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Dec 23

An excerpt from yesterday's conversation with Augie J

(or the difference between men and women)....

Me: I'm so sick of the cold, I'm seriously thinking of moving back down to Florida.

Augie: I'll move down there with ya Shelly, I'll go wherever you want!

Me: Yeah, but would you put on my socks and granny panties for me?

Augie: Shelly, I'll put on whatever you want me to wear- if that's what you're into.

Sad, but true.

Nov 17, 2023

I'm leading up to the Brian Getting stoned story .....

I hope all my guys are feeling OK, we have a couple of club members who are going to have surgery due to recent injuries, old injuries, and/or health issues; and also the normal shit that happens as we all get older.
I don't have to re-hash all the shit + surgeries I've been through. Thank God for all my club members who are doctors- I wouldn't have made it if it weren't for you all.
I find myself telling the soon to be in surgery (or the slowly recovering) the same thing I went thru. And it sucks, so embrace the suck (fuck you Philly Guy and your dirty mind LOL). It won't last forever- I promise.
I may have finally found a way that fixes your body- or at least what worked best for me, and if you told me this before hand I would have said you were full of shit.

Physical and Occupational Therapy sucks, but you will find that certain things do help and do work, so the stupid little exercises and movements that work- continue to do them even when your PT runs out. Also, pain pills suck. Sure they help in the beginning, and they help throughout your PT, but once that all disappears you have to do it on your own.
Now.... if it was the 1980s, I'd roll a doob and do my own PT, but somewhere along this long strange trip I lost the ability to "be cool". I end up laughing my ass off, engulfing different types of cereals or cookies, then pass out. Oh yeah- and I never get around to anything resembling PT.
One of my old members called me after my surgery (the shoulders & the doobie story), and he suggested to try things with CBD instead of THC or low THC and sent me gummies etc... (he has a company that sells it). He didn't ask for plays- he just understood my pain, plus he knew Brian very well back in the 1990s.

Like I said earlier, I do the PT on my own which works, and I use this CBD stuff.
It's from
Cannaroo.com  "DG20" gives me (and will give you) 20% off. I call him Mr Gamble.
Well, I guess this is kind of a plug but no ulterior motives from either side.

Sunday after Thanksgiving

the See You Next Tuesday story- warning, I won't be writing out the "G" version of Cunt. So, if you have a problem with the word Cunt, like Brian and Ang's boss did, do not read any further.

I say this happened in 2014 but it actually started sometime after Tommy died 2003. Tommy was a sheep in wolves clothing and would not approve of me taking advantage of Brian for my own (and Angela's) enjoyment. But my high school friend and I get bored easily.

We both worked for bosses that were very driven and although we were very much appreciated, we were never told so. We were also very good at what we did and were able to turn their mistakes into non-incidents.

The set up relied on either Brian or Ang's boss, Mr. Wood, making a mistake and not owning up to it, or making up a lame excuse.

The game: In a totally joking manner, we'd verbally outwit Brian or Mr Wood  to finally give up on their lame excuse, taking responsibility for their actions, then tease them and their lame excuse to the point of them getting so frustrated by their own stupidity that they end up calling us "CUNTS".

We actually had a tally (I believe Ang won) and the word was only ever used by them out of total defeat- never in anger. That was the point- they'd NEVER-EVER under any circumstance use that word.

Once word was used towards me or Ang, we immediately called each other to declare victory, which if Brian or Mr Wood was in earshot may elicit another 'cunts' due to our verbally rehashing the events leading up to the use of the word.

These conversations we had involved non-stop laughter & crying , plus total humiliation on their part.

And we never let anything "go".

Brian would still hear me reenact his getting stoned and can't do shit day. In fact, the last time I saw him I was on his kitchen floor laughing/crying while rehashing the events of that day.

Nov 11, 2023

Funny Shit that happens: (When Brian Got Stoned)

I'll tell you the more recent stories like the  2014 ("see you next Tuesday") contest I had between my girlfriend, her boss, and Brian.

This BRIAN incident took place circa 2010 ish:

OK- So Brian is dating a girl called Sunshine (he never gave me their real names for fear I'd run into them for the 1st time and call them by the wrong name- for instance the time I held my hand out and said"Hi Sue, I'm Brian's secretary" (Sue was his old girlfriend's name-oops).

Well Sunshine spent a beautiful week with Brian and convinced him to "take a hit" on a Saturday after he posted the noon games. I get a phone call around 2:30 FROM BRIAN..... I knew instantly that something was up. He's whispering into the phone- "Sunshine got me stoned and I can't do the  afternoon games" By this time I was running SP and was getting the gamut of plays from our private handicappers, so I knew the drill....

I knew how Brian spoke so I wrote word for word exactly what he had to say, and FAXED them to him to make it less complicated. All he had to do was walk over to the fax and read off of the piece of paper. He did it, but sounded like a robot-  but good enough.

Now the paranoia sets in...... we did this for the rest of the day and he called me constantly "did I do this? did I post that".

For him? It was the scariest moment of his life..... for me?
I was peeing in my pants from laughing my ass off. He never got stoned again. BTW, we won that Saturday.


9/28/23 Mr Green here with a message.... it concerns the ClubMembers:

 Your new players need to know how to bet games. You always buy the half of point - remember Brian always told us never get beat by the hook. If the line is 7 always by a point and make it minus 6. If we're getting the points, buy a point and make it plus 8. The same goes with 10 and 14 and 17 and 21. If we have a favorite and the line is 3 or below, always play the game on the money line. You will win more games when you bet smarter

OK-TLM back- I do remember brian always saying that hook thing, and also saying "it only cost you if we lose"- I guess we don't lose when we play that way.

Club members- make sure you are getting good lines. I write down all the lines when I send you the plays. With all the online and offshore books, you can find the most favorable lines, plus gambling is now legal in NJ and other states so books are getting competitive. Check out Don Best and you will see the last lines at closing, but also check them out when I give out the plays. You can find the best book lines if you do a little homework. I give out the plays as soon as I get them- which is why this is a "Late Phone Service", so trust me, it will be worth it in the long run.

We all are honest people here helping out others who need guidance. I am not a tout.

So why am I still here? Because I am friends with the guys who win more than they lose, and they do this for a living.

The #1 reason is because I have been speaking with our club members every month for almost 30 years (geez, can that be right) and I consider most if not all club members close friends.

The 2nd reason: Every Spring Brian would allow 1 person to buy a lifetime membership. Since 2009 he charged 10k for this, and our handicappers gave me 1 year of free plays for them, then we came to a fair deal; but I'm still taking money out of my pocket to honor the lifetime members, and I will do so for many years to come. Sadly, Brian's lifetime ended way too soon, and I did not receive anything from his family after 21 years of loyalty. Not even the money he owed me.

All but 1 of the lifetime members rejoined so far, and my last few guys know when it is their time to rejoin.

And the 3rd reason is..... I enjoy it. I have a feeling that my lack of knowledge in sports and gambling is a good thing. It means that I cannot allow my personal feelings get in the way of giving out the plays.

How many gamblers out there have followed their gut instinct and found themselves owing money? 

If you are reading this, then it has happened to you.

Give me a call. 201-818-3028

I will give you my honest opinion and let you know if this club can help you.


I will explain to the new club members* what we are all about:

I get many handicappers plays. Some have been with Brian going back to the 80's. These handicappers are successful on their own, and they do not need to sell their plays to the general public. But... they like to know who we are on in other sports. I get their plays, and club members get plays from handicappers who do this for a living.

This club is NOT for everyone- It is for the serious player who LOVES TO GAMBLE  ! 

Last year our NCAA football guys agreed on almost every play. We had a full day of plays on every Saturday, won almost every week, and had a killer bowl season. There was also a bonus- our college hoops guy came out throwing fire. For the 1st time, I was giving out college hoops soon after the season started.

My handicappers and I are one in a million- Why? We are an honest club in a very dishonest business. If you have ever called some number from some B.S. ad guaranteeing you a winner, you have already been a victim. If you won, that just means you were on the winning side of the Mississippi River- Yes, that is how 99% of these clowns do it.  They need to advertise every week because they lose their customers every week.

How do I know this? BECAUSE THEY HAVE TOLD ME SO......... my customers rejoin every year. They know the truth. They know there is no such thing as a "guaranteed winner", and they know that good information is the only way to make it in this business. If you do your own handicapping and are successful, you probably are not reading this page, but if you are here and you need help- call me.

Now I know most of you do not play baseball nor preseason football,   but we played them, and we had another great season- This year we went 23-12 in exhibition NFL.

If you want to join, please call me  201-818-3028 or send me an email: thelovelymichele@aol.com

*New Guys- if there is a big game getting ready to start soon and you haven't received any plays, pick up the phone and call me, or look in your spam folder. The name Brian bequeathed unto me "The Lovely Michele" sometimes gets flagged as spam or porn.  I can't imagine why.