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Sat Dec 7

Joey Dimes: App St; LSU

Champagne: Top Cincy. Reg- Baylor; Boise and Over

Philly Guy: Cincy; Oklahoma & Over; Over Clemson; Over Boise


Northcoast 4 C.Mich; 3 Clem; Oh St; Under App St

Harry Bondi 5 Clem 3 Memphis; LSU

Paul Leiner 3000 Over OH St

King Creole 4 Over UAB

Rainman 5* LSU; 3- C.Mich; App St; Reg- Boise; OH St; Clem

Marc Lawrence UAB; GA

Chris Jordan GOY App St

Wayne Root IC GA; PP Wisc; Mil OK

Ben Burns OK

 Larry Ness TOY Over App St

Teddy Covers OK

Fri Dec 6

Philly Guy: Oregon FB
Champagne: Rhode Island; Bryant
Joey Dimes: Utah in Football; Duke; TCU hoops

Thurs Dec 5

Augie J: Pass

Philly Guy: Boys

 Champagne: Mississippi St

Dime Man: Under Boys; Hampton; Under St Mary

Wed Dec 4

Augie J: Boise St; UConn

Tues Dec 3

Augie J: LOY CHI; Mich

Dime Man: Ark; LSU; Und Syracuse

Champagne: TP- St Joe's

Mon Dec 2

Dime Man: Elon; Tex Arl; Minnesota U

Augie J: Vikings

Philly Guy: Seahawks

Champagne: Under Vikings

Sun Dec 1

Dime Man: Steelers; Pats

Augie J: Panthers; Titans; Chargers (Texans- was deleted by website)

Champagne: TP- Colts Reg- Under Packers; Under Chiefs

Philly Guy: Bengals; Panthers; 49ers; Raiders; Colts; Over Pats

Dime Man Hoops Regular Play Villanova

Sat Nov 30

Augie J: Auburn; Wisc

Philly Guy: TX A&M; OK St & Over; Mich; Army; Over Baylor

Champagne: TP- ILL; Ore St; Reg- Old Dom; Fla Atl; Arizona St

Dime Man: TP- W.KY; OK St; Reg- Temple; Coast Carolina; Clem; Utah; San Jose St; Mia Fla

Fri Nov 29

Dime Man Buffalo; Tex Tech (hoops DePaul; Over FLA)

Champagne: VA Tech; C.Mich (hoops Purdue; Under St Mary)

Augie J: Kent St; Over Toledo; Over Nebraska

Philly Guy: Cincy; VA; Wash St; Over Tex; Under Iowa


Rainman 5* VA Tech 3- Boise St

Thursday November 28

Augie J: Bills; Miss; Charleston

Dime Man: Lions; Boys; Temple NC

Champagne TP- Mississippi; Reg- Saints

Philly Guy: Cowboys; Over Saints / Falcons


Rainman 3- Saints. Reg- Boys; Miss St

Wed Nov 27

Dime Man: Rhode Island; Penn St; Wichita St

Tues Nov 26

Killer Sources are passing tonight

Mon Nov 25

Philly Guy: Rams

Dime Man Top Play Ravens

Augie J: Ravens; Hoops- Arkansas; Murray St

Sun Nov 24

Dime Man: Giants; Bucs; Boys

Champagne: Jets; Panthers; Jags; Seahawks

Augie J: Jags; Boys; Broncos (hoop FLA; Conn)

Philly Guy: Eagles; Jets; Packers; Panthers


Wayne Root Pin Eagles; IC Bucs; PP 9; NL Panth; Mil Boys

North Coast 3.5* Under Steelers; 3* Falcons; Patriots

Rainman 5 Jets; 3 Bills; Boys; reg Titans; Dolphins

Hitman 3X Pats

Harry Bondi 5 Seahawks; 3 Broncos; Dolphins

Paul Leiner 3000 Over Jags

Brandon Lang Seahawks

Sat Nov 23

Augie J: Hawaii; Wisc; ILL

Philly Guy: Tex A&M; Tenn; Penn St; Tex

Dime Man: TP- Utah; OH St; Reg- Ball; Mich; Wake; Ore; Ore St; Tex; LSU

Champagne: TP- App St. Reg- Minnesota; Nev; S.Miss; VA Tech; UAB; Tenn; San Diego St


Northcoast 4* Tulsa; Airforce; Und Pitt; Ov SMU; 3 Liberty; Bost Col; UAB; Tex; Und BYU; Over Ohio St

Marc Lawrence 4 Tex; 3 TCU; NWern; San Diego St

Wayne Root: Pin Indy; IC Navy; PP Bost Col; NL UCLA; Mil Pitt

Rainman: 10* Air Force; 5* N.Tex; 3- Cal; Tenn; UAB; Reg- Indiana

Harry Bondi: 5* Utah; 4 KA St; 3 UCLA; Ore St

Sea Bass 600 Tulane; 400 W.VA; 300 UConn

Paul Leiner 2500 Over Tulsa

Larry Ness 10* Navy

Al Demarco Ohio St

Dave Cokin KA St; OK St; Troy; GA St; Kent; Syracuse

Dave Essler GOM Baylor

Fri Nov 22

Augie J: Colorado St

Champagne: OK St; Rhode Island; Duke

Dime Man TP- Maryland; Reg- Colorado St (FB); Ark; Temple; Nev; Duquesne; OV Xavier; Und Baylor

Thurs Nov 21

Philly Guy: Texans; G Town

Augie J: Over Texans; Minnesota

Dime Man: TP- GA Tech; Wash St; Reg- Texas; Minnesota; Stanford

Champagne: Towson; Notre Dame; New Mexico; Connecticut; California

Wed Nov 20

Augie J: GA Tech; Sienna Col

Dime Man: FLA St; Boston Col

Champagne: Yale; UNLV; Under St Mary

Tues Nov 19

Augie J: Eastern Michigan

Philly Guy: N. ILL

Dime Man: Cleve St; LSU; St Fran PA; Under Va

Champagne: George Mason; Samford; Furman; Tex- Arl

Mon Nov 18

Augie J: Chargers

Champagne: SMU; UCLA

Dime Man: Chiefs; Missouri

Philly Guy: Chargers; West Virginia

Philly Guy sent me San Diego for MNF and West Virginia in NCAA Hoops. I think he means Chargers.

Sun Nov 17

Augie J: Texans; Bears; Under Falcons

Philly Guy: Skins; Broncos; Eagles; Bengals; Texans

Dime Man: TP- Over Ravens; Reg- Cowboys; Skins; Rams

Champagne: TP- Panthers; Reg- Dolphins; 49ers; Vikings; Pats


Northcoast 4* Under Bears; 3 Panth; Dolf; Und Bengal

Wayne Root Pin Eagles; IC Texans; PP Rams; NL Skins; Mil Lions

Rainman 5* Bears;  3- Ravens; Pats. Reg- Jets; Falcons; Jags; Cards

Harry Bondi 5* Bills; 3* Texans; Pats

Marc Lawrence Cardinals

Al Demarco Pats

Sat Nov 16

Augie J: Iowa; Auburn; Ball St; Over UCLA

Philly Guy: Wisconsin; Baylor; Tulane; Over TX A&M

Dime Man: TP- Baylor. Reg- Kan St; Oh St; NWern; Troy; Auburn; UL Laf; UNLV; S.Miss; Wisc; Iowa

Champagne: TP- Wyoming; Missouri. Reg- C.Mich; Boise; Ore St; Kentucky & Under; Miss; Under Bama


Northcoast 4* Cincy; AF; Tex; Und Mich; Und SMU. 3 Clem; OH St; S.Miss; OV Iowa; Und UCLA

Steve Lang Baylor

Chuck O'Brien A&M

Wayne Root Pin Auburn; IC Iowa; PP GA Tech; NL Miss; Mil Cal

Rainman 5* Louisville 3- S.Miss; Duke; VA Tech. Reg- KA St; Cal; Minnesota

Marc Lawrence 5* Baylor; Navy; Auburn; Missouri

Dave Cokin Lou Tech' VA Tech; NC St; Wyo

Larry Ness 10* Iowa

Big Al Iowa

Paul Leiner 2500 Over Baylor

Al Demarco Lock Mich

Fri Nov 15


Augie J: Fresno State

Thurs Nov 14


Dime Man: Idaho

Champagne: Under St Mary's


Augie J: NC

Philly Guy: Kent State

Dime Man: Browns

Wed Nov 13


Augie J: FB- N.ILL; Hoops Ohio St

Dime Man: TP- N.Iowa; Reg- Penn; Wyoming

Champagne: TP- Old Dom; Steve Austin. Reg- Louisville; Wisc Gr Bay; Columbia; UND Syracuse

Tues Nov 12

Augie J: Miami U; Wash St

Champagne: TP- California; Over St Johns. Reg- Ark; Tex; Tulane

Dime Man: TP- N.Mex St; Reg- Kentucky; E.ILL; W.Mich; Longwood; Notre; Furman; Lipscomb; SMU

Mon Nov 11

Augie J: 49ers

Philly Guy: Seahawks

Dime Man: Seahawks; Drake; Yale; SC; Upstate; Vandy; Under Bama

Champagne:  TP- Under St Mary; Reg- Dartmouth; UAB; Over Iowa

Sun Nov 10

Augie J: Giants; Browns; Cards; Vik; Panth

Philly Guy: Browns; Dolf; Beng; Falcon

Champagne: Bengals; Bears

Dime Man: Steelers; Jets; Packers

KS Hoops Below

~~~Killer Source Hoops~~~

Dime Man: TP- Liberty. Reg- Rutgers; SC; ILL St; Colgate

Champagne TP-Central Michigan

Sat Nov 9

Augie J: Minnesota; LSU; SMU; Baylor

Philly Guy: Texas & Over; GA Tech; Bama

Joey Dimes: TP- Lou Tech. Reg- Ohio St; Cincy; SC; Stan; Miss; KY

Champagne: TP- Bost Col; Fla Atl; Reg- Army; Penn St; S.Bama; Bama; UAB; Kansas St

K.S. hoops

Dime Man: Cal River; Butler; Lehigh; Penn St; Over Iona

Champagne: Minnesota; Brown; Gonzaga; Under Loyola Marymount

Fri Nov 8

Champagne: TP- AZ St; Reg- VMI; Navy; Utah U;

Dime Man: OV Wiz; Und Blazers; Buffalo; Memphis; Wisc; Kentucky; Santa Clara; UConn

Thursday Nov 7

Augie J: Coastal Carolina; Over Temple; Chargers

Philly Guy: Raiders

Dime Man: S. FLA; UND Celt; Und Spurs; Troy; Drake

Champagne: Raiders; Wash St; Rutgers

Wed Nov 6

Champagne: TP- Colgate; Reg- Maine

Dime Man: Cal Santa Barbara; Bucks; Under VA; Und Jame Mad; Und UCLA; Under Knicks; Over Wiz

Tues Nov 5

Augie J: Over W. Michigan

Philly Guy: Kent State

Champagne: TP- Temple; N.Iowa; Creighton. Reg- Wich St; Xavier; St Louis; Under Wisconsin

Dime Man: TP- SMU; BYU; Marquette. Reg- Arkansas; TX Tech; Auburn; Seton Hall; Cornell; Penn St; Iowa St

Mon Nov 4

Philly Guy: Giants

Augie J: Giants bought to +7

TLM Club- Boys (despite my own personal feelings, I had to follow the club cappers)

Sun Nov 3

Philly Guy: Bucs; Chargers & Over; Panthers

Augie J: Bears; Bills; Titans; Pavens

Dime Man: TP- Seahawks; Reg- Ravens

Champagne: Panthers; Packers

Club: Ravens

Sat Nov 2

Nice day yesterday with joey Dimes at the Breeders Cup

today 4th race 7-9-4

5. 3-7-9-12-8

6. 1", 5-3-7

7. 2-12-9-5-6

8. 7-4-1-2

9. 2-12-9-11-10-1

10. 4-7-5-2

11. 9-1-6-4-11

12. 11-8-5-7

Football Killer Sources

Dime Man: South Carolina

Champagne: Mid Tenn

Augie J: Washington

Philly Guy: Notre Dame


Fri Nov 1

Breeders Cup comp  from Joey Dimes

5. 2-10-1-9-7

6. 2-12-4-6-7

7. 1*-5-3-4

8. 5-13-11-4-12-7-14

9. 3-1-9-6

Dime Man will have 9 cup races tomorrow

Dime hoops Over Nets; Over Pacers; Under Pistons

Champagne TP- Pacers. Reg- Over Lakers; Under Warriors

Philly Over Navy

Thurs Oct 31

Champagne: App St

Augie J: 9ers bought 9.5

Philly Guy: Georgia Southern

Dime Man: Under Nuggets; Over Clippers

Wed Oct 30

Champagne: Bucks; Over Rockets; Under Blazers

Dime Man: Over Knicks; Over Pistons; Under 76ers

Tues Oct 29

Dime Man: Under Nuggets

Augie J has futures: USC +5.5; Washington +3.5; Memphis -6

Mon Oct 28

Augie & Philly Guy both on Dolphins

Dime Man: Under Nuggets; Under Blazers

Sun Oct 27

Philly Guy: Eagles

Augie J: Buccaneers

Dime Man: Saints

Champagne: Seahawks


Sat Oct 26

Dime Man: TP- UConn; UND Mich. Reg- OH St; Wyo; Stan; AF; C.Mich; IO St; LSU; UN VA; UN Ball

Champagne: TP- Pitts; N.ILL. Reg- Ball; KA St; GA So; Kent; N.TX; TX Tech; UN Purdue; UN Wyo; UN KY; UN OH St

Augie J: App St; Mich St; Mich; OV LSU

Philly Guy: Mich St; TX St; TX; Clem


Fri Oct 25

Philly Guy: Under USC

Augie J-  Over Nationals

Champagne: Over Bulls; Under Nuggets; Blazers

Dime Man: Top- Under Blazers. Reg- Und Celt; Under TWolves; OV Nets

Thurs Oct 24

Dime Man has opinions on Skins and SMU

Wed Oct 23
Champagne:  TP- Under Blazers. Reg- Pacers

Dime Man: Nuggets; Under Celtics; Under Wizards; Over Nets (go Joey 4-0)!

Tues Oct 22

Dime Man: Raptors

Mon Oct 21

Augie J- opinion Jets

Philly Guy: Over

Joey & Charlie pass

Sun Oct 20

Augie J: Eagles; 49ers; Chargers; Raiders; Texans; Ravens

Dime Man: Reg- Giants; Pack; Eagle; UND Viks

Philly Guy: Bengals; Giants; Bears; Skins

Champagne: TP- Seahawks. Reg- Texans; Saints


Sat Oct 19

Dime Man: TP- UAB; NC; Navy. Reg- Mizzu; W.KY; Bost Col; BYU; Wyo; OV LA Tech; UND Penn St

Champagne: TP- LA Tech; OK St; Cal. Reg- Miss; App St; San Diego St; Temple; FIU; GA Penn St; AF; UND GA South

Augie J: Florida St

Philly Guy: Mich

Fri Oct 18

Augie J: Syracuse

Dime Man: Syracuse; Northwestern

Champagne: Florida Atlantic

Thurs Oct 17

Philly Guy: Chiefs

Augie J: Chiefs; Over Stanford

Wed Oct 16

Philly Guy- Over Troy

Dime Man opinion-  So. Alabama

Mon Oct 14

Club had Lions & Under and I'm still chugging pepto.

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