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a note from Mr Green updating our hoop season on the SharpPlays page


Sat April 1

Philly Guy: San Diego St, Miami. Cubs, Braves

Thurs March 30

Philly Guy: Padres, (VCU Friday)UAB.

I write exactly what the cappers send.

Sun March 26

Philly Guy: Mia FLA, Creighton

Sat March 25

Philly Guy: ????

Club members are on a 8 out of 10 rip, and philly guy is on the same 2 games.

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Fri March 24

Philly Guy: Miami, Texas, Bama

Rainman: Reg- Princeton, Mia FLA

Tues March 21

Philly Guy- Wisconsin

Sat March 18

Rainman: Reg- Duke, Alabama, UCLA, Penn St

Philly Guy: Kansas, Hofstra

Fri March 17
Philly Guy: Mia FLA, VCU, Montana St, Michigan St, Iona

Rainman: Reg- Cal Santa Barb, NC St, Xavier, Pitt

Thurs March 16

Philly Guy- Utah St, Charleston, West Virginia

Wed March 15

Philly Guy- Nevada, Cal Fullerton, Fairleigh Dickinson

Sat March 11

Philly Guy: Penn, Cornell, Marquette, Virginia Commomwealth

Rainman: Reg- Ohio St, Tex A&M, Kansas, Duke

Fri March 10

Philly Guy: Purdue, Michigan St, Penn St, Marquette, Indiana, Kentucky

Thurs March 9

Philly Guy: St Joe, Villanova, Marquette, Rutgers, George Mason

Wed March 8

Philly Guy: St Joe, La Salle, Wisc, Davidson

Sat March 4

Rainman: Reg- Baylor, Rice, San Diego St, Woff,  Mich, Ark

Philly Guy: La Salle, Iowa St, Penn

Thurs March 2

    Philly Guy- Temple, Oregon

Wed March 1

Philly Guy- Northwestern, Providence, St.Joes

Mon Feb 27

Philly Guy- Baylor

Sun Feb 26

Philly Guy- Wisc, Rutgers

Sat Feb 25

Philly Guy- Penn, Purdue, Nebraska

Rainman- Reg-Ark, Miss St, Purdue, CS Fuller, VA, Ole Miss, Cal Irv

Sun Feb 19

Philly Guy- Memphis, Cincy, Tulsa

Fri Feb 17

Philly Guy- Penn

Tues Feb 14

Philly Guy- Villanova, UMass, Seton Hall

an apology to club members for Monday-Tuesday

I gave my college hoops guy the big plays for Super Bowl. He played, He won, He drank; he cannot get out of bed.

Sun Feb 12  Superbowl & Props

Club members had Chiefs & Over

Our hoops are as strong as ever

Philly Guy-

Gainswell to rush over 20.5

Mahomes to rush over 20.5

D Smith catch between 50-79 yrds

Rainman- 5 Eagles & 3 Under

Length of National Anthem- Over 120.5 seconds
 Hurts under 247.5 passing yds
Kelce under 8.5 Receptions
Player to score the first TD:     Gainwell
                                                        A.J. Brown
Will any quarter be scoreless? Yes
MVP Jalen Hurts

Sat Feb 11

Philly Guy- West Virginia, Oklahoma, LaSalle

Wed Feb 8

Philly Guy- UMass, W.VA,Missouri St, Villa

Sun Feb 5

Philly Guy- St Joe, Temple, Wisconsin

Sat Feb 4

Philly Guy- Michigan St, TCU, Penn

Fri Feb 3

Philly Guy Boise St

Thurs Feb 2

Philly Guy BYU, Wisconsin

Wed Feb 1st

Philly Guy- St Joes, Villa

Sun Jan 29

Philly Guy- Villanova, Michigan St, Cincinnati, Philadelphia

Rainman 5 Eagles, Bengals

Sat Jan 28

Philly Guy-Minnesota, Penn

Thurs Jan 26

Philly Guy Mich, Mich St, Over Wash ncaa

Tues Jan 24

Philly Guy FLA St

Sun Jan 22

Philly Guy Bengals, 49ers, Temple

Sat Jan 21

Philly Guy Chiefs, Giants, St Joes, G-Town, Over Wake

Rainman 3 Chiefs, Reg Giants. Sunday 5 49ers, Reg Bills


Mon Jan 16

Philly Guy- Boys, Penn

Sat Jan 14

Philly Guy 49ers, Chargers & Over. CBB- Florida gators

Fri Jan 13

Philly Guy Villanova

Thurs Jan 12

Philly Guy- Michigan, San Fran

Wed Jan 11

Philly Guy W. VA, Utah Valley



Sun Jan 8

Philly Guy Jets Lions Pats Rams

Rainman Reg- Boys Eagles Bengals

Guys- please check back often because AT&T and Verizon cannot handle the holiday volume so texts are delayed.

Just getting my Happy New Years Texts- and I thought no one cared ♥.

Club members- Most of you have my home #s, (and the Soprano family knows what is on my birth certificate).

Call if you need me. If I have a late problem..... kinda like "tits & over"

Check out SP page

Mon Jan 2

Philly Guy- Utah, Bills and Over, ILL

Sunday January 1

Philly Guy- Bears, Packers, Eagles

Rainman Reg- Pack, Steelers, Skins


Saturday Dec 31

Philly Guy- Alabama, Ohio St, TCU


Friday Dec 30

Philly Guy- NC State, Pitt & Over, SC

Rainman 5 SC, 3 UCLA, Clem, Reg MD

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