons

HarryBondi 5 Colts, 3 Seahawks, Broncos

NoCoast 3.5 Over Packers, 3 Bucs, Bears, Colts, Over 49ers

Brandon Lang 150 Ravens

Ben Burns Chiefs

Sat Dec 30

Philly Guy: Cowboys, Miss, Toledo, FLA St

MarcLawrene 5 Toledo, Cowboys

HarryBondi 4Cowboys, 3 Auburn, Wyoming

King Creole Over Ole Miss

Fri Dec 29

Philly Guy: Clemson,Over Iowa St, Ohio St

NoCoast 5 GOY  Ohio St; 4 Clem, 3 Memphis

HarryBondi Kentucky, Iowa St

Thurs Dec 28

Philly Guy: Bost Col, Rutgers, Arizona, NC St

Wed Dec 27

Philly Guy: Tulane, N.Carolina, OK St

Rainman- 5 Louisville, Tex A&M. 3 N.Carolina, VA Tech

Tues Dec 26

Philly Guy: Bowl Green & Over, UNLV

Mon Dec 25

Philly Guy: Eagles, Over Ravens

Marc Lawrence GOY Ravens

Wayne Root Ravens, Giants

Brandon Lang 75 Ravens

Big Al Over Raiders

NoCoast 3 Over Ravens

Bob Balfe Chiefs

Harry Bondi 49ers

Sun Dec 24

Philly Guy: Titans, Panthers, Texans, Vikings and Over

 NoCoast 3.5 Cards, 3 Pack, Over Ravens

Wayne Root  Pinn Boys, Panthers, Viks, Falcons, Titans

Marc Lawrence Titans

Brandon Lang 200 Boys

Steve Fezzik  Browns, Titans, Over Jags, Over Packs

Indian Cowboy 7 Under Dolphins 4 Under Bears

Harry Bondi 4 Jags, 3 Falcons, Viks

Sat Dec 3

Philly Guy: North ILL, E.Mich, Air Force, Steelers

Rainman: 10 Air Force, 5 S.Bama, San Jose St, 3 N.ILL, Bills. Reg- Cincy, Troy,Utah St, N'Wern

NoCoast 4 Utah, 3 Utah St, E.Mich, Over Ark St

Marc Lawrence Steelers, E.Mich, N.ILL

Big Al 3 Ark St, S.Bama, Chargers

Brandon Lang 200 Utah

Ben Burns 5 Utah

Indian Cowboy  N'Wern, Troy, Under Boys, Under Cards

Bob Balfe Bills

Fri Dec 22

Philly Guy: GA Tech

Thurs Dec 21

Philly Guy: Saints, S.Florida

Rainman Reg- Syracuse

Sun Dec 17

Club- Saints Open Ended

Philly Guy: Commanders & Over, Bucs, Bills, Jags

Rainman: 5 Dolphins, Reg- Titans, Browns

HarryBondi 5 Packers,3 Saints, Browns

MarcLawrence Bills, Cards, Jags

Bob Balfe Texans, Bills, Ravens, Over 9ers

NoCoast GOY 5 Rams, 3 Browns, Giants

Brandon Lang 150 Jags

Ben Burns Browns

Dave Essler TOM Over Rams

Sat Dec 16

Club: Lions Open Ended

Philly Guy: Mia OH, N.Mex St, Steelers, Over Vikings

Rainman: 5 N.Mex St, Reg- Boise St, Cincy

Thurs Dec 14

Club Members hit another Open Ender on Raiders

 Philly Guy: Over NFL

Sun Dec 10

Club Members win another Open Ender!

Philly Guy: Jets, Bucs, Raiders, Bills, Chargers, Under Eagles

Rainman: 5 Ravens. 3 Browns. Regular- Texans, Boys, Giants

Hitman: 2Bears & Over, Over Bengals, Under Chargers

MarcLawrence GOY Seahawk

NoCoast: 3.5 Brown, 3 Bills, Boys, Broncos

HarryBondi: 5 Ravens, 3 Eagles, Broncos

King Creole 4 Over Eagles

Dave Essler GOY Eagles

SSteve Fezzik 3 Over Bears

Bob Balfe Bills, Ravens, Falcons, Over Colts

Sat Dec 9

Philly Guy: Army, N. Dakota St

Wayne Root Navy

HarryBondi: Navy

Big Al: Army

Goodfella Army $L

Fezzk GOY Navy

Mon Dec 4

Philly Guy: Bengals

SUN Dec 3

Philly Guy: Jets, Cards, Commanders

Hitman Cards, Lions, Browns, Under Pats

NoCoast 3.5 Titans, 3 49ers, Under Chargers. Pack, Lion Steel, Buc Under Colts

Marc Lawrence 4* GOW 49ers, 3 Browns
HarryBondi 10 49ers, 3 Rams
Brandon Lang 100 Dimes Packers

Dave Essler Under Rams
Bob Balfe Pats, Dolphins, Panthers, Chiefs, Over Lions
Steve Fezzik 3* GOY 49er
Big Al 3* 49ers

Sat Dec 2

Philly Guy: Michigan, Mia oh, Over Alabama

Rainman: 10 Tex, 5 Iowa, Reg- UNLV, Bama

Marc Lawrence 4 Bama, 3 UNLV, louis

Goodfella GoM Over OK St

Dave Essler GOY UNLV

Big Al GOY Louis, 3 UNLV, Troy

Steve Fezzik 3 Over OK St

Ben Burns Tulane

HarryBondi 5 Mich,  3 GA, Louis

NoCoast 4 Mia Oh, 3 Under Fla St,  Boise

Bob Balfe SMU, FLA St, GA