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Sun Sept 24


Northcoast- 4* Chiefs 3* Seahawks; Raiders

Brandon Lang- 100  Lions

Rainman- 5* Dolphins 3- Pats; Raiders; Falcons. Reg- Bears; Chiefs; UConn

Bondi- 4*Bills; 3*Lions; Chargers; Under Packers

Nelly- Vikings

Big Al- Steelers

Ben Burns - Bills

Jesse Schule- Chargers

Cokin- Bears

Jimmy Boyd- Saints

Paul Leiner- 100* Bucs; Redskins; Over Bengals

Spartan- 3x Raiders

Al DeMarco- 15 Dime Raiders

Maddux Sports- 20* Seahawks 10* Jaguars; Over Chiefs; Over Packers
Big Al- 4* Over Bengals; 3* Texans; Seahawks; 1* Lions

Tony George- 6* Titans 4* Jaguars; Over Chiefs 3* Cowboys

Stephen Nover- Seahawks; Jags; Over Chiefs

Fezzik- Jaguars; Under Titans; Over Chargers; Over Skins

Teddy Covers-  Jaguars

M Law- Chargers; Seahawks; Bengals; Texans

MVP Lock Club- Dolphins

Augie J here Sunday morning. Another crazy day in college football. My free Louisiana Tech play was a winner from start to finish. Now the task of giving out a second free winner today. Delicately I  reach in the SCARY PLAY bag and out I pull the TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS. Enjoy your Sunday everyone, good luck and GOD BLESS.

Sat Sept 23

Augie J here Saturday morning. Not a lot of time for small talk today folks other than the SP'ers & Killer Sources have plenty of action today. I will get right to your free play of the day and then I must take care of the SHARP PLAY clients. Into the SCARY PLAY bag and out I pull LOUISIANA TECH.

Enjoy the day everyone good luck and GOD BLESS

Fri Sept 22

Champagne has the Red Sox tonight

Thurs Sept 21

Augie J here Thursday afternoon. First order of business is SHARP PLAYS. Two Open Ended plays (5-1ytd) will be the main course in this week's college football feast. I'm telling everyone in advance that one play is Friday night. The reason I put that out there is for the people who were thinking about jumping on board SHARP PLAYS this weekend. TLM and I have privy to some pretty good information but the Open Ended plays have always been the crème de la crème going back all the way to Brian Mac in his earliest years. So regardless of the reasonable 79.95 price that gets you Thursday thru Sundays SHARP PLAYS. We always want to make sure you get our best and Fri nights game will be part of it. That with some great college totals from Zeus(3-1ytd). A little BLADE magic, a little gambling structure and you have a winning formula more often than not. Our clients get spoiled, there constant phone calls and emails saying I should have done this long is ago to say the least is quite humbling. A quick salute to the " Raging Bull" Jake Lamotta. The former middleweight champ was 95. That's a hell of run my friend RIP. Some good pennant races going on. You can keep tabs on them during the commercials of the football games its filler at its best. Before I get out of here and start to sip a little Johnny Walker for the people who have inquired as to the monthly club membership their record stands at 29-12 usually everything is listed on the SHARP PLAYS page. With that enjoy your evening, happy holy days to the Hebrew faction of TLM nation good luck and GOD BLESS

Wed Sept 20

And just as I post Augie's write up I hear from the guys- 2 Open Ended Orders coming- 1st on Friday

Augie J here Wednesday afternoon. A little quiet on the football front. Last week at this time we already knew of 1 Open Ended play, but this week we're not sure yet. It doesn't mean we wont have one, it just means I can't promote what is not known. Most services sell and advertise as if the apocalypse is coming. TLM club members and the SHARP PLAYS clients  appreciate the best form of advertising - solid information at a reasonable price. You get the same two people answering all your questions and most importantly you make money over time. No different than the stock market only in this case your wagering on teams as opposed to companies. Vince Lombardi legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers. Warren Buffet iconic investor and president of Berkshire Hathaway. Same difference. you get the picture -patience breeds profit.  For anyone thinking about coming on board this weekend the packages will remain the same and TLM will be in the office every night this week. Remember: Saturday at 1130 AM is our cutoff- after that we will not sell it. I am a pass again today people as I watch a little afternoon baseball. There are some good wild card battles going on- don't completely shut the baseball door yet. As I finish writing today just want to remind everyone to keep all the hurricane and earthquake victims in your prayers. That's real life and Mother Nature never loses. Its rare I will use the word never but it certainly applies in this regard. Good luck my fellow gamblers and GOD BLESS.

Tues Sept 19

Augie J here on a quiet Tuesday in NYC. Lord have mercy my NY football giants stunk it up last night. Thanks Philly guy you are now my true love as well. No football tonight so we shall take in a little baseball. With two wildcards per league it makes the late September baseball a good watch. I am officially a pass tonight from a wagering perspective. On a personal level it shall be Johnny Walker and a little baseball. Till tomorrow fellow gamblers good luck and GOD BLESS. 

Mon Sept 18

TLM Here- up very late. I am posting Augie J's write up now, but it does not include the shitty Thursday and Friday we had last week. I know we can't win every day, but I guess Brian has bequeathed putting  his head in the sand unto me.

Without further ado... here is Augie J's write up- unedited*

Augie J here Monday afternoon with your HAPPY RECAP. Fortunately for the second straight week, the SHARP PLAYS faithful were rewarded this time to a 7-3(15-7 ytd) weekend. Some of the highlights include 3-1 on the Open Enders which are now 5-1 for the year. The winners included UAB,UTAH(college) and TENNESSEE(pro). Our one loser Over Mich-AForce which was the result of Michigan and there 5 field goals oh well. Cheesy Tease Wiz is now 2-0 on his teasers. I am not a fan of exotic wagers but we do have clients that only play Open Enders and teasers. That's just what they do. Joey Dimes led the Killer Sources with a 2-0 record on his top plays and 7-2 overall. Moving along to the freeloaders you got your money back with my Over Skins play yesterday negating Saturdays Western Michigan disappointment. For the gamblers out there on the SHARP PLAYS fence for 79.95 all the work associated with gambling is done for you. MICHELE emails you the plays and you put them in its that simple. I would remind everyone that Saturdays by 1130 am is the cutoff to purchase please make a mental note of that. Michele and I are all about the little guy and helping him win.  I am not sure if there will be a SHARP PLAY tonight, but myself personally I am a pass and will end it here. For those of you wagering tonight good luck and GOD BLESS. 

* Still haven't edited but I have omitted......

Sun Sept 17

Augie J here Sunday morning. Two weeks into the college season and two winning Saturdays for SHARP PLAYS. I'm not saying we are gonna win every Saturday but two out of two is a nice way to start it off. Hats off to Zeus who had a monster play on the V Tech over. The Hokies covered that one all by themselves. There were a host of entertaining games yesterday its so easy to see why people fall in love with the college pigskin. Moving on  Western Michigan let us down yesterday and I shall look to make up for that today with an NFL freebie. As I say that lets see what is in the SCARY PLAY bag. Out I pull the RAMS-RESDSKINS over. It is Sunday folks make sure you squeeze in some family time in reality that's most important thing we have. Good luck everyone and GOD BLESS.

Sat Sept 16


Joe Gavazzi- 5% LA Tech. 4% Air Force; Tulane; Army; 3% Kentucky; Bost Coll; Old Dom; BYU; N Tex; Wyo

Wayne Root- IC- Memphis

Phil Steele- Best Bet: UCLA. Regular: Ohio State; Purdue

NSA- 25* Western Michigan; 20* Appalachian St; Troy

Harry Bondi- 5* Stanford 4* Texas Tech 3* Memphis; Troy

5* Marshall
4* Stanford
3* Purdue; Rice; Kansas; Baylor

Brandon Lang- 80 Dime Mississippi St

Maddux- 20* Memphis; 10* Pittsburgh; Over Air Force; Over Central Michigan

Indian Cowboy- 3U N.ILL; Over California

Totals 4 U TOY- Over Pitt
Early Best Bets Under CT; Under UCLA; Over Nebraska; Under Ohio

Ben Burns- 3* Pittsburgh; San Diego St

Greg Shaker- 3* Mississippi State

Dave Essler- 3* South Carolina

Spartan- 3 KA St

Chris Jordan- 1,000♦ Cincinnati

Anthony Redd- 100 Dime Louisville

Al DeMarco- 15 Dime Oklahoma St

Jeff Benton- 50 Dime Under Notre Dame

Nelly- BYU; Vanderbilt; Texas Tech

Paul Leiner- 100* Iowa State; Kansas State; Bowling Green

M Law- Memphis; Louisville; Mississippi St; KY

Stephen Nover-TOM - Over East Carolina

Big Al- 3* Toledo;  Troy St. 1* Memphis; Louisiana Tech; Mississippi St; Northwestern; MIA-Oh; Louisville

Dave Cokin- North Texas


5* Marshall
Early Bird- Alabama
Underdog- UAB
Power Plays- 4* Minnesota
Economy Club- Kansas St
Big Dog- Rice
Big 12- Pittsburgh

Rainman- 5* Troy; W.Mich. 3- Duke; App St; CAL. Reg- Mia OH; Houson

MVP Lock Club Marshall

Augie J here Saturday morning. Take a bow Cleveland that was a hell of a run. To the people out there who are thinking about purchasing SHARP PLAYS some of the games will be going early. You don't wanna be left holding the bag. It's a busy day so I will keep short again. I am gonna quickly reach into the SCARY PLAY bag and its WESTERN MICHIGAN as your free play of the day. Maybe check in again late afternoon just in case I have any surprises for you. Otherwise good luck everyone and GOD BLESS

Fri Sept 15

Dime Man has the Yankees & Red Sox

Philly Guy is on the Phillies, Dodgers, Nationals; Yankees & White Sox

Augie J here Friday afternoon. The Cleveland Indians keep on rolling 22 straight. Deshaun Watson wins his first career start for the Texans last night. It's always nice to write about good vibe stories, especially living in this crazy world of ours. I do have to mention that back door fucking we took in SHARP PLAYS last night as Boise St was up 21 and then went into that dreaded prevent defense. Sure enough it prevented us from winning as the line hovered around sixteen. It's Friday night so I will keep it short so everyone can get to that first cocktail.

Enjoy your Friday everyone good luck and God Bless

Thurs Sept 14

Philly Guy has the Nationals & Phillies

Al DeMarco- 5 Dime Boise State

Brandon Lang- 40 Dime Under Texans

Jeff Benton- 50 Dime Under New Mexico

Trace Adams- 1500♦ Texans

Wayne Root- Millionaire  Bengals

Northcoast- Marquee - Under Texans; New Mexico

Marc Law- Bengals; New Mexico

Paul Leiner- 100* Bengals

Big Al- New Mexico GOY Royals

H&H Sports- 3* Over New Mexico

Augie J here Thursday afternoon. A couple of football games on the schedule today and tomorrow, so Michele and I took the liberty of extending the SHARP PLAYS package this weekend. 4 days for $ 79.95 and all the work is done for you. Michele emails or texts you the plays, and you place your wagers, it's that simple. Your life goes on and doesn't skip a beat. For the parents out there - whether its pee wee football or a dance recital (Augie J has 2 daughters lol) you know what I'm talking about. The idea was suggested to us by our favorite SHARP PLAYS client whose nickname is Day-kill. Strangely enough, I mentioned  Deshaun Watson yesterday and he will be getting his first NFL career start tonight. On to the college side of things:  Boise St hosts New Mexico. New Mexico's backup quarterback, now the starter according to their head coach will have his hands full against a Boise St defense that has only given up 96 yards rushing in two games. Moving on to the Cleveland Indians- 21 and counting. A quick reminder to the big game hunters we will have at least 1 Open Ender (2-0 to date for SP) this weekend. With that its time for some more handicapping by the J man. Enjoy the games everyone good luck and God Bless.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Wed Sept 13

Augie J here Wednesday afternoon. That team in Ohio is at it again. As I write this, they are up big. That would make it 21in a row. In the game of baseball, 21 in a row is really something to marvel. Good for Terry Francona and the Indians- maybe this is their year. Some quick football notes: The Colts and Texans will both have new starting quarterbacks this week. Notably for the Texans it will be Deshaun Watson who led Clemson in back to back national championship games, winning the latter against the vaunted Alabama team- The one that couldn't lose. Without Sherlock by his side, my dear Watson found a way. Other football notes- and this goes out to the SHARP PLAYS clientele. We will have an Open Ender this weekend (2-0 to date on SP sales), so let the chop licking begin. The Sharp Play guys are coming off an 8-4 weekend and our customers were not disappointed. A new client who had so many bad experiences has called Michele so many times thanking her. Nothing new really- honesty, cheap prices, and more often than not you're collecting from your man. On that note I will be a pass again tonight as I continue to break down the big college card Saturday. Enjoy everyone and God Bless.

Champagne has the Red Sox

Philly Guy has the Dodgers, Marlins, Cubs; Cardinals & Yankees

Tues Sept 12

Augie J here Tuesday afternoon. No football today so I'm gonna relax and watch a baseball game tonight. Speaking of baseball, that 19 game winning streak by that team in Ohio is quietly flying under sports radar. I will touch on my Saints play last night. The SAINTS as they were called back in the day were in the red zone 5 times. Four field goals and 1 touchdown and thus a loss for the J MAN.  If you had the under in the Minny game you probably have a broken TV. That game was under under under till it wasn't. Anyway I am a pass tonight I want get a jump on Saturday's action. Enjoy the night off everyone and God Bless

Philly Guy- Cubs & Giants

Mon Sept 11

Champagne has a top play on the DBacks & regular plays on Indians & Over Blue Jays

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