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Information for current Club Members.....


8pm NFL channel Showing the AAF league. Tonight he (1 of our private FB handicappers) hasOVER FLEET. Please don't ask me- I asked Augie about it and he had never heard of it either. Last night he gave me a play on HOTSHOTS. The dog won outright by 10 pts.


Our private football capper gave me Hotshots

Just a reminder that T-Mobile still sucks.

If you google "why can't my T-Mobile cell phone accept email to text" or something along those words, you will see that this cell phone company has had this problem since time began (or as long as texting has been around). When You call T-mobile they start pointing the finger at everyone but themselves.

Please, if you are a T-Mobile Club Member or you have T-Mobile as a carrier and you are thinking of joining the club, please set your smart phone up to receive emails just like you receive text messages. I can help you- I can even give you one of my emails to put on your smartphone.

I do this for YOUR protection and privacy!

2/25/19 I was on a messenger chat with a T-Moblie "technician" from 6pm Sunday eve until 2am Monday morning. I explained that I had been speaking with their technical support team about getting our T-Mobile club members access to receive the plays from my aol or gmail email and something about my emails being whitelisted. This tech said the problem was #1 due to my HTML, and #2 that the T-Mobile club members blocked my email address and have to call 611 from their cell phone to get a ticket and report the problem and only after they do this, T-Mobile will be able to fix their phones so they can receive the plays.

This is (I believe) the 9th excuse they have given me. Other excuses are- I have a computer virus, I have a coded message, I am sending pictures or images with the plays; My email has a virus, and the most recent- my email needs to be whitelisted by a specialized technician within their technical support. I told the tech it would be a lot easier for T-Mobile to fix the problem opposed to keeping one of their techs and myself tied up for 8 hours messaging each other back and forth. Unfortunately it is back in the T-mobile customer's hands, so my 3 club guys have to dial 611 from their phones, and to add their email to their smart phone to get the plays.

Recently on Feb 4th, T-Mobile had an update which caused them to be the ONLY carrier that returns my text messages. I have spoken with their tech department at least twice a week for the past month when the texts started being returned. If you have T-Mobile, please call them and tell them you are unable to receive texts from an email. I will send you the error code.  I have used multiple computers at different locations with different IP addresses, and used different email addresses to send you guys the plays and only T-Mobile gets returned. In the interim, please put your email app onto your smartphone so you can see the email as easily as you see your incoming texts. Thank you for your patience. I am really trying to resolve this issue on almost a daily basis.

The easiest to read email to use on a smartphone is GMail. You do not have to sign in nor open your smartphone to see the incoming message.

2/23/19- Guys, I apologize if there was any confusion, the computers were down all day and I had to use my shitty flip phone (see pic on SP Page) and click the number pad a hundred times to get the correct letter to appear.

2/17/19- Well the bounce back came- I told you it would!

2/16/19- wait for it- the moment you feel like I do is when the cappers bounce back!

1st message- 2/14/19 ♥ day

You may wonder why every play today was rated 1 unit, and here is the explanation:

Today is Thursday. Every Thursday after Super Bowl sucks.

This phenomonom was first brought to my attention by Brian, and later confirmed by the other handicappers on our team, unbeknownst to each other; therefore I will be giving out the regular plays as usual, but will downgrade the plays to 1 unit until further notice- 

3.21.19 Further notice is here- It's the beginning of Madness and everything I will be 3 units!

TLM & entourage.

I will explain to the new club members* what we are all about:

I get many handicappers plays. Some have been with Brian going back to the 80's. These handicappers are successful on their own, and they do not need to sell their plays to the general public.

I know which handicappers excel in which sports, and I pass this information onto the club members on a daily basis.

This club is NOT for everyone- It is for the serious player who LOVES TO GAMBLE  ! 

Last year our NCAA football guys agreed on almost every play. We had a full day of plays on every Saturday, won almost every week, and had a killer bowl season. There was also a bonus- our college hoops guy came out swinging. For the 1st time, I was giving out college hoops soon after the season started.

My handicappers and I are one in a million- Why? We are an honest club in a very dishonest business. If you have ever called some number from some B.S. ad guaranteeing you a winner, you have already been a victim. If you won, that just means you were on the winning side of the Mississippi River- Yes, that is how 99% of these clowns do it.  They need to advertise every week because they lose their customers every week.

How do I know this? BECAUSE THEY HAVE TOLD ME SO......... my customers rejoin every year. They know the truth. They know there is no such thing as a "guaranteed winner", and they know that good information is the only way to make it in this business. If you do your own handicapping and are successful, you probably are not reading this page, but if you are here and you need help- call me.

Now I know most of you do not play baseball nor preseason football,   but we played them, and we had another great season- This year we went 23-12 in exhibition NFL.

9-5-17update: We're off to another fantastic start in college football and last night's game is a reminder of how brutal this can be, and why having the right information can halt premature aging- I'm speaking of the Tennessee U  versus  Georgia Tech game. Our private guys were on GA Tech,  our SharpPlayers were on GA Tech, and it was our club members 2nd Open Ended winner - the first being Over North Carolina on Saturday 9/2.

If you have any requests for our free consensus, or any comments on the club, feel free to email me on my personal email:

If you want to join, please call me  201-818-3028 or send me an email:

*New Guys- if there is a big game getting ready to start soon and you haven't received any plays, pick up the phone and call me, or look in your spam folder. The name Brian bequeathed unto me "The Lovely Michele" sometimes gets flagged as spam or porn.  I can't imagine why.

For the "occasional player"........

Back in 2005, Brian succumbed to the requests of a few club members who said they loved the club, but just didn't have the time to play all of our games.

For those guys, Brian started SharpPlays, where some of our handicappers agreed we can sell their games individually on a daily basis. They are the same plays that the club members get. It was a HUGE success, and I have those same guys asking me when I will be bringing them back.

The simple answer is- during football season!

It will be a little different-

I do not have time to do write ups for each individual handicapper, so I brought in Augie J who will be adding all the SharpPlayers and Killer Sources together for one low price- known to our SP customers as the "Big Bomb Club"